7 DIY Hacks to Greatly Improve Your Spanish Accent [with Audio]


improve spanish accent

Have you ever before really felt awkward concerning your Spanish accent or battled to articulate specific words?

Worry not, as we’re below to assist you adjust your enunciation and also infuse your Spanish with an authentic touch.

In this short article, you’ll discover 7 valuable techniques to do away with that pesky international accent and also seem even more like an indigenous Spanish audio speaker.

These do it yourself hacks will certainly lead the way for even more positive and also fascinating Spanish speech, whatever your present degree.


1. Find Out the Correct Vowel Seems

The Good News Is for you and also me, Spanish enunciation is fairly routine. Unlike English vowels, each Spanish vowel has specifically one noise:

  • E is articulated like the “e” in “bed.” As an example,elefante
    ( elephant).
  • I is articulated like the “ee” in “see”. As an example,caliente
    ( warm).
  • O is articulated like the “o” in “go.” As an example,oso
    ( bear).
  • U is articulated like the “oo” in “as well.” As an example,uva
    ( grape).

Certainly, there are policies for Spanish diphthongs and also thedieresis However those are your 5 standard vowel noises.

There are a lots of cost-free sources on YouTube to assist you discover and also enhance the Spanish vowel noises. Directly, I advise beginning with this hilariously outdated video.

Yes, the video clip is ridiculous. However it’s likewise fairly valuable. Do you observe just how, when articulating a word, the trainee claims every vowel with the very same crisp, clear noise? Every “e” inexcelente
noises specifically the like the one prior to it.

One huge trouble that English audio speakers have a tendency to have with Spanish is putting diphthongs where they do not belong, to make sure that a word like excelente appears seeming even more like “excelentay.” An additional typical trouble is articulating Spanish words with English vowels, to make sure that a word likecerveza
( beer) inaccurately ends up being “sir-VAY-zuh.”

The method is to exercise explaining, constant vowel seems that do not alter: ah, eh, ee, oh, ooh. Attempt to hold each noise for a number of secs without transforming the form of your mouth. After that, technique putting the noises right into words.

2. Focus On Accent Marks

As discussed formerly, Spanish enunciation complies with routine policies. So it should not stun you that there’s an extremely straightforward guideline for understanding which syllable obtains the anxiety in a Spanish word. It damages down similar to this:

By default, placed the anxiety on the second-to-last syllable of a word. Casa
( home), manzana
( apple), domingo
( Sunday), and also amarillo
( yellow) are all words that follow this instance.

The only exemptions are words that finish in consonants besides “n” and also “s.” In these situations, anxiety the last syllable of words. Consider words like hablar
( talk), ordenador
( computer system), pincel
( paintbrush) and also cicatriz
( mark).

Any kind of words that wander off from this pattern will be conveniently marked with an accent— a little line over a vowel that allows you recognize to anxiety that syllable. See, as an example, words likemiércoles
( Wednesday),melo
( inform me), escocés
( Scottish) and also habrá
( there will certainly be).

In talked Spanish, accent marks can be of essential significance. Take, as an example, the absolutely harmless sentence “ Como papas” (I consume potatoes.) Adhering to the straightforward policies outlined over, we understand that this sentence is noticable, Como papas.”

Anxiety the incorrect syllables and also you’ll wind up with the sentence,Como papás,”
or “I consume papas.” Yikes!

Mind your accent marks and also discover which syllable to anxiety– it can make the distinction in between understanding and also utter complication.

In time, understanding which syllable to accent will certainly end up being user-friendly. Up until after that, below’s a workout to assist you technique: Discover a flow of Spanish message that you likewise have a recording of. (As an example: lyrics to a song, an audiobook that you likewise have a paper copy of, a listening exercise from a book, and so on) Without paying attention to the recording, highlight the syllable in each word that obtains the anxiety. After that, pay attention to the recording and also inspect your solutions.

3. Soften Your T’s and also D’s

Allow’s do an experiment. Attempt stating the adhering to expression aloud: “2 great tigers.”

Take note: Where does your tongue go when you make the “t” seem? If you resemble the majority of English audio speakers, it most likely strikes the roofing system of your mouth.

In Spanish, t’s are not noticable similarly. When making a “t” noise in Spanish, press the suggestion of your tongue versus the top of your front teeth. This generates a softer, gentler “t” seem like intiempo
( time/weather) and alsoguitarra
( guitar).

Attempt it out on the extremely valuable expression,Tú tomasttequila hasta las tres de la mañana.”
( You consumed tequila up until 3 in the early morning.)

” D” noises likewise go through a small adjustment. As an example, attempt stating “Diana’s charming canines.” Where does your tongue wind up? Possibly the roofing system of your mouth once more.

In Spanish, you need to make the “d” noise with your tongue hardly touching the rear of your leading teeth. In this situation, the outcome is a much softer noise, virtually like the English “th” in words “this.” As an example,madre
( mom) and alsodía
( day).

Proceed and also experiment the adhering to expression:Soy de los Estados Unidos. ¿Ddónde es usted?”
( I’m from the USA. Where are you from?)

This video by Learn Spanish Right supplies an excellent contrast of the English and also Spanish “d” noises.

The distinctions in between these noises might appear unimportant. It holds true, a Spanish audio speaker will most likely recognize you simply great if you make use of the English “t” and also “d” seems in your Spanish. However concentrating on information like these will certainly assist you shed your international accent and also speak Spanish like a native.

If you’re having difficulty refining the finer factors of the Spanish accent, think about making a recording of on your own reviewing a flow of Spanish out loud. Keep in mind that text/audio source from the previous factor? Currently would certainly be a fun time to make use of that once more! Tape-record on your own reviewing the flow out loud in your finest Spanish accent, and after that pay attention back.

You’ll have the ability to select the locations that require enhancement far more plainly than you would certainly while talking. Currently, contrast your recording with the indigenous audio speaker’s. Do your t’s and also d’s seem like their own? Otherwise, attempt reviewing out loud once more.

4. Perfect Your R Fuerte

The letter “r” in Spanish makes 2 various noises: the r refined, or soft r (like incaro
— costly) and also the r fuerte, or solid r (like incarro
— cars and truck).

I’ll concentrate on the r fuerte, frequently described as a rolled “r,” since it is among one of the most hard noises for English audio speakers to master. Some individuals appear to select it up without effort, while others require to present a collective initiative to discover to roll their r’s. If you’re battling, do not fret– you’re certainly not the only one!

Right here are some pointers if you simply can not appear to roll your r’s:

  • Act you are purring like a pet cat.
  • To discover the appropriate tongue positioning, attempt stating the word “butter” over and also over once more extremely rapidly. The area that your tongue appeals the “tt” in “butter” is the area where it need to be when you roll your r’s.
  • To reinforce the tongue muscular tissues called for to make this noise, claim “tee-dee-va” rapidly over and also over whenever you can– while you’re driving, cleaning the recipes, throughout commercials, and so on
  • Placed the suggestion of your tongue versus the roofing system of your mouth. Exhale, and also act your tongue is a flag waving in the wind. The activity of your tongue rapidly striking versus the roofing system of your mouth will certainly generate the noise of a rolled “r.”
  • Perk suggestion: A good friend of mine that invested years discovering to roll her r’s urges that it’s much much easier to accomplish after a beer or more. She claims that beer aided loosen her tongue muscular tissues. That suggestions might or might not help you, however it benefited her, and also in any case, you reach take pleasure in a couple of beverages and also exercise your Spanish!

Since you’re well on your means to making a best r fuerte noise, below is a run-down of when to make use of it:

  • Words with 2 r remains in a row: carrera
    ( career/race), arriba
    ( up/above)
  • A solitary “r” at the start of a word:rincón
    ( edge),rata
    ( rat)
  • A solitary “r” after the letters “l,” “n,” or “s”: alrededor
    ( around), enriquecer
    ( to improve)
  • A solitary “r” after the prefix below-:subrayar
    ( to highlight), subrayado
    ( underscored)

Really feeling endure? Exercise your “ r” fuerte with this tongue twister:

Rosa Rizo reza en ruso, en ruso reza Rosa Rizo.

( Rosa Rizo hopes in Russian, in Russian prays Rosa Rizo.)

5. Mind Your Z’s

There are really 2 right means to articulate the Spanish “z,” depending on where you are in the world.

Spanish “z” enunciations Areas where it’s made use of Enunciation Instances
seseo every one of Latin America, components of southerly Spain and also the Canary Islands ” z” is articulated like an English “s” zapato
( footwear)

( fox)

( to deny or decline)

ceceo the remainder of Spain and also Equatorial Guinea ” z” makes a seem like the “th” in the English word “tooth” zapato



Both means are right, however what you’ll never ever listen to in Spanish is a “z” that seems like it carries out in the English word “buzz.”

My individual preferred paying attention source for listening to both various Spanish “z” seems is the tune Bailando,” sung by Spanish-born Enrique Iglesias and also Cuban-born Descemer Bueno. In the initial knowledgeable of the tune, you can plainly listen to both “z” seems in words corazón (heart):

Enrique Iglesias: Cuando tú me miras se me sube el corazón

Descemer Bueno: Me palpita lento el corazón

The very first time around, you’ll listen to the ceceo (the “th” noise), and also the 2nd time, the seseo (the “s” noise).

” Bailando” is peppered with instances of both “s” seems, in words like cerveza ( beer), cabeza ( head) and also abrazarte ( hug you).

A tune like ” Bailando,” with its mix of accents and also its several repetitive lines, creates a best talking technique workout! Check out via the verses aloud phrase-by-phrase up until you feel great in your enunciation.

After that, attempt to sing in addition to the tape-recording to exercise fluidness. Vocal singing in Spanish is an extremely enjoyable workout that functions your enunciation while likewise supplying a lesson in grammar, vocabulary and also society. Most importantly, you can do it in the car, in your room, or generally anywhere you desire.

Not right into Enrique Iglesias? There are lots of various other z-heavy Spanish tunes to exercise this specific ability. Attempt Celia Cruz’s “Azúcar negra” or Kudai’s “Tal vez.”

6. Connect Your Words

If you pay attention very closely to indigenous Spanish audio speakers chatting, you’ll observe that they connect or mix specific words with each other.

When will Spanish audio speakers connect words?

  • When the last letter of one word is a consonant and also the initial letter of the following word is a vowel. The inquiry“¿Estás enfadado?”
    ( Are you mad?) would certainly seem even more like ” ¿ Estásenfadado?”
  • When the last letter of one word and also the initial letter of the following word are both vowels, like in the sentence“Ella está enamorada.”
    ( She remains in love.) To the inexperienced ear, this expression would certainly seem like one lengthy word: ellaestáenamorada

Understanding this strategy will certainly not just boost your Spanish accent. At the very same time, it’ll educate your paying attention abilities. As you exercise mixing and also connecting your very own words, you’ll locate on your own far better outfitted to recognize what various other audio speakers are stating when they do the very same.

For an excellent paying attention source, have a look at this website, which gives clear instances of each of the 3 sorts of connecting. The site’s sound instances contrast just how words audio un-linked and after that connected. To exercise, merely repeat after the recordings supplied on the site.

7. Pay Attention to Indigenous Audio Speakers

The most effective means to enhance every one of the above is, naturally, to proactively pay attention to indigenous audio speakers and also replicate what they do

If you’re fortunate sufficient to be able to learn Spanish by immersion easily in your home town or abroad, this will not be a trouble. Or else, attempt to find a language exchange partner that you can experiment face to face or online.

If you intend to collaborate with a person that’s even more certified to offer you customized responses,hire a Spanish tutor The web has actually brought us closer to qualified language tutors from all over the world. Because there are many Spanish tutors readily available online, you can locate one that fits your budget plan and also timetable.

Beginning looking for your very own Spanish tutor on Verbling, the major on-line center for tutors and also pupils. You can arrange via thousands of Spanish tutors and also select one based upon trainee evaluations, experience, rate array, area, various other languages talked and also schedule.

You can likewise attempt paying attention to a Spanish-language news program, TV show orpodcast Pay attention to a couple of sentences at once, after that stop and also attempt to duplicate back what you have actually listened to. Or can attempt FluentU, a web site and also application that makes language lessons out of video clips from genuine Spanish media where you can listen to indigenous audio speakers at work and also comply with in addition to the captions. There’s also a talking function so you can exercise your accent.

Beginning executing these solutions today, and also you’ll quickly be seeming even more like an indigenous Spanish audio speaker.

Exercise with a language companion or tutor, with a Spanish-speaking close friend and even in your home in the mirror!


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