Advanced Spanish Conversation: Create Long Spanish Sentences with These Terms, Expressions and Questions


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Fed Up With having the usual standard “getting to know you” talks?

If you’re currently able to comfortably chat away concerning where you’re from, what you do and also the length of time you have actually been learning Spanish, it’s time to flavor it up with advanced, lengthy Spanish sentences.

So, miss over ” ¿ de dónde eres?” and also comply with these ideas to lead your method towards astonishingly sophisticated Spanish discussion.


Lengthy Spanish Sentences Utilizing the Conditional Strained

Conditionals might remain in the world of Spanish grammar, yet cleaning up on them opens countless discussion possibilities.

Bear in mind when you discovered the previous stressful and also were all of a sudden able to review an entire brand-new measurement of points?

Well, reaching holds with conditionals and also finding out to utilize them in discussion is comparable.

You have actually most likely currently seen them in lots of lengthy Spanish sentences defining fictional circumstances.

Including “ifs” right into your discussion permits you to discuss hypotheticals, which is exceptionally helpful for having a much more extensive discussion.

Possibly you do not like your present work, and also if you had simply a little bit a lot more experience ( si tuvieras un poco más de experiencia), you would certainly transform it ( lo cambiarías).

Among the most effective methods to find out Spanish conditionals, terms and also expressions is by submersing on your own in indigenous media.

There are various methods to eat indigenous media, from Spanish TV shows on Netflix to language knowing programs like FluentU.

FluentU makes use of genuine bite-sized Spanish video clips like film trailers and also motivating speak with aid submerse you in the language. Each video clip is outfitted with captions, where you can discover even more details concerning conditionals by clicking or floating over words.

conditional spanish fluentu

FluentU is readily available to accessibility on your browser or by downloading and install the iOS or Android application.

In the meanwhile, below are a couple of enjoyable and also creative conditional inquiries to begin utilizing in your Spanish discussions:

Si pudieras ser una identity famosa por un día, ¿ a quién elegirías?
( If you could be a celebrity for eventually, that would certainly you select to be?)

Si tuvieras un millón de dólares, ¿ qué harías?
( If you had a million bucks, what would certainly you do?)

Si pudieras viajar a cualquier lugar en el mundo, ¿ a dónde irías?
( If you could take a trip throughout the globe, where would certainly you go?)

Si fueras presidente, ¿ qué cambiarías?
( If you were the head of state, what would certainly you transform?)

Response to these inquiries utilizing the conditional stressful would certainly appear like:

Si pudiera ser una identity famoso por un día, elegiría a Jennifer Lopez.
( If I might be a celebrity for eventually, I would certainly select Jennifer Lopez.)

Si tuviera un millón de dólares, compraría una casa grande.
( If I had one million bucks, I would certainly get a huge home.)

Si pudiera viajar a cualquier lugar en el mundo, iría a España.
( If I might take a trip throughout the globe, I would certainly select Spain.)

Si fuera presidente, cambiaría la sistema de educación.
( If I were head of state, I would certainly transform the education and learning system.)

Keep in mind that you can likewise change the order of these sentences where the conditional expression comes prior to the incomplete subjunctive. As an example:

Compraría una casa grande si tuviera un millón de dólares.
( I would certainly get a huge home if I had a million bucks.)

Subjects for Advanced Spanish Discussion

It’s a great concept to have numerous subjects up your sleeve in situation of any type of uncomfortable spaces.

Or for those minutes when all your Spanish all of a sudden flies out of your head and also you’re left tongue-tied.

Attempt remembering a number of expressions and also inquiries you discover intriguing, and also you must have the ability to speak your escape of any type of sticky circumstance.

Songs Terms, Expressions and also Concerns

Rock group.

Songs is something virtually everybody has a viewpoint on. As well as it can inform you a great deal concerning your discussion companion.

Valuable vocabulary terms concerning songs consist of:

el nightclub entero — the entire cd

el recital — the job

e l estribillo — the carolers

la estrofa — the knowledgeable

pegajoso — memorable

el éxito — the hit

grandes éxitos— biggest hits

You might state:

El estribillo es muy pegajoso pero la estrofa es medio aburrida. Igual, definitivamente es el éxito del verano
( The carolers is actually memorable yet the knowledgeable is a little bit monotonous. Anyhow, it’s most definitely the hit of the summertime.)

Valuable inquiries concerning songs you might such as to ask are:

Si pudieras formar un supergrupo, ¿ quién formaría parte de él?
( If you could create a supergroup, that would certainly remain in it?)

¿ Cuál es el mejor recital al que has ido?
( What’s the most effective job you’ve ever before been to?)

¿ Cuál fue el guide nightclub que compraste?
( What was the initial cd you ever before gotten?)

¿ Tocas un instrumento?
( Do you play a music tool?)

¿ Qué instrumento te gustaría aprender?
( What tool would certainly you such as to find out to play?)

Currently, have a look at some feasible solutions:

Si pudiera formar un supergrupo, elegiría a mi prima, a mi hermana y a mi mejor amiga.
( If I might create a very team, I would certainly select my relative, my sis and also my friend.)

El mejor recital al que he ido fue el de mi banda favorita.
( The very best recital/gig I have actually been to was [that of] my favored band.)

No toco ni un instrumento.
( I do not play a solitary tool.)

Me gustaría aprender a tocar el piano.
( I want to find out to play the piano.)

Traveling Terms, Expressions and also Concerns

hot tips and 48 smokin' phrases for amazingly advanced spanish conversation

Travel is an additional secure location that typically obtains tongues wagging. A discussion concerning traveling can likewise normally result in discussing regional customizeds, parties and also food.

Valuable vocabulary terms concerning traveling:

viajar te abre la mente — taking a trip opens your mind

un lugar inspirador— an inspiring location

hacer dedo — to bum a ride

ir de mochilero— to go backpacking

un lugar de lujo — a high-end location

Valuable inquiries concerning traveling:

¿ Cuál es el lugar más hermoso/interesante que has visitado?
( What’s one of the most beautiful/interesting location you’ve ever before been to?)

¿ Cuál es la mejor/peor experiencia que has tenido al viajar?
( What’s the worst/best traveling experience you’ve ever before had while taking a trip?)

¿ Preferirías pasar mucho tiempo en un lugar o poco tiempo en muchos lugares?
( Would certainly you instead invest a long period of time in one location, or invest a little time in great deals of areas?)

¿ A qué lugar de tu país me recomendarías ir?
( Which component of your nation would certainly you suggest I most likely to?)

Below are some prospective solutions:

El lugar más hermoso que he visitado es Puerto Vallarta, México.
( One of the most gorgeous location I have actually gone to is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.)

Una vez tuve que correr casi dos millas por el aeropuerto porque el avión former llegó tarde. Esa es la peor experiencia que he tenido al viajar.
( One-time, I needed to run virtually 2 miles via the airport terminal due to the fact that the previous aircraft was late. That was the most awful experience I had actually ever before had while taking a trip.)

Yo preferiría pasar mucho tiempo en un lugar. Por ejemplo, me encantaría vivir en Colombia por un mes o más.
( I would certainly favor to invest a great deal of time in one location. As an example, I would certainly like to reside in Colombia for a month or even more.)

Te recomiendo ir a Nueva York, porque es el lugar más turístico de todo el país.
( I suggest you most likely to New york city due to the fact that it is one of the most touristy location in the entire nation.)

Enjoyment Terms, Expressions and also Concerns

hot tips and 48 smokin' phrases for amazingly advanced spanish conversation

If all else stops working, discussion focusing on television, movie, cinema and also publications might be a great way to involve your companion.

Valuable vocabulary terms concerning amusement:

el elenco— cast

la banda sonora— soundtrack

la trama— the story

el/la protagonista — the major personality

As an example:

No solo me gusta la trama de esta película, sino que también me encanta la banda sonora y el elenco es muy talentoso.
( I do not much like the story of this movie, yet I likewise like the soundtrack and also the actors is extremely skilled.)

Valuable inquiries concerning amusement:

¿ Qué película te gustaba mucho cuando eras niño/ niña?
( What movie did you like as a child?)

¿ Cuál es tu programa preferido en la tele actualmente?
( What’s your favored program on television right now?)

¿ Preferirías ser (elige un personaje de ficción) o (elige un personaje de ficción)?
( Would certainly you instead be [insert fictional character] or [insert fictional character]?)

Si fueras (elige un personaje ficticio) ¿ qué hubieras hecho cuando (elige una situación ficticia)?
( If you were [insert fictional character], what would certainly you have done when [insert fictional situation]?)

Below are some solutions:

Me gustaba mucho la película “Cenicienta” cuando age niña.
( I actually suched as the film “Cinderella” when I was a kid.)

Últimamente, he estado disfrutando de ver muchas telenovelas de México.
( Just Recently, I have actually been appreciating viewing great deals of telenovelas from Mexico.)

Preferiría ser Superman que Batman.
( I prefer to be Superman than Batman.)

Si yo fuera él, haría lo mismo.
( If I were him, I would certainly do the exact same.)

Respectful Ways to Agree and also Disagree in Advanced Spanish Discussion

I’m a company follower that the most effective discussion includes some kind of argument or argument.

If you concur with your discussion companion at all times, on whatever, after that points can obtain a little plain.

Stating that, when you do differ with somebody, make certain to select your words meticulously or you might wind up angering them.

To aid points along, below’s a checklist of just how to concur, differ and also partly concur in Spanish. As well as when you actually obtain stuck, you’ll likewise obtain some expressions to state you do not recognize.

Concurring pleasantly

¡ Totalmente!— Completely!

Estoy (completamente/totalmente) de acuerdo— I (completely/totally) concur

Estoy contigo— I’m with you on that particular

Por supuesto— Naturally!

Tienes razón — You’re appropriate

Differing pleasantly

No estoy de acuerdo— I do not concur with you

No lo veo (tan) así — I do not (actually) see it like that

No creo— I do not believe so

Stating you’re not sure or revealing partial contract

Estoy de acuerdo hasta cierto punto— I concur with you approximately a factor

Tal vez, pero …— Possibly, yet …

No estoy muy seguro/segura — I’m not actually certain

Nunca lo había pensado — I have actually never ever considered it

No tengo la menor concept— I have no concept

Congratulations– you have actually obtained what you require for some seriously sophisticated discussion!

Pay attention to indigenous audio speakers utilizing genuine Spanish sources like podcasts and also television programs, get a conversation partner and also placed whatever right into method.


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