8 Amazing English Listening Apps You Can’t Miss Out On in 2023



To interact with other English speakers, you need to discover to listen well.

In this post, I’ve developed a list of the very best English listening apps out there that can assist you enhance your listening abilities.

This guide will assist you pick the app that finest matches your requirements based upon your knowing objectives, interests and budget plan. Plus, at the end of the post, you’ll discover a list of beneficial pointers on how to utilize an English listening app to accelerate your knowing.


Best English Listening Apps

1. Finest Overall: Listen English Daily Practice

Price: Free

Available on: Android


If you’re searching for great audio clips to practice your listening abilities, this app must fit your requirements. Whether you’re a novice, sophisticated or intermediate student, they have listening product for each level.

Most of the product remains in the type of daily subjects and brief stories, so you’ll get a great deal of conversational and beneficial vocabulary from it. After each audio file, you’ll be quizzed on it, to evaluate your understanding abilities. And they have a lot of product, so even if you practice every day it’ll take a while for you to resolve all of it.

Alternatively, if you’re searching for resources on establishing and enhancing your American or british accent, this app will assist you inform them apart and discover them both.

2. Finest App for Native Media: FluentU

Price: $29.99/ month, $143.99/ year

Available on: iOS/ Android


Why listen to academic product when you can simply listen to genuine English material like motion picture clips, video and inspiring talks? FluentU is a program that concentrates on genuine (genuine) videos like these, made by and for native English speakers.

But because this sort of material is normally too challenging for English students to enjoy by themselves, the program has actually taken actions to make things much easier. Any word you do not understand in a video can be specified simply by clicking on it in the subtitles. And these meanings are contextual, which suggests that you’ll see what the word suggests because particular scenario.

the imitation game fluentu

You can find out more words by taking the quizzes that included each video and flashcard deck you produce. You can likewise check out over the records prior to each video to get a much better sense of what to anticipate.

How can all this aid with your listening abilities? For one, the subtitles can be switched off entirely, enabling you to concentrate on listening. Every element of the program likewise has audio accompanying it, consisting of the records (simply hover your mouse over the word to see its comprehensive details) and flashcards.

FluentU likewise has numerous audio lessons that concentrate on mentor vocabulary that you can utilize to advance your listening abilities.

3. Finest App for IELTS Listening: English Listening Step by Step

Price: Free

Available on: Android


Many of us are discovering English for particular tests. The IELTS English Language Exam, for instance, is a test that determines your English efficiency and is accepted globally. If you’re getting ready for the IELTS test, this listening app is an excellent resource

The material is particularly developed to be comparable to listening products you’ll discover on the test. The audio material is divided not simply by levels however likewise by subjects, and there are over 1,000 of them to pick from.

each lesson comes with a records and a test,English Listening and Speaking

so you can track your development and understand precisely where your errors are.

4. Finest App for Speaking and listening: Android


Price: Free Available on: As the name of the app recommends, this one is ideal for those who are wanting to practice listening and

speaking abilities. You will discover a wealth of resources here. The discussions and stories in here (which feature records, so you will not be lost!) have actually been particularly developed to assist you master idioms and phrasal verbs, in addition to enhance pronunciation. There’s even a table of irregular verbs, in addition to audio assistance so that you can listen to and master English grammar.TOEFL The app likewise has some intriguing video games

associated to discovering and developing sentences vocabulary, in addition to tests. And the product here is rather beneficial for those getting ready for tests like IELTS and VOA News

, as the vocabulary systems have actually been developed remembering the most commonly-used words that appear in such tests.

5. Finest App for International News: iOS Price: FreeAndroid

voa news logo

Available on: / Voice of America (VOA) is an

acclaimed app that utilizes day-to-day news clips as academic products to teach English. From radio podcasts to live news, the app will supply you with a wealth of listening product. Those who utilize this resource will discover that it’s likewise a dazzling method to be updated about what’s occurring all around the world. These listening products are a little bit more challenging. Due to the fact that of that, I ‘d recommend this app for

advanced or upper-intermediate studentsLearnEnglish Podcasts

who currently have a strong command of the language and are wanting to get vocabulary associated to present affairs.

6. Finest App for Podcasts: iOS Price: FreeAndroid


Available on: / Created by British Council, this one is and is a premier app

ideal for those who are searching for podcasts to establish their listening abilities. There are 60 episodes which amount to 20 hours of audio, so if you listen for an hour every day, you’ll complete it within a month.

Many of the subjects gone over in the podcast work for daily discussions.6 Minute English

So, if you’re wanting to construct your interaction abilities so that you can talk with native English speakers, examine this one out. This app comes geared up with audio records and understanding concerns. Plus, you can download the episodes for offline listening.

7. Finest App for Fast Learning: iOS Price: FreeAndroid

6 Minute English logo

Available on: / If you’re short on time and you’re searching for learn new vocabulary an exceptional all-purpose app,

look no more than 6 Minute English. By dedicating simply 6 minutes every day to language research study with this app, you can establish your listening abilities, enhance your understanding of English grammar and all at the very same time. Packed with

numerous functions consisting of an integrated dictionary, audio records and offline listening,English Listening I ‘d advise this app specifically for newbie and intermediate students.

8. Finest App for Quizzes:

iOS Price: FreeAndroid

english listening app logo Available on: TalkEnglish/ The English Listening app by features numerous listening concerns and workouts. You can pick from 6 various kinds of listening lessons ideal for both newbie and advanced English students. The audio files are from

native English speakers

and are comfy and really clear to listen to.

The speed is slower than native speed and each word is noticable plainly. You can likewise pick from both female and male voices. Due to the fact that you can get points for each level,


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