6 Top Tips to Learn How to Speak English Without an Accent


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There’s absolutely nothing more aggravating than not being comprehended.

Even if your pronunciation is practically ideal, lots of people may have an issue comprehending you since of your accent.

For this factor, lots of English language students attempt to lose their foreign accent and talk like first-language English speakers.

Continue reading to discover what resources you can utilize to achieve your accent objectives.


What Is an Accent?

Accents are distinct variations in pronunciation and modulation that arise from local, linguistic or cultural distinctions amongst speakers of a language. To put it simply, an accent is the distinct method an individual speaks their language.

The 2nd thing you require to bear in mind is that everybody has an accent, consisting of all native English speakers.

Accents are fantastic. They include character to English, and without them, discussions would be dull.

However, not all accents are simple for the typical English speaker to comprehend, which is why it’s an excellent concept to discover how to speak like a native English speaker.

Mastering English pronunciation and modulation is the initial step towards speaking English without a foreign accent.

Just keep in mind that speaking like a native isn’t something that takes place over night. It’s going to take a great deal of time and practice. If you work hard and continue to enhance your speaking, you’ll start to discover that individuals have a simpler time comprehending your English in discussions!

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation and Lose Your Foreign Accent

While possible, finding out how to speak English like a local will take a great deal of time and practice– particularly for grownups. For whatever factor, research studies reveal that kids master pronunciation and discover 2nd languages simpler than grownups. If your objective is to teach your kid how to speak English without an accent, you ought to get them practicing as early as possible.

Also, bear in mind that there are 3 primary accents in English: United States (AmE), British (UK) and Australian (AUS), so you’ll most likely select the accent for the location you desire or live to live.

If you wish to discover how to speak English without an accent, here are some resources to assist you begin.

1. Listen to Your Target Accent A Lot

Mastering a native English accent needs you to listen to native speakers and practice speaking with their intonation and pronunciation.

For finest outcomes, make certain to really practice utilizing the accent while listening to podcasts and enjoying tv programs. The very best method to do this is to duplicate and stop briefly what speakers are stating over and over once again. You can likewise tape yourself and listen to how you speak, then compare it to the accents you’re listening to.


If you do not have any English speakers you can talk with, attempt listening to podcasts for practice.

  • Podcasts for English Language Learners ( AmE and UK): In this post, we note a few of our preferred British and American English podcasts.
  • OzPodcasts ( AUS): This directory site of Australian podcasts covers a wide variety of subjects led by genuine Australian English speakers.

Television Shows

Another fantastic method to enhance your accent is by enjoying tv programs.

Authentic clips

You can enjoy brief genuine English video on a program like FluentU to end up being acquainted with various your picked accent. The advantage of utilizing brief clips is that you can include them in any schedule, and you can get a lot performed in a quite brief time.

2. Practice Pronunciation with YouTube Videos

Good pronunciation is very important for talking like a native speaker. Lots of trainees avoid previous book pronunciation workouts for other activities, like grammar and vocabulary.

The great news is that practicing pronunciation does not need to be as dull as listen-and-repeat workouts discovered in books. Here are 4 YouTube channels that make English pronunciation enjoyable and interesting:

  • Aussie English (AUS): Learn a little about Australia and Australian culture while enjoying more than 40 videos teaching you how to talk like an Australian.

3. End Up Being Aware of Intonation

Everyone understands that great pronunciation is very important for finding out how to speak English like a native, however lots of trainees make the error of focusing just on their pronunciation and neglecting modulation totally.

Intonation is the tone you speak in and the tension you place on various parts of a word. English speakers have various articulations depending upon where they’re from. When stating “garage,” an American English speaker will state “ga-RAGE,” whereas a British English speaker states “GAR-age.”

Using the incorrect modulation does not just puzzle native English speakers, it can likewisechange the meaning of your sentence completely Individuals will understand you’re not a first-language English speaker from inaccurate modulation much simpler than they will if you mispronounce a word or 2.

Take a look at this video to see an example of what it seems like to have great pronunciation and inaccurate modulation. While the gentleman in the video believes he does not have an accent, his modulation instantly offers him away as an English language student. Given, he speaks simply great and is comprehended simply as quickly as a native speaker, however he does have an accent.

4. Practice to Improve Intonation

You can practice your modulation in the exact same method you enhance your pronunciation: by listening to native speakers and duplicating what they state while attempting to seem like them.

Except with modulation, you’re not concentrating on how they’re stating consonants and vowels, however rather how they’re stating whole words– whether they’re being louder at the start or completion of the word or if their voice sounds greater or lower at the end of a sentence.

Some great YouTube channels to assist you practice your modulation consist of:

  • Jill Diamond (AmE): When it concerns mastering spoken English, Jill Diamond’s videos can have anybody talking like an American. In addition to pronunciation suggestions and speaking about various accents, Jill likewise covers modulation in videos like “Intonation Patterns of American English” and this video:
  • ABC Education’s Study English Series (AUS): ABC Education is filled with resources to assist English language students find more about English, Australian English and life in Australia. This playlist is particularly practical for finding out how to speak and comprehend australian accents like an Australian, including this 10-minute episode concentrating on Australian modulation:

5. Concentrate On Phonemes

Phonemes are sounds that comprise a language. English has 44 phonemes, which isn’t that lots of if you consider it.

These are the tiniest systems of noise in the language.

For example, the word “canine” has 3 phonemes:/ d/,/ o/ and/ g/. While this lines up nicely with the variety of letters in “canine,” some words are more intricate.

” Knee,” for instance, with 4 letters, just includes 2 phonemes:/ n/ and/ i/. Observe that/ i/ isn’t pronounced like the letter I. It’s more like “ee,” and/ i/ is that noise in the


Here’s an useful video that discusses the 44 phonemes in English:

6. When you initially discover it, discover Correct Pronunciation Right Away with New Words

Don’t disregard a word’s pronunciation. That method, you’ll have gotten each word down before carrying on. You can utilize these dictionaries to assist with this: And when you feel you have a word’s pronunciation down, ask a native speaker if you’re doing it. Which Accent Do You Want?

As we talked about above, native English speakers have various accents depending upon where they’re from. You require to select the kind of accent that you wish to stick and discover to it. Otherwise, you risk of blending 2 or more English accents and sounding much more complicated.

The 3 most typical accents that you’ll stumble upon in ESL product are

American (AmE), British (UK) and Australian (AUS)


Here’s an excellent sample of American English:

And here’s a sample of British English:

Last, here’s Australian English: chat with English speakers online As you can hear, all 3 accents are various from each other, which is why you wish to stick to mastering just one accent at a time.

Remember, the only method you’re going to speak English without an accent is by practicing. Attempt speaking in English every opportunity you can get. Speak to your good friends,

and speak to yourself if you need to– simply make certain that you’re constantly speaking English.FluentU lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials The more you listen to native speakers talk and mimic their pronunciation and modulation, the simpler it’ll be for you to speak English like a native.


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