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4 Tips on How to Learn English With Your Kindle (With Book Recommendations)


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Wondering how you can take your reading to the next level?

By benefiting from functions on the Kindle e-reader, you can supercharge your reading with vocabulary-building tools, audio resources and book sharing, to name a few.

In this post, I’m sharing 4 methods to change your Kindle into an unbelievable English finding out tool and describe the benefits of digital books with some suggestions!


Is Kindle Good for Learning English?

The Kindle is not simply an e-reader; it is likewise a wonderful tool for finding out English.

it makes checking out whole books a lot more practical and less frightening.

The more books you check out in your target language, the closer to fluency you’ll get– and it’ll overflow to your listening and speaking too.

an image of a person holding a digital book

How to Use Kindle to Learn English

1. Utilize the Vocabulary-building Features With Kindle, you can search for brand-new words rapidly and quickly with the integrated dictionary When you come across a word you do not understand in the text you read, simply press and hold and the dictionary window will appear to describe it

You have a choice to browse online rather if there is no entry for it in the dictionary. Kindle users and language students can likewise utilize the More Options

function in the integrated dictionary to highlight an expression worth keeping in mind, include an individual note or equate a word into another language that they understand. It is a 3-D vocabulary-building experience, all without closing the book you read! Kindle’s Vocabulary Builder is another excellent function for English students. The Vocabulary Builder consists of the list of words you have actually searched for while reading. You will see a pop-up window advising you of its significance if you click on an entry. The Usage

tab offers you the sentence in the book where you saw the word. Eventually, this function guarantees that you keep in mind the words you have actually searched for, so that you are actively developing your vocabulary as you check out. Vocabulary Builder features a cool Flashcards

  • choice that permits you to quiz yourself on words you have actually searched for. You will see specific words and example sentences, and you will need to think the meaning that is on the opposite of the card. It permits you to turn your English reading into an active vocabulary memorization workout.

How to gain access to Vocabulary Builder:

If you are brand-new to Kindle, Vocabulary Builder can be discovered on the home screen, utilizing the menu on the leading right corner. Aside from books, diving into other media in your target language

will assist you enhance a lot. Much like the Kindle, there are lots of language knowing tools that can assist turn other English material into language lessons.FluentU One tool is the language finding out program

2. Learn More Advanced Books with Word Wise Feature Reading with a Kindle is not simply beneficial for finding out specific vocabulary words.

Your Kindle can likewise make it possible to check out books that would be too tough on paper.Word Wise feature This is since of Kindle’s

, which was created to assist readers comprehend tough books. Word Wise will instantly supply easy meanings for uncommon or challenging words without the reader needing to tap anything. As you advance, you can select to minimize the variety of Word Wise pointers. Why is this function helpful for language students? Well, it indicates you have a stepping stone to a greater English understanding level

It resembles training wheels for English reading. Plus, you will get direct exposure to brand-new books that would otherwise be unattainable– possibly you will find your brand-new preferred English author and be encouraged to keep reading and knowing! The Word Wise tab is available on the drop-down menu on the leading right corner of the home screen. Click Settings, Reading Options and Language Learning

, then click to switch on Word Wise. As soon as switched on, Word Wise will constantly appear in the bottom ideal corner while you check out. You can tap on it at any indicate change the level to your taste. If you can not discover Word Wise

on the menu, check to make certain you have the current software application variation.


3. Set Reading and Listening Practice

As a growing number of Kindle books featured audiobook buddies, you have a terrific resource to combine your reading and listening practice. Listening understanding is typically more tough than reading, since you can not manage the speaker’s speed, and without punctuation, it can be challenging to understand when one sentence stops and another starts.

Besides, unlike numerous languages, the method English words are composed is typically various from the method they sound. That indicates if you can not think properly how to spell an unknown word, you will not have the ability to look it up in the dictionary.Whispersync for Voice Conveniently, Kindle’s removes this issue

This function is offered through the Kindle app and on some Kindle tablets. You can rapidly change from audio to text and return to search for the words that you did not comprehend.

  • Not just will this assist develop your vocabulary, you will likewise discover how brand-new words are pronounced from the audiobook part.

How to toggle (switch) in between text and audio variations of a book On an Android Kindle app, a user can change in between 2 modes (i.e., Read and listen) utilizing the Headphone and the Book

icons in the bottom left corner of any screen when reading. Keep in mind that you will require to very first download the audible file by tapping on the blue download arrow when you open a Kindle book (whose audio buddy you have actually currently purchased from Amazon).Audible app For iPhone and iPad users, changing in between the 2 can be finished with the iOS Kindle app and

.the ultimate guide to learning English with them!

Meanwhile, if you fall for listening to audiobooks, here is

4. Benefit From Social Learning

Reading has a credibility for being a non-social activity, however that is not constantly real. Have you become aware of book clubs, where individuals satisfy up occasionally to go over a book that they all check out?

Aside from being an enjoyable method to satisfy brand-new individuals, book clubs can likewise assist you enhance your English speaking and listening abilities as everybody goes over the shared reading. Even more, listening to the conversation can assist you understand just how much of the book you comprehended and whether there were any areas you need to re-read. Luckily, the Kindle makes it possible to have this book club feel and motivate social knowing right from the gadget You can benefit from the Household and Family Library

function to share books with others for group reading!

  • You do not need to leap right into a huge book club with great deals of individuals. You can begin by sharing an e-book with simply someone– possibly a buddy, or preferably, another English finding out partner. You can go over challenging areas together, compare brand-new vocabulary and assist each other out with understanding concerns. As you get more comfy, you can begin checking out in a more social environment like a genuine book club.

How to establish the Household and Family Library Go to Settings on the leading right drop-down menu, and search for the Household and Family Library

choice. Select it and follow the directions. Your knowing partner will require to supply his/her Amazon account information before your libraries are combined.

Check out this video for a detailed guide on how to establish your Kindle for language knowing:

Why Learn English with Kindle Books

  • ,” then select an entirely various nonfiction work like “,” “

” or “

  • ” Your alternatives reach revitalizing narratives, academic short articles and balanced poems. Convenience:

Learning English can be quicker on a Kindle than in print since the integrated dictionary conserves time on searching for words.

Furthermore, Kindle has all your books in one location. You can change from one book to another without leaving the couch. All that extra time can be invested in reading and finding out more!

Constant knowing: No matter the number of books you download to your Kindle, it will never ever get any much heavier. That indicates you can bring all the books you desire anywhere you go. It likewise indicates you can constantly get a book ideal to your state of mind and begin with the very first chapter on the train en route to satisfy a buddy. The benefit of digital books can lead to more English reading practice, and the more you practice, the quicker you will reach fluency!

benefiting from tech tools

will get your English abilities growing, quick!FluentU lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials Download:


This post is offered as a portable and practical PDF that you.
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If you wish to view it, the FluentU app has most likely got it.

. The FluentU app and site makes it truly simple to view English videos. There are captions that are interactive. That indicates you can tap on any word to see an image, meaning, and beneficial examples. .


FluentU lets you discover interesting material with world well-known celebs.Learn more.

. When you tap on the word “browsing,” you see this: .

FluentU lets you tap to search for any word.Click here to take advantage of our current sale! (Expires at the end of this month.) . Find out all the vocabulary in any video with tests. Swipe left or ideal to see more examples for the word you’re finding out. .

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(*) . Start utilizing the FluentU site on your computer system or tablet or, even better, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play shop. (*) .
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