40+ Insects in English to Add Some Bugs, Buzz and Beauty to Your Vocabulary


A ladybug craws across a blade of grass

Did you understand that there are over 900,000 different kinds of insects, that make up 80% of the world’s animal types?

Don’t stress, though; you do not need to find out all 900,000 to be insect proficient in English.

In this post, we will be concentrating on more than 40 typical pests in English to contribute to your useful (beneficial) vocabulary.

These are the bugs (another word for pests) that you will likely see while spending time outdoors, however ideally not in your home.


Insects in English to Expand Your Vocabulary

From the most gorgeous butterfly to the most revolting cockroach, here’s your English bug vocabulary.


insects in english

Ants are little social pests that reside in underground nests. You can quickly acknowledge ants by their long legs, bent antennas and large, round abdomen.

Various kinds of ants:

  • Army ant: journeys in a group and consumes nearly whatever in its course
  • Bullet ant: native (native) to South America, and understood for its extremely (extremely) unpleasant sting
  • Red fire ant: typical in yards and offer an intense bite


insects in english

Bedbugs are irritating pests that live off of animal blood. They are understood to bite people when they sleep, leaving unpleasant rashes. Insects have flat, oval-shaped bodies.


insects in english

Bees areflying insects that help pollinate plants They are extremely crucial to the environment, and likewise to our own food supply.

Various kinds of bees:

  • Bumblebee: a big, social bee that has an extremely fuzzy black and yellow body
  • Carpenter bee: lives alone, can drill holes in wood and has the ability to sting more than when
  • Honeybee: lives in a big nest and produces yummy honey


insects in english

Beetles are flying pests with difficult wing cases. There are thousands of types of beetles, and they are understood to assist in the decay (breakdown of once-living things) procedure.

Various kinds of beetles:

  • Ground beetle: brown beetles reside in the dirt or beneath logs; they mainly come out in the evening
  • Dung beetle: kind of scarab beetle that utilizes animal dung to make nests
  • Weevil: little beetle with a long snout; they take in (consume) leaves and, frequently, damage crops
  • Ladybug: predatory beetle acknowledged by its red wings with black areas; they consume specific plant-eating bugs and are frequently utilized in farms as a natural source of insect control


insects in english

Butterflies are a bug with a four-stage life process. You can acknowledge butterflies by their long, narrow abdominal areas, 2 antennae and vibrant wings. A caterpillar will ultimately become a butterfly.

Various kinds of butterflies:

  • Monarch butterfly: orange and black butterfly that moves (journeys) to lay eggs
  • Swallowtail butterfly: a brightly-colored butterfly with a long back wing that appears like a tail
  • Zebra butterfly: a black-striped and white butterfly with a fairly long life expectancy that, unlike many butterflies, takes in pollen


insects in english

Cockroaches prevail home insects that have actually existed formillions of years They are acknowledged by their flat brown bodies and long antenna.


insects in english

Crickets are jumping pests that make a chirping noise. These pests are green, black or white and have long hind (back) legs for leaping.


insects in english

Dragonflies are flying pests with 4 wings and a long body. They are frequently seen near freshwater.

Firefly or Lightning Bug

insects in english

Fireflies are in fact beetles– however are so unique we believed we would provide their own location in this post!– that come out in the evening. These pests are understood for the flashing lights on their bodies that they utilize to discover mates.

Fly or Housefly

insects in english

Flies are extremely common household pests They have brief life-spans and are acknowledged by the “buzzing” noise they make. When you are having a picnic outdoors, these are the irritating pests that tend to reveal up.

Various kinds of flies:

  • Fruit fly: discovered around decaying fruit and can replicate (make infants) rapidly
  • Horsefly: discovered near water or big mammals, and can provide unpleasant bites
  • Housefly: flying insects that can quickly move germs to surface areas


insects in english

Grasshoppers are leaping pests with big hind legs. They are green or frequently brown. In some parts of the world, insects arecooked and eaten Insects likewise have a huge cravings and love to harm gardens.


insects in english

Mosquitos are little flying pests that are understood for biting people. Their bites can send illness and leave itchy, red bumps on the skin.


insects in english

Moths are winged pests comparable to butterflies, however they are frequently just active in the evening. They are an important food source for bats, birds and other animals.

Praying Mantis

insects in english

Praying mantis can be found in all various colors. This special bug is identifiable by its long body and bent front legs that appear like they are kept in a prayer posture.


A spider in its web

While technically, spiders are arachnids, not pests, they are understood for their special anatomy, that includes 2 body sections and 8 legs.

They produce silk from customized glands, utilizing it for numerous functions such as developing webs for victim capture, building egg sacs or as security lines while moving.

Spiders vary in size and habits, varying from small leaping spiders to big orb-weaving types, and they play a vital function in environments by managing insect populations.

Various kinds of spiders:

  • Common House Spider: frequently experienced inside, constructing unpleasant, irregular webs in corners of closets, spaces and basements. In spite of their rather challenging look, typical home spiders are safe to people.
  • Black Widow: understood for their unique black color and red hourglass-shaped markings on the abdominal area. They are discovered in numerous areas worldwide. While the venom of female black widows can be hazardous to people, bites are reasonably uncommon, and deaths are incredibly unusual.
  • Brown Recluse: understood for its violin-shaped marking on its body. In spite of its poisonous bite, bites are unusual, and serious responses are uncommon.
  • Garden Spider: understood for their big, detailed, wheel-shaped webs. They prevail in gardens and woody locations and are typically safe to people.


insects in english

Termites are white pests that look comparable to ants. They are known for chewing wood and can trigger substantial damage to homes.


insects in english

Wasps are flying pests with vibrant bodies and wings, comparable to bees. They construct nests and can sting predators several times.

  • Yellowjacket: A black and yellow social variety of wasps; they play a crucial function in the environment by consuming other bugs and keeping populations under control

Why Learn the Names of Insects in English?

Expand your English vocabulary

Learning insect names is an excellent method to broaden your English vocabulary. As you find out a brand-new insect name, think about composing it down. Possibly you can even attempt illustrating of it beside the word or consist of some adjectives (words that explain nouns) to explain the bug. Documenting brand-new vocabulary is likewise an excellent method to get some spelling practice in.

Launch a profession in science or ecological research studies

If you are looking for an English-speaking position in the science field, your company will anticipate you to have an understanding of sophisticated clinical terms. You have to begin someplace? Discovering the names of pests in English is an exceptional location to start!

Have a more significant check out at zoos and natural areas

If you are checking out a zoo, park, nature museum and even a greenhouse (a confined location where plants are grown) in an English-speaking environment, it would be practical to comprehend the names of pests in English. You may see indications discussing the kinds of pests discovered in an area, so comprehending this vocabulary will assist you get more out of this kind of experience.

Understand pop-culture recommendations

From sports groups to superheroes (Spiderman, Antman, and so on),insects are frequently used in pop culture By finding out these bug names, you will detect recommendations in motion pictures or tv programs that you may have otherwise missed out on.

For example, you can hear insect names utilized in the videos listed below:

“Common Insect Names”

In this easy-to-understand video, you will hear the names of several pests. Each insect name is duplicated, which provides you the possibility to duplicate the name in addition to the video. When the video presents each bug, it likewise consists of a brief enjoyable truth!

Insect-related words you will hear in this video:

  • Butterfly
  • Grasshopper
  • Mantis

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

Use this detailed reading of the timeless kids’s book by Eric Carle to enhance your bug vocabulary. As you listen, you will likewise hear the English words for a range of numbers and food products.

Insect-related words you will hear in this video:

  • Butterfly
  • Caterpillar
  • Cocoon

“Should We Eat Bugs?”

This TedEd video uses an intriguing summary of the history of consuming bugs. As you enjoy, you will find out why most people no longer think about bugs a special (high-end food product).

Insect-related words you will hear in this video:

“The Loathsome Lethal Mosquito”

This TedEd video is tailored towards sophisticated language students. As you enjoy, you will find out everything about the mosquito and its function in the environment. This video likewise provides you the possibility to find out extra (additional) non-insect associated vocabulary words.

Insect-related words you will hear in this video:

“Urban Beekeeping and Honey Love”

This useful documentary-style video will assist you find out English vocabulary words connected to bees and beekeeping. You will likewise find out more about the value of individuals and bees who are working to conserve them.

Insect-related words you will hear in this video:

  • Colony
  • Honeybee
  • Pollinate

With numerous pests on the planet, this list is simply the start!

Who understands, quickly you may discover yourself on your method to finding out hundreds, if not thousands, of insect vocabulary words in English!

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