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Celebrating Golden Week in Japan: Japan’s Busiest Season


Imagine spring break, however for a whole nation! That’s what Golden Week in Japan seems like every year. With 4 vacations covering the complete week, celebrations and events are held throughout the nation. This makes it the best time to take a trip for those residing in Japan and originating from abroad.

There’s a heap to take in throughout the week, however there are a couple extra actions you’ll require to require to guarantee you aren’t overwhelmed by the crowds. We’ve consisted of a complete list of travel pointers listed below, together with more information on the history and customs of each vacation!

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What is Golden Week in Japan?

Golden Week is the week in the middle of spring where 4 legal holidays fall within 7 days. This suggests that lots of people have an entire week off work or school.

The 4 vacations that comprise Golden Week are:

  • Shōwa Day ( Shōwa no Hi 昭和の日)
  • Constitution Memorial Day ( Kenpō Kinenbi 憲法記念日)
  • Greenery Day ( Midori no Hi みどりの日)
  • Children’s Day ( Kodomo no Hi 子供の日)

Each vacation has its own history and celebrations. Shōwa Day and Constitution Memorial Day are both vacations acknowledging Japanese history, Greenery Day commemorates the environment, and Children’s Day has an abundant cultural history with origins going back to the Kamakura duration (1185– 1333) and even further.

Some occasions might not be straight connected to any one vacation, however are still a happiness to see. The Miyako Odori efficiency by geisha and maiko in Kyoto is kept in April and is an excellent example of standard Japanese dance and culture. If you’re in the Tokyo location, Meiji Jingu, the Shinto shrine where Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken are honored, likewise shows and holds events. Do keep in mind that it is a spiritual location and must be approached with regard if you pick to check out the shrine.

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When is Golden Week in Japan?

Golden Week starts in late April and continues through the start of May.

  • Shōwa Day ( Shōwa no Hi 昭和の日): April 29
  • Constitution Memorial Day ( Kenpō Kinenbi 憲法記念日): May 3
  • Greenery Day ( Midori no Hi みどりの日): May 4
  • Children’s Day ( Kodomo no Hi 子供の日): May 5

Japanese law specifies that any day that falls in between 2 legal holidays will likewise be a vacation, called a “residents’ vacation.” Before Greenery Day was developed, May 4 was one such vacation.

Depending on where April 29 falls on the calendar in any given year, weekends might extend Golden Week, or there might be a stretch of approximately 3 days in the center where there are no legal holidays or weekends that would need workplaces to offer the day of rest. Golden Week 2023 started on Saturday, April 29, which implied that Children’s Day was on a Friday, leading into a little additional time added to the end in the type of a weekend.

Golden Week 2024 will start on Monday, April 29 and end on Sunday, May 5. While April 30 through May 2 are not legal holidays, Golden Week will still be taken pleasure in throughout the nation.

Travel pointers for checking out Japan throughout Golden Week

Thinking about taking a trip to Japan over this hectic week? There are numerous excellent factors to! There are standard celebrations, flowers remain in blossom all over the nation, and the weather condition is lovely in early May. It is likewise worth keeping a couple of things in mind.

Make appointments

Travelers both in Japan and from abroad have their eyes on Golden Week. To ensure you get to the put on your list, book early: 3 to 6 months beforehand, if you can. Tickets offer out for trains, airline companies, hotels, trips, and more, so get your reservations in to prevent losing out.

Know what’s open

Not whatever is open on legal holidays. Excessive federal government workplaces will close, as will banks. It is extremely essential that you guarantee you have access to the funds you require before checking out Japan throughout Golden Week to prevent any monetary catastrophes.

Restaurants and shops will still be open– and might even have sales!– however their operating hours might be somewhat various than regular, so examine ahead for any specific locations you mean to check out.

Have access to the web

Maps, messaging services, e-mail … all are essential for a smooth journey. Specifically throughout such a hectic week, schedules can alter and it’s simple to get lost in the crowds. Strategy to get a momentary SIM card for your phone or a portable Wi-Fi router to keep yourself linked.

Be versatile!

Be gotten ready for things to take place eleventh hour. Whether rain cancels the parade or it takes longer to get to your hotel than you anticipated, your journey might have some obstacles and bumps. Do not let it dissuade you and keep some back-up strategies in your pocket!

Now that you have those points in mind, let’s take a look at what vacations are observed throughout Golden Week.

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Shōwa Day

On April 29, Japan starts Golden Week with a day commemorating Emperor Shōwa’s birthday. He is likewise understood by another name: Hirohito.

The Japanese calendar system was lined up with the Gregorian calendar in the late 19th century, however some aspects are still utilized today. One example is the age name ( gengō 元号) system. When a brand-new emperor ascends to the throne, a brand-new age starts and a name is selected to describe both him and the age. The age of the present emperor, Naruhito, is the Reiwa Era. Upon an emperor’s death, he is henceforth described by that age name.

Emperor Shōwa, or Hirohito, was the ruling emperor from 1926 to 1989. As the emperor throughout Japan’s duration of royal growth and World War II, he is in some cases a hard subject due to the unclear degree of his function throughout that time.

The present emperor’s birthday is a legal holiday in Japan (presently February 23 for Emperor Naruhito), however Emperor Shōwa’s birthday is the just one that continues to be observed after his death. While it was when a day to commemorate his birthday, today it is motivated to assess the occasions throughout his reign and how Japan has actually progressed.


Constitution Memorial Day

In 1947, Japan’s present constitution was enacted. With the cooperation of U.S. General Douglas MacArthur, Japan produced their brand-new constitution following World War II, which followed a more modern-day design. It is the world’s earliest unamended constitution, having actually not been modified given that its enactment!

Much like Shōwa Day, Constitution Memorial Day is a day to ponder Japanese history and the present state of Japan. The National Diet, Japan’s legislature, unlocks of its structure to the general public for trips. You can likewise discover public lectures on World War II and Japanese history, in addition to topical pieces in papers.


Greenery Day

Greenery Day, commemorated on May 4, is among numerous vacations worldwide that commemorates the environment and nature. Its origins are straight connected to Shōwa Day.

When it was developed in 1989, Greenery Day was hung on April 29, which is now Shōwa Day. Emperor Shōwa enjoyed nature, so the association was apt. At the time, Greenery Day was utilized as a replacement vacation for Emperor Shōwa’s birthday due to the fact that the vacation held for the emperor’s birthday would be that of the brand-new emperor, Emperor Akihito. In 2007, Shōwa Day was developed and Greenery Day was relocated to May 4, which had actually currently been a people’ vacation.

People commemorate Greenery Day by hanging out in nature. Zoos around the nation provide complimentary admission, trees are planted in honor of the vacation, and the weather condition throughout Golden Week is typically enjoyable for treking. Japan’s popular cherry blooms might likewise still remain in blossom in the northern most parts of the nation, and Greenery Day is an ideal day to delight in hanami (花見, flower watching).


Children’s Day

Ending Golden Week with a bang, Children’s Day commemorates the kids of Japan. It was initially referred to as Tango no Sekku (端午の節句) and just commemorated young boys, while Girls’ Day (Hinamatsuri 雛祭り) was commemorated on March 3. Women’ Day is still held, now both ladies and young boys are consisted of in Children’s Day. Just Children’s Day is a nationwide vacation.


On Children’s Day, households want the health and joy of their kids. As kids are constantly growing, determining them is an enjoyable custom to see just how much taller they’ve ended up being throughout a year.

Iris leaves and flowers are believed to bring health, and are consisted of in Children’s Day designs. Some households even take baths with iris plants on this day.



Koinobori ( 鯉のぼり, or carp-shaped windsocks) are flown throughout Japan with each fish representing a family member. Black symbolizes the daddy, red represents the mom, and numerous colors can be utilized for the kids (typically blue). Although the vacation just lasts for a day, you might see these designs flying in the wind for weeks.

Samurai armor is likewise placed on display screen inside the homes, which is traditionally connected with long for healthy and strong young boys. Developing samurai armor or carps out of paper utilizing origami or kirigami ( like origami, however the paper is cut in addition to folded) is likewise done as an enjoyable, available activity.



Of course, there are likewise standard foods to be taken pleasure in on Children’s Day! Kashiwamochi (柏餅) and chimaki ( 粽) are both connected with the vacation.

Kashiwamochi is a mochi rice cake covered in oak leaves, packed with adzuki bean paste. The sakuramochi (桜餅) consumed on Girls’ Day is covered with marinaded cherry bloom leaves and can be consumed, however the oak leaves covering kashiwamochi need to not be.

Chimaki are triangular rice cakes filled with a wide range of components, unlike the more plain onigiri ( おにぎり) discovered year-round. The glutinous rice ( mochigome 餅米) is the main active ingredient, however shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and carrots prevail veggies contributed to the filling. Soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and sesame oil can all be utilized to taste a tasty chimaki

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