250+ Spanish Flower Names, Gardening Vocabulary and Fantastic Flower Phrases (with Audio!)


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The cempasúchil blossom has close web links to Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) parties in Mexico and also its name has its beginnings in the Nahuatl language, an aboriginal language talked by the Aztecs and also various other main Mexican worlds.

You may recognize it by one more name: a marigold!

Blossoms, generally, have an unique location in Latin American and also Spanish society. In some Spanish-speaking nations, you’ll also locate mercados de flores ( blossom markets), where you can acquire fresh blossoms for various events.

There are some Spanish blossom names that you’ll identify, like orquídea (orchid) and also rosa (climbed). A few other, like the marigold, will certainly be unknown to you. They’re all worth understanding!

Continue reading to find over 250 blossom names in Spanish.


Exactly How to Claim Flowers in Spanish

Right Here’s exactly how to claim “blossom” and also “blossoms” in Spanish:

Spanish Words (with Sound) English Word
Flor Blossom
Flores Blossoms

Words flor originates from the Latin word ” flos,” which likewise implies “blossom.” Flor is a womanly noun in Spanish, so it takes womanly short articles like la (the) or una (a/an). As an example:

Las flores del jardín son hermosas.
( The blossoms in the yard are lovely.)

Le regalé una flor roja.
( I provided her a red blossom.)

Flor can likewise describe the activity or procedure of a plant flowering or progressing. As an example:

Las flores florecen en primavera.
( The blossoms flower in springtime.)

Typical Spanish Blossom Names

We’ll enter an extra extensive checklist of blossoms and also their Spanish and also Latin names listed below. Yet initially, below are 20 really typical blossom names in Spanish to obtain you began:

Tree and also Shrub Flowers

Desert Flowers

Exotic Blossoms


Horticulture Vocabulary

Blossom Expressions and also Expressions

Examination Yourself: Spanish Blossom Sentences Test!

What is the Spanish name for “climbed”?

Which blossom is called “girasol” in Spanish?

” Clavel” in Spanish describes which blossom?

What does “jazmín” imply in Spanish?

Which Spanish blossom name implies “tulip” in English?

” Azahar” in Spanish is connected with which blossom?

What is the Spanish name for “sissy”?

Which blossom is called “lirio” in Spanish?

” Jacinto” in Spanish describes which blossom?


” Jacinto” in Spanish describes which blossom? .
a) Daffodil .
b) Hyacinth . c) Orchid . d) Marigold(* )What does” amapola” imply in English?


Blossom Power: Master of Spanish blossom words. Wonderful work!

Currently proceed and also find out these fantastic Spanish blossom words! Nevertheless, a rose by any type of various other name would certainly scent as pleasant.

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