35 Spanish Pick-up Lines to Break the Ice [With Audio]


pick up lines in spanish

Even though a corny piropo
( pick-up line) may make you wish to roll your eyes, you need to confess they’re enjoyable to share and discover!

Pick-up lines in Spanish use clever plays on words and stimulate images both poetic and ordinary.

Plus, they can teach you a lot about Spanish grammar and present you to brand-new vocabulary.

Read on to find a few of the very best Spanish pick-up lines, and discover some Spanish while having a great laugh!


( If kissing you were a sin, I ‘d gladly stroll through hell.)

Note the structure of this sentence: It begins with the word si (if) and includes a past subjunctive verb in addition to a verb inthe conditional tense Great deals of piropos take this structure, so you’ll wish to discover it well!

Using the conditional verb caminaría (I would stroll) is technically appropriate, however in colloquial Spanish you might likewise utilize the imperfect caminaba Considering That piropos are by meaning colloquial Spanish, you must anticipate to hear these variations a fair bit.


( I ‘d like to be a jewelry expert to be able to value a diamond like you every day.)

Si stipulations are one usage of the previous subjunctive, however they are far from the only usage. With this pick-up line, we move far from si stipulations, which is why you will not see any verbs conjugated in the conditional tense.

Quisiera, from the verb querer (to desire) is an unique verb in the previous subjunctive. It’s a sophisticated or really courteous method to state “I ‘d like,” very little various from me gustaría (I ‘d like).

( If Christopher Columbus saw you, he ‘d state, “Saint Mary, that woman looks amazing!”)

This piropo is a terrific example of how particular things simply do not equate in between English and Spanish. Cristóbal Colón is Christopher Columbus’s name in Spanish, and the 3 ships that Columbus cruised to America were the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa María

Santa María (Saint Mary) can likewise be utilized as an interjection in Spanish, like “Oh my God!” and tener pinta is a colloquial way to state that somebody (or something) looks great. This is another si stipulation, this time with the previous subjunctive of the verb ver (to see), viera


( If water were appeal, you ‘d be the entire ocean.)

Here we have another si stipulation, utilizing the verb ser (to be) in both the previous subjunctive and conditional kinds.

Note that this pick-up line utilizes the verb fuese rather of fuera, however those 2 verbs are entirely interchangeable! At any time you see a verb in the previous subjunctive, bear in mind that it has a comparable kind.

( I do not require it to be nighttime to be able to see the stars.)

This line utilizes the present subjunctive kind of caller (to fall) to describe the night falling, or in this case not requiring to be up to see stars, when the individual on the getting end of the pick-up line exists.


( Even the sun is envious of the method you shine.)

The adjective “envious” is celoso/a in Spanish, however you can likewise state tener/sentir celos to imply “to be envious” or “to feel jealousy.”

( You’re the star that guides my heart.)

Unsurprisingly, lots of piropos include stars. This one would make more sense in between a couple instead of complete strangers. If just half of the stars in the sky shined as vibrantly as your eyes.),

( The word ojalá has its roots in the Arabic word Allah

¡Ojalá haga buen clima! (God) and is constantly followed by the subjunctive past or present. When you follow it with a present tense verb, it indicates something like “ideally” or “God ready”:

( I hope the weather condition is great!) However, with the previous subjunctive, ojalá reveals a difficult desire and resembles the English “If just …” or “I want …” Because of this, ojalá

plus the previous subjunctive is best for romantic pronouncements, such as the one above!

( What’s a star doing flying so low?)


Another star-themed line, this one is available in the kind of a concern and is simply as tacky as the previous one.

( I ‘d like to be a contact lens so you could not take your eyes off me.) Some piropos

stimulate gorgeous pictures of the sea, the stars, the moon … and others simply discuss contact lenses! Pick-up lines in Spanish, like in English, do not need to be enthusiastic and super-serious. A few of the most amusing ones are ridiculous plays on words like the one above. Para que

(so that) is another trigger expression that must let you understand you’ll likely require to utilize a subjunctive verb. In this case, given that you’re discussing a desire or not likely occasion, utilize the previous subjunctive.

( I ‘d state “God Bless You,” however it appears like he currently did.) When somebody sneezes, Spanish speakers normally state ¡ Salud!” But to state “Bless you,” you would state ” Que Dios te bendiga”

( actually: May God bless you). This pick-up line truly just makes sense after somebody sneezes. We can see the subjunctive in action in this sentence, with the trigger word que followed by bendiga ( which originates from bendecir


, implying “to bless.”)

( I want you were a firemen to put out the fire of my desire.) Here’s another example of ojalá plus the previous subjunctive

( fueras). When you fell from paradise?),

( Did it harmed You’ve most likely heard this traditional pick-up line in English, and now you can include the Spanish variation to your toolbox! Here we see the verb similarly to the verb gustar doler ( to hurt/to hurt)– which is utilized in action with the indirect item pronoun



( you). ( If I were a flight attendant, I ‘d bring you in my plane, however given that I’m not, I’ll bring you in my heart.) This charming rhyming pick-up line includes a substance sentence. The very first half is a si stipulation like the ones we’ve seen up until now, consisting of the previous subjunctive verb fuera from ser ( to be) and the conditional verb llevaría from

llevar ( to take). The 2nd half of the pick-up line is composed in the a sign, with 2 present tense a sign verbs: soy (I am) and


(I take).

Because the very first half of the sentence explains a dream or a theoretical (If I were a flight attendant …), it needs conditional and subjunctive tenses. The 2nd half of the sentence handles truth (I’m not a flight attendant) so you can adhere to the a sign. Due to the fact that I’m seeing angels.),( I need to be dead Note that since muerto ( dead) is an adjective, if you’re female you would state



a rather. Due to the fact that I’m your half-orange.),

( I hope you like fruit

As weird as this one might sound, it does really make good sense in the Spanish-speaking world. In Spanish, it’s typical to utilize the expression media naranja ( actually, half-orange) to imply “soulmate” or “significant other.” ( There’s a celebration in my heart and you’re welcomed.) Remember to alter the word invitad o to



a if you’re attending to a lady. ¿Bailarías conmigo?
( Would you do me the honor of a dance?) Here we use the conditional tense with


( you would/would you). If you choose to streamline things, you could likewise utilize the conditional tense to state: ( Would you dance with me?)( Is it hot in here or is it simply you?) This is another great chance to see how Spanish isn’t constantly equated actually into English. You might wish to state ” o es tú?” to imply “or is it you?”, however we never ever integrate the verb kind



(it is/is it) with indefinite article (you). Due to the fact that you’re a treasure.),

( Your papa should be a pirate

In English we utilize the

“a” in the expression “should be a pirate,” however in Spanish, it is adequate to state


” debe ser pirata”

( actually, “need to be pirate”). This is since we do not require to utilize an indefinite post (or any post at all) when discussing things like your citizenship, occupation, or religious beliefs– in this case, being a pirate counts as an occupation!( Your lips look lonesome, would they like to fulfill mine?) This is a “huge danger, huge benefit” type pick-up line– it has the possible to stop working amazingly, however who understands, possibly it’s worth the danger. Simply make certain you’re getting favorable, romantic signals from them initially … or wait for making your partner laugh. ( Excuse me, is this seat taken?)

This pick-up line is both low-risk– if they aren’t into it, you might pretend you truly required the seat– and courteous. Keep in mind making use of whether to use tú or usted perdone, which is utilized with the official usted

If you’re flirting with a complete stranger and aren’t sure , play it safe and opt for usted [verb in the past subjunctive tense] to reveal some regard.[verb in the conditional tense]( If caring you was a task, joblessness would not exist.) This saucy expression is another example of a now-familiar structure: si



+ While this structure prevails with piropos, it’s likewise a convenient structure to understand for daily Spanish.( If appeal was a criminal offense, I ‘d sentence you to life in jail.) Here are 2 more verbs in the imperfect subjunctive: fuese


hubiera. present perfect tense We likewise have an expression that may be brand-new to your vocabulary:


cadena perpetua,

which indicates “life jail time” or “life in jail.”

( Where have you been all my life?)

This traditional line consists of an example of the


( Are you lost? Due to the fact that paradise is a long method from here.) Noticing a specific style here? This gem broadens on our angel and heaven-themed pick-up lines, and offers us another example of today best tense. ( I lost my number, can I have yours?) While this one does not make much actual sense, it’s a flirtier (albeit cheesier) method to request for somebody’s number. ( If your eyes were the sky and your mouth were the sea, I ‘d like to be the horizon to be able to kiss you.) Here we have another terrific example of a sipor and para stipulation utilizing the verbs


( to be) and



(to like, to please). This pick-up line touches on another challenging grammar concern as well: the distinction in between


( Is your name Google? Due to the fact that you have whatever I’m trying to find.) This may be among the cheesiest lines on the list, however it’s sure to get a smile out of them! ( I didn’t think in love at very first sight up until you strolled in.) This is a fine example of the imperfect and utilized together in one sentence.


( You invest a lot time in my mind that I must charge you lease.)

Remember that


indicates “need to” while debería indicates “should.”

( Can you inform me what time it is?) ¿Podrías prestarme un diccionario? Es que al verte me he quedado sin palabras.


(Could you lend me a dictionary? It’s just that seeing you has left me without words.)

Using al followed by an infinitive verb usually means something like “upon,” “on” or “when” followed by the gerund (verb ending in “-ing”) in English. So the end of this line literally translates to “upon seeing you I’ve been left without words.”

We would typically translate sin palabras to “speechless,” but “without words” makes more sense for this pick-up line.   

(What little blue you’re wearing… for the sky that you are.)

This pick-up line makes more sense if you know that cielo means not only “sky” but also “heaven,” and is also a term of endearment that one might call a significant other.

Here are a few more Spanish pick-up lines to add to your repertoire:

Using the Past Subjunctive in Spanish Pick-up Lines

You may have noticed that many of our Spanish pick-up lines feature the infamous past subjunctive to express desires, unfulfilled wishes or unlikely occurrences.

Let’s review the conjugation of the past subjunctive using the verb hablar (to talk). Start with the third-person plural form of the preterite: hablaron. Next, chop off the final -ron and add one of the two accepted verb endings.

yo -ra -se
-ras -ses
él/ella/usted -ra -se
ellos/ellas/ustedes -ran -sen
vosotros -rais -seis
nosotros -ramos -semos

For example:

Él quería que hablaseis con la profesora.
While it’s not really imaginative or poetic, this (or some variation) is the pick-up line you’re most likely probably to hear in Spanish. It’s a typical method to attempt to strike up a discussion with a complete stranger. Due to the fact that angels are falling from paradise.),

Si hablaras inglés, ¿te irías a vivir a Irlanda?
( God should be sidetracked

Here’s an example of debe ( need to) as described earlier. 34.( He desired you to speak with the teacher.) If just I spoke Spanish.),(( If you spoke English, would you go reside in Ireland?) These verb endings do not alter, no matter whether the verbs end in – ar, -er or – ir. Just keep in mind that any irregular verbs in the previous tense a sign preserve their irregular stems in the previous subjunctive, such as


from ser (to be) or

quisiera from querer (to desire). How to get more information Pick-up Lines in Spanish

Spanish YouTube piroposFluentU regularly use puns and uses words that can teach you a lot about the language and culture. They’re likewise a terrific method to focus on challenging grammar points like the previous subjunctive. To discover more Spanish pick-up lines, listen for them while seeing Spanish motion pictures or television programs

to see how they’re utilized in context.

pick up lines in spanish

Reality television dating programsiOS specifically have lots of tacky pick-up lines and other intriguing Spanish vocab, which will assist you practice whatever we’ve found out here today (and more). Android You can discover a lot of beneficial Spanish videos on

and language knowing programs like

— that includes numerous genuine videos, from clips of flirting with your crush telenovelas

(daytime drama) to video and far more.

Each video on the platform includes interactive subtitles that let you hover over a term to discover its meaning, pronunciation and usage in various contexts.

apps.(*) (*) Spanish pick-up lines are a lots of enjoyable, whether you’re (*) or just switching amusing expressions with your pals.(*) Not to point out, they’re terrific grammar and vocabulary practice! (*) Which of these pick-up lines will you utilize?(*) Download:(*)
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