35 Interesting Facts About English That Can Help You Understand the Language Better



English is a lovely, difficult, enjoyable as well asinfuriating
( to create a sensation of aggravation) language at one time.

However that is why discovering English is such a rewarding experience!

From hard punctuation to words that define the extreme sensation you obtain when you see an adorable kitty, every element of English has its very own tale.

Below are 35 fascinating realities concerning English that will certainly both amaze you as well as assist you much better recognize the lovely language you are discovering


Exceptional English Background Truths

1. Shakespeare included over 1,700 words to the English language.

Romeo and Juliet

Virtually every person has actually come across the wonderful William Shakespeare, a popular English poet as well as dramatist of the 16th century. From love rhymes to plays like “Romeo and Juliet” as well as “Hamlet,” Shakespeare has actually substantially affected English literary works.

However did you recognize the English language itself would certainly not coincide without Shakespeare?

Shakespeare developed over 1,700 words, which he included right into his writing. Today, indigenous English audio speakers still use these words in everyday speech.

Several of the great words as well as expressions developed by this renowned poet consist of:

— Being mentally or literally depending on something, generally a medicine.

— Blinded by something extremely fantastic.

— A pet that does not have the capacity to elevate its body temperature level (like a reptile). It is likewise an expression utilized to define a person that is vicious as well as appears to have no sensations.

— To stroll in such a way that reveals you are being arrogant or ill-mannered.

Break the ice
— To soothe the stress or silence in a discussion by chatting.

To see a few of the various other fascinating expressions as well as words Shakespeare developed, have a look at these write-ups from Mental Floss as well as The Intrepid Guide.

2. A lot of English words originated from French or Old English (utilize this to your benefit!).

Complying With the Norman Occupation in 1066, French became the language used by the nobility in Britain. On the other hand, the peasants as well as lowers ranks remained to utilize Old English, which was composed of Germanic vocabulary.

With time, both languages started to blend, as well as Center English– which is a lot closer to today’s English– was birthed.

So why does this issue to English students?

Well, this background can assist you determine when to utilize particular words Words that originated from French are typically taken into consideration much more official or innovative, while words that originated from Old English are much more casual.

Take words commence
as well as begin
, which both indicate “to begin.” Commence is a much fancier word. Indigenous English audio speakers would just utilize it in even more official setups.

As an example, you can utilize it while reviewing organization issues: “The marketing team commenced work on the project.”

On the various other hand, start is a much more laid-back word that indigenous audio speakers utilize regularly.

Can you think which word originates from French as well as which one originates from Old English?

Commence is generally the exact same word that the French presently usage: commencer ( to begin). Words start originates from the (currently extra) Old English word beginnan, which likewise suggested “to begin.”

3. The USA does not have a main language.

Technically, the United State does not have an official language at the government degree, though some states have declared English their official language.

While English is the most common language spoken in the U.S., it is not the just one. America is composed of individuals from severaldiverse
( various, numerous) histories that talk great deals of fantastic languages!

That indicates if you see or transfer to the united state, you can locate several various other non-native audio speakers much like on your own

4. English utilized to have grammatic sex.

Lots of languages have “grammatic sex.” As an example, Spanish audio speakers utilize the sex write-ups el as well as la ( the) depending upon whether a noun is manly or womanly.

Old English had grammatical gender, however modern-day English does not. Guide “Gender Shifts in the History of English” describes just how English shed its grammatic sex system in time.

It in fact might make it simpler for students that the English language does not have these sex policies today. You just need to remember a word’s definition, not its sex!

5. English utilizes the Latin alphabet.

The Latin or Roman alphabet initially originated from theEtruscan alphabet It takes place to be the most widely used alphabet worldwide, which is an excellent assistance to several English students!

6. The British Realm as well as the apple iphone are 2 of the greatest factors English is so prevalent today.

Several of you might question why English is such a prominent language today. While there are several factors, below are a few of the greatest.

The British Empire describes the duration in between about the late 15th to 17th century as well as the 1990s, when England had substantial regions as well as swarms around the globe. Basically, this was when England managed big parts of Europe, The United States And Canada, Africa as well as the West Indies.

You can visualize just how English would certainly’ve spread out around the world with such a massive realm.

The 2nd large English increase accompanied the surge of the united state in the 20th century, when the nation turned into one of the greatest global gamers in social, financial as well as political events.

Last but not least, a lot of the current technical as well as clinical developments have actually originated from English-speaking nations. Simply think about global words likeinternet
as well as iPhone

7. English utilized to have 29 letters as opposed to the existing 26.

The English alphabet has in fact obtained smaller sized throughout the years!

To discover which letters were included as well as left out, have a look at this New York Post article.

8. English is the main language of the air.

This indicates that English is the official language of airplane travel.

Ever before discovered that despite where you are flying worldwide, your pilot as well as steward constantly recognize English? This is why!

9. You can condemn complicated English punctuation on an individual called William Caxton.

Well, not simply Caxton.

You can not completely condemn unusual punctuation on simply someone– specifically not with English’s lengthy as well as difficult background– however there are a few folks who made some huge differences.

Throughout the Center Ages,scribes
( individuals that compose records) attempted their ideal to duplicate down words as they seemed. Nevertheless, with numerous various local languages, this generated several incongruities

After That there’s William Caxton, a popular Englishman that began a printing machine. He worked with Flemish employees that just led to some words according to what they were utilized to.

Others like Noah Webster had their hands in English leading to too. Webster was a thesaurus author that was mainly in charge of American punctuation varying from British punctuation.

You have actually possibly discovered just how some English words are led to totally in different ways than they seem Regrettably for students, thisconvoluted
( made complex or hard) punctuation system is something you will certainly simply need to locate imaginative methods to master (here are some ideas to get you started).

Did You Know There Is a Word for That?

English is a language abundant in vocabulary, however some words might amaze you– as well as might be simply what you were trying to find!

10. Adorable Hostility

Cute aggression
is the term for intending to hug something adorable really hard– virtually strongly. Ever before intend to simply press your kitty since it is so lovable?

Your puppy is so adorable that I have cute aggression!

11. Gender-neutral Pronouns

When you do not purely determine as either a male or female (definition you arenonbinary
), you utilizegender-neutral pronouns Below are a couple of instances as well as their gendered equivalents in parentheses:

  • Ze
    ( he/she)– articulated like “zee”
  • Hir ( his/her)– articulated like“here”
    or “hear”
  • Zim (him/her)– articulated like “zeem”
  • Mx ( Mr/Ms.)– articulated like “mux”
  • Hirself
    ( himself/herself)– articulated like “hear-self”

Commonly, you will certainly likewise listen to nonbinary people utilizethey
as a 3rd individual single (as opposed to he or she), their
( 3rd individual single controlling) as well as them
For a much more total overview on just how to utilize gender-neutral pronouns, read this article from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

My friend is so excited that ze is coming to the party later.

I ought to keep in mind that the principle of being nonbinary, in addition to sex generally, is a complicated subject that would certainly take a whole post (otherwise numerous article) to cover. If you go to all thinking about it, as well as if you believe you have a respectable manage on your English, below are some books you can read on the subject.

12. Genderlect

is a design or kind of speech utilized by a particular sex. It was created by Deborah Tannen, that initially utilized words to describe the (intended) distinctions in between the method males and females connect.

Whether men and women speak different genderlects is a subject of debate.

13. Heuristic

is utilized to define something showed or picked up from experience.

The professor applied a heuristic teaching method so her students would learn by trial and error.

14. Bardolatry

describes a person stressed with Shakespeare. (Shakespeare is occasionally described as “The Poet.”)

Shakespeare is still celebrated so much today that Bardolatry is alive and well.

15. Boffola

Boffola is a joke that’s consulted with incredibly loud giggling.

That was the comic’s ideal boffola!

16. Computer Mouse Potato

Ever before listened to the termcouch potato
( a person that enjoys a great deal of television)? Well,mouse potato
describes a person that services the computer system a great deal.

Ever since Susan started her online company, she has been such a mouse potato.

17. Snollygoster

Snollygoster describes an individual without concepts.

That political leader is a snollygoster.

18. Petrichor

is a word to define the method it scents after it rainfalls.

 I love the petrichor of a summer thunderstorm.

Surprising Data You Can Rely On

19. A brand-new English word is included in the thesaurus every 2 hrs.

Editors from the Oxford English Thesaurus have actually approximated that concerning 4,000 new words are added to the dictionary every year.

That indicates one brand-new word concerning every 2 hrs!

20. There are about 1.5 billion English audio speakers worldwide.

That’s virtually 20 percent of the globe’s populace!

Regarding 400 numerous those are indigenous audio speakers. Figure out even more at St George International.

21. English has much more words than many languages.

There are presently concerning an approximated one million words in the English language.

However do not allow this scare you, since …

22. The typical English audio speaker just recognizes in between 15,000 as well as 20,000 words.

To be accurate, that is theaverage number of words native speakers know in their first language That ought to be a convenience to students: you do not need to remember every one of the million English words available, since you will certainly still be comprehended!

23. One of the most frequently utilized letter in English is “E.”

” E” is the most commonly used English letter, as well as “Q” is the letter utilized the least.

Enjoyable truth: “Q” is likewise the only letter that does not appear in any of the state names in the U.S.

24. The lengthiest English word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

With 45 letters,pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
is a clinical term that describes a lung disease caused by inhaling sand dust or ash.

25. The quickest, non-elliptical sentence is “I am.”

A non-elliptical sentence is a sentence that does not leave anything out.

As an example, the command “Go!” might feel like the quickest sentence, however it is elliptical machine since it omits the pronoun “you.” Technically, it would certainly be “You go!” which is 2 letters much longer than “I am.”

26. Several of the earliest words in the English language are still really usual today.

They consist of I
, hand
as well as hear

Look Into even more of the earliest words atDictionary.com Several of them may amaze you! (Additionally, that write-up is an excellent English lesson on its own.)

27. One of the most frequently utilized adjective is excellent

Certainly, various resources create various solutions for this, however “excellent” is usually listed among the most common adjectives.

28. One of the most frequently utilized noun is time

The Oxford English Thesaurus has actually recognized time as the most frequently used noun.

Individual got 2nd area, adhered to by year in the 3rd area.

29. The closest living language to English today is Frisian.

Frisian is a language presently talked in simply three small areas of Germany and the Netherlands.

Entertaining Alphabet Techniques as well as Their Names

30. 2 English words can integrate right into one.

is a word that mixes the audios of 2 English words to make a brand-new word that incorporates their significances.

As an example, hangry
indicates starving as well as upset.

31. You can fit every letter of the alphabet right into a solitary sentence.

A pangram
is a sentence which contains every letter from the alphabet.

An extremely renowned English pangram is: “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.”

Additionally, pangrams are quite valuable when you are obtaining utilized to a QWERTY or English key-board.

32. Some English words look the exact same backwards or ahead.

is a word or expression that has the exact same punctuation whether you check out left-to-right (like typical) or right-to-left.

An instance of this is madam

33. Some English words look the exact same upside-down.

An ambigram
is a word that looks the exact same upside-down as right-side up.

A terrific instance is words“SWIMS”
with all capitalized letters.

34. There is a name for words as well as expressions where each letter is utilized the exact same variety of times.

is a word or expression in which each letter shows up the exact same variety of times.

As an example, wordsdialogue
usages each letter as soon as.

35. Some English words repeat to make a brand-new word.

A tautonym
in grammars is a word that contains the exact same word two times. You may likewise hear this described as reduplication

The usual English word so-so
is the ideal instance of a tautonym. It indicates “simply fine; penalty.”

Since you recognize everything about the English language, you can return to learning the language itself!

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basic english phrases

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basic english phrases

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