9 TOEFL Speaking Tips to Help You Get the Highest Score Possible



Do you wish to be successful on the TOEFL speaking examination?

Perhaps you’ve currently begun getting ready for the test by broadening your English vocabulary and checking out how to speak English more fluently.

Taking a speaking examination can be challenging even in your native language, however, so these guidelines will assist you feel great and be well prepared.

Here are 9 fantastic TOEFL speaking ideas to optimize your rating on the speaking area of the test.



1. Comprehend the Structure of the Speaking Test

First, have a look at the structure of the test so that you understand what you’ll need to do on the day of the examination. It can likewise assist you begin thinking of the very best method to get ready for it.

As of 2023, the TOEFL speaking examination includes 4 concerns, and the entire thing takes about 17 minutes to finish.

Task 1: Independent (speaking just)

For concern one, you need to offer a 45-second speech and you will have 15 seconds to prepare it.

You will be provided 2 viewpoints or circumstances. Your job is to choose which one you state and choose why. Do not fret– there is no right or incorrect option!

Instead, your response will be scored based upon how well you can reveal your concepts. That suggests that if you can make a persuading argument for your viewpoint by speaking plainly and realistically, you will get an excellent rating.

You will be inquired about familiar subjects. Your reaction must originate from your own individual experience, not from scholastic product provided to you.

Here’s an example:

Some individuals believe it is more enjoyable to hang out with buddies in coffee shops or dining establishments. Others believe it is more enjoyable to hang out with buddies in the house. Which do you believe is much better? Describe why. (Source)

In this job, you need to pick where you most like to hang out with your buddies– in the house, or out and about. Bear in mind that you need to offer factors to support your option. For an example of an excellent reaction to this concern, click the “Source” link above and view the main video.

Tasks 2 and 3: Integrated (reading, speaking and listening)

For concern 2, you will be asked to check out a passage (75-100 words) about a campus-related subject. You will hear a brief discussion (one minute to one-and-a-half minutes) about the exact same subject.

You will be inquired about the viewpoint of among the speakers, and how their viewpoint associates with the reading. You will have 30 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak.

Question 3 follows the exact same structure, however the subject will be connected to academics. You will check out a passage, and then you will hear an audio– it will be part of a lecture on the exact same scholastic topic as the reading.

You will be asked to discuss how the lecture and the reading belong, with 30 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to offer your response.

While you listen and check out, you ought to keep in mind on the bottom lines so that you do not forget anything crucial when you require to react. We’ll cover more on note-taking listed below.

Task 4: Integrated (speaking and listening)

In the last speaking job, you will listen to a scholastic lecture that is 2 to 3 minutes long. You will then have 20 seconds to prepare and one minute to supply a spoken summary of what you heard.

Here, you simply require to cover the bottom lines of the listening passage. Once again, you will take advantage of bearing in mind as you listen, to make certain you can keep in mind all of the crucial details when it’s time for you to speak.

Though it’s crucial to practice, feel confident that you will have the ability to get an excellent rating even if you aren’t knowledgeable about the subject of the concern. All of the incorporated speaking jobs (jobs 2, 3 and 4) are developed so that you get all of the details you require to respond to the concern throughout the test.

2. Get Familiar with the Scoring Criteria

Every concern will be scored from absolutely no to 4. Let’s take an appearance at each rating and how it is attained:

  • A rating of absolutely no suggests the reaction was not related to the subject, the response was not provided in English or there was no effort to respond to. (As long as you attempt to state something about the subject in English, you will make points!)
  • A rating of one suggests the reaction includes great deals of stops briefly, really minimal grammar and vocabulary, inaccurate pronunciation and/or really little details on the subject. Considerable listener effort is needed.
  • A rating of 2 suggests there is some uncomfortable pronunciation or phrasing, just fundamental syntax are utilized, concepts are not plainly linked and/or subject advancement is restricted. Some listener effort is needed.
  • A rating of 3 suggests the reaction is usually clear, pronunciation and pacing troubles are small, grammar and vocabulary usage is mainly natural and/or concepts matter however might not be undoubtedly linked. Listener effort might be needed sometimes.
  • A rating of 4the official scoring rubric suggests the reaction is clear, well-paced, utilizes grammar and vocabulary efficiently with ease, is completely connected to the subject and reveals connection in between concepts. Small pronunciation or grammar errors might still take place.

    You can have a look at

    for more comprehensive details.

    • Overall, to get an excellent rating on the TOEFL speaking area, you’ll desire a rating of 3 or 4 on each of the 4 speaking jobs. Understanding the appropriate requirements utilized to examine your efficiency will assist you enhance your abilities. Here’s what you ought to concentrate on so you can get the greatest rating possible on each job: natural pacing Delivery:
    • Speak plainly, with couple of stops briefly and Pronounce private noises properly, utilize appropriate word tension and have excellent modulation. (Note that pronunciation is not about accent! Practically all non-native speakers have an accent; this will not trigger you to lose points.)advanced grammar structures Language usage:
    • Use fundamental and with a high level of precision. Utilize a series of vocabulary in the appropriate context. Do not utilize casual or really casual speech, like slang or curse words.

    Topic advancement: work on your English speaking comprehensibility Answer the concern with appropriate details, consisting of information. Offer those if asked to offer examples or factors. React in a sensible, orderly way so that the details is simple to follow and comprehend.

    In basic, you can

    , suggesting your speech is simple to comprehend both in regards to pronunciation and material.

    3. Usage Your Preparation Time Efficiently

    If you just have a little time left before the special day, do not fret! You can still enhance abilities required for the TOEFL speaking examination. We’ll go through more particular preparation ideas listed below, however there are some basic methods you can enhance, specifically if you require to do so rapidly. First,

    respond to the concern When listening or checking out to the examination product, discover to observe the crucial subjects and primary concepts. These are the points you ought to consist of in your reaction to the concern. Comprehend the distinction in between “factors” (supporting declarations) and “information” (extra details) and supply them when asked. Second,

    keep your responses succinct You do not require to reiterate the concern! You might have found out to do this when you initially began finding out English, however it’s in fact a wild-goose chase throughout the TOEFL examination, due to the fact that the has actually currently been stated. It’s likewise not natural-sounding spoken English. (It’s not natural in the majority of languages, in reality!) Compare these examples:

    Question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

    Bad example: I see myself operating in a law practice in downtown LA in 10 years’ time. Possibly I will have begun a household already …

    Good example: Working in a law practice in downtown LA. Possibly I will even have a household already … Third, here be as understandable as possible

    It might be more practical to practice enhancing your coherence with jobs 1 and 2, as you just require a subject to practice each job. You can discover a list of subjects Provide yourself 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak, similar to the real TOEFL test. Lastly,

    arrange your reaction well

    This can aid with coherence, too. A great, fundamental structure that you can follow for any spoken reaction is: Topic declaration + Support (can be information, factors or examples depending upon what’s needed). Take an appearance at this example job and the overview of a reaction, so you can see how it’s arranged: Task:

    What are the qualities of an excellent moms and dad? Usage information and factors to support your reaction.

    Topic declaration: The 2 crucial qualities of an excellent moms and dad are friendliness and the capability to set limitations.

    Support (Reason 1): Friendliness– If moms and dads are friendly, kids will feel like they can trust their moms and dads, and then the kids will be friendly.
    Detail: Kids tend to mimic their moms and dads’ habits, so if a moms and dad gets along, they will set the best example.

    Support (Reason 2):

    Ability to set limitations– If moms and dads can set limitations, they’ll direct their kids to see what’s bad and excellent.


    Kids require limitations in which they feel safe. Even if kids tend to evaluate these limitations a lot, they still require their moms and dads’ assistance. Everything we simply covered are language abilities that you can enhance rather rapidly. If you have a bit more time before examination day, you can likewise enhance other elements of your English speaking, like those pointed out listed below. 4. When listening and checking out in the incorporated speaking jobs, produce Your Own Note-taking System Taking excellent notes is crucial. That suggests it’s crucial to discover how to do this throughout your examination preparations. Because time throughout the test is restricted, you can’t document whole sentences in your notes. Rather,

    discover to concentrate on keywords as you listen and check outpodcastsTED talks Key words are really crucial, as they will summarize the main points of the reading and listening passages, and you will wish to utilize them in your reactions in order academic articles to make certain you’re covering the best details

    You can practice bearing in mind while listening to , tape-recorded lectures, or broadcasts. Preferably, you’ll choose ones that have to do with 2 minutes long so that they’re comparable to the length of the TOEFL test audio. For reading, you can practice bearing in mind on


    • As you check out or listen, keep in mind about the main points and arguments that exist in the talk or text. Utilizing your notes, state out loud your own summary of the material.
    • You can
    • utilize unique signs as an useful note-taking tool
    • That suggests you’ll utilize little styles or abbreviations to assist you keep in mind things so that you do not need to compose a great deal of details.
    • Here are some examples to offer you concepts:

    Cause and result: →

    Similarity: = Contrast: ≠ Reason: R

    Detail: D

    You can likewise establish your own signs, as long as you comprehend them.

    Make sure you vocabulary practice utilizing your signs

    till you’re comfy with them. The signs might puzzle you or slow you down throughout the examination if you do not. If you understand them well, having some unique signs can certainly make your note taking quicker and more helpful. 5. Discover Phrases for Specific Test Situations Fluent speech– speech which streams naturally– is something you establish over an extended period of time.written English Fluent speakers can discover their words quicker, even when they’re not rather sure what to state. This is straight connected to

    , as doubts normally occur when you can’t discover the precise words you desire.

    Since you’re provided a minimal time to speak throughout TOEFL jobs, it’s practical to

    • remember particular expressions to complete any stops briefly
    • you might require to take. Keep in mind that these expressions for spoken English might be various than expressions you utilize in
    • for the exact same circumstances.

    Here are a couple of you can utilize in various circumstances to enhance your speaking fluency and assist you make an excellent impression:

    • Phrases for discovering your words
    • What I’m attempting to state is …
    • In other words …
    • To put it in a different way …

    Phrases for providing information

    • as a matter of reality
    • not just … however likewise …
    • additionally
    • also

    Phrases for providing factors

    • one cause for that is …
    • given that …
    • due to the fact that of …

    considered that …

    • Phrases for presenting brand-new points
    • additionally
    • in addition

    in addition to …here Phrases for summing up

    All in all …

    On the whole … Generally speaking …variety of verb tenses You can discover more shift expressions to assist you throughout the speaking test

    . 6. Focus on Your Verb Usage In the majority of circumstances,

    utilizing a

    is an indication that you’re speaking English well– as long as you utilize them properly, obviously.

    For the TOEFL speaking examination, make certain you check out

    and listen to your concern thoroughly. This will assist you pick which verb tense you ought to be utilizing. When they are asked to talk about familiar subjects,

    Many trainees pick improperly in the very first 2 jobs. They believe that due to the fact that the job is to speak about themselves, today easy tense is required.

    • But take a look at the following concern: Describe an ability you have that will be essential for your success in the contemporary world, and discuss why this ability is essential. Consist of examples and information to support your description.the present simple tense To choose the appropriate verb tense to utilize in your reaction, you require to
    • break the concern down The number of things is it asking you to do? (Hint: There’s more than one!) There’s in fact 4 things you require to respond to here. You require to respond to all of the following: the future simple tense What is the ability?
    • Because this is a basic remark, you will require here.
    • How will the ability assistance you prosper in the contemporary world?

      Here, you’re speaking about the result in the future, so you will require to utilize the past simple or the present perfect tense.“would” or “could.”

    Why is this ability crucial? This is a basic declaration once again, so it requires today easy tense.phrasal verbs What are some examples of its significance?

    The reaction here might consist of a mix of tenses.

    To speak about somebody you understand or a widely known individual as an example, you will either utilize

    To speak about basic truths, you will utilize today simple. To assume (guess about the future), you will utilize As a last practical note about verbs: Pay attention to your use of

    These are not actually suitable in the composed TOEFL examination due to the fact that they are rather casual; nevertheless, they are appropriate in the speaking examination, given that speaking is more casual. The secret is having the ability to utilize phrasal verbs properly without overusing them. Have a look at the following: Task: Describe your common day. Response 1: My common day begins when my alarm goes off at 6 a.m. I roll over and turn it off and fall back asleep for about 20 minutes and it goes off once again and I understand it’s time for me to get up and

    get up.

    I actually do not like getting up
    so early, however I need to due to the fact that I need to triggered for work at 7:30 … This is not an excellent reaction to the provided job. It utilizes a lot of phrasal verbs and there is no natural circulation or pacing in the speech. Response 2: Well, my common day starts when my alarm clock

    goes off

    I actually discover it challenging

    going out

    of bed and I normally lie there for about 20 minutes or two till I need to get up The only reason I’m awake so early is due to the fact that I require to leave for work at 7:30 …

    See the distinction? This response still utilizes phrasal verbs, however few. It’s likewise simple to state and sounds more natural.

    7. Practice Your English Pronunciationimprove your pronunciation As I pointed out previously, it’s really crucial that you do not fret about your accent when speaking English. Pronunciation and accent are not the exact same thing. Instead, you ought to take note of the noises of the English language

    Pay unique attention to the noises that do not exist in your native language, as these tend to be challenging for English students.TV shows For circumstances, do you have issues stating “the” or “thin”? That’s most likely due to the fact that you do not have the “th” noise in your native language.movies You can

    by reading out loud, or by FluentU listening to native speakers and attempting to mimic them

    Attempt recording yourself as you speak by yourself and inspect how close you are to the appropriate pronunciation. One method to do this is by checking out podcast records aloud by yourself, and after that listening to the podcast. Other resources, like and , can likewise be practical for practicing pronunciation. Not just will you discover how locals speak English, however you’ll hear the appropriate modulation and natural pacing. For a more structured technique to this, attempt a language finding out program that concentrates on video material, such as


    The program offers you an opportunity to hear pronunciation and syntax in usage. Keep in mind:

    The most crucial part is to make yourself comprehended, not

    to attempt to sound precisely like a native speaker.

    8. Record Your Practice Sessions

    When you practice your English promoting any spoken examination, you ought to attempt and tape yourself. Do not fret if you do not have the devices to tape yourself at home! The web has fantastic resources to tape short-lived files (so, no reasons). Don’t simply keep taping and re-recording yourself. You ought to be listening for particular things when you play back your recordings.

    The objective is to find out what type of errors you make Listen thoroughly to the expressions you utilize, your pronunciation and the tone of your voice. Is there anything that isn’t rather? Anything you understand you can do much better?

    Then, throughout your next session, put those corrections in location You ought to (ideally) hear some enhancement on the errors you made last time when you listen to that recording.find a tutor I understand it can be horrible to listen to your own documented voice often, however this activity will actually permit you to ideal your spoken English abilities. It will likewise assist you be less worried at test time, due to the fact that you will currently be utilized to being tape-recorded!

    9. Practice with Someone Elsewith tips You might do practice TOEFL jobs with

    a research study friend

    — possibly a schoolmate who is likewise going to be taking the examination. In this manner, you can assist each other and share ideas at the exact same time.

    Or, possibly you have

    You can likewise work with

    an English tutorFluentU lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials Ask them to invest 20 to 30 minutes assisting you prepare for the examination each time you have class if you currently have one. You can even

    who specializes in preparing trainees for English efficiency examinations if you do not currently have one.


    No matter who you practice with, you will leave from the session

    and feedback to assist you be successful when you take the test genuine.


    Remember, a test is merely to inspect what you understand. Your inspectors desire you to be successful, too.


    By following these TOEFL speaking ideas, you’ll have the ability to offer your finest on examination day!Learn more.


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    can take anywhere.
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