25 Prepositions of Place in Spanish to Take Your Language Skills Above and Beyond (Plus Example Sentences)



Spanish prepositions of location like debajo de (under) reveal you where something exists or is taking place.

These little words are a vital part of the language, and utilizing them can include significance and clearness to your Spanish conversations.

Read on to discover 25 vital prepositions of location in Spanish, along with some helpful practice resources!


What Are Spanish Prepositions and How Do You Use Them?

So just what are Spanish prepositions?

As pointed out above, a preposition is a word that suggests details about place, motion or location. It likewise offers a link in between various parts of sentences.

Prepositions typically reveal a spatial (associating with location) relationship however can likewise show time relationships, too.

A preposition typically precedes nouns or pronouns in sentences. It reveals where a product is or when an occasion took place, typically in relation to another product or occasion (” I’m on cloud nine!”).

I’m sure you’re familiar with prepositions like within, towards, on and under. When we speak English,speak Spanish Those prepositions are utilized all the time. And they’re utilized when we

, too! Understanding de and

del de Before we go on, here’s an unique note about an extremely helpful Spanish word:
( of, from) is a multi-purpose preposition. Due to the fact that it’s utilized both alone and in combination with other prepositions, del
It might be the most typically utilized preposition. You may observe that a few of the prepositions in our list listed below really usage rather of de. Del is a contraction that indicates “of the”/” from the” and it’s formed by integrating definite article el de and the

( the). This is utilized to show something is of, from or in many cases even about or by something.

Let’s see what prepositions of location we’ve got readily available to us– and have a look at how they’re utilized!

Spanish Prepositions of Place

Ella fue a la tienda.
Below, you’ll discover a few of the most typical prepositions of location in Spanish with example sentences. (To) (She went

to the shop.) Remember that when put before a manly word, al
a develops into in the exact same method that de

Ella fue al banco.
develops into del: (She went to

A la derecha de

El gato está a la derecha del perro.
bank.) (To the right of) (The feline is

A la izquierda de
to the right

El león está a la izquierda del perro.
of the pet.) (To the left of) (The lion is

A través de
to the left

El vaquero cabalgó a través del desierto.
of the pet.)

Al lado de
(Across, Through)

La escuela está al lado del hospital.
(The cowboy rode throughout the desert.) (Next to) (The school is

Alrededor de

Caminamos alrededor de la cuadra.
the healthcare facility.) (About, Around) (We strolled


Nos sentamos bajo la sombra de un árbol.
the block.) (Under) (We sat

Cerca de

Mi auto está cerca de un parque.
the shade of a tree.) (Near) (My vehicle is


Él es de España.
a park.) (From) (He’s

Estoy a dos metros de la entrada.
from Spain.) (I’m 2 meters away

Debajo de

the entryway.) abajo de (Under)

Las focas juegan debajo del agua.
You can likewise utilize
(The seals play

Delante de

the water.) adelante de
(In front of)

Cantamos delante del público.
You can likewise utilize . (We sang in front of

Dentro de

crowd.) adentro de (In, Inside, Within)

Estamos dentro de la tienda.
You can likewise utilize


¿Desde dónde saldrá nuestro avión?
the shop.) (From) (Where will our airplane leave

Detrás de

?) atrás de (Behind)

El perro está escondido detrás de ese árbol.
You can likewise utilize
(The pet is concealing


that tree.) (In, On, At) We have numerous various prepositions when we discuss place within limitations, like “in,” “on,” or “at.” In Spanish, nevertheless, you can utilize

Me quedaré en el auto.
en in (practically) every case where you would require either of those 3 in English. Have a look at the examples listed below: (I will remain

Las llaves están en la mesa.
in the vehicle.) (The secrets are

Me aburro cuando estoy en casa.
on the table.) When I’m at

Encima de

El gato se duerme encima del armario.
(I get tired (I discovered the details on

En frente de
the web.)

(On top of) (The feline sleeps on top of frente a the closet.)

Hay una fábrica en frente de mi casa.
(In front of) Sometimes you might discover this preposition being spelled enfrente de

En medio de
Both spellings are appropriate. You can likewise utilize

Construyeron una casa en medio de la nada.

. (There is a factory in front of

my home.)

Encontré una carta entre esos dos libros.
(In the middle of)

Hay un espía entre los invitados.
(They constructed a home in the middle of no place.)

Fuera de
(Between, Among)

(I discovered a letter in between those 2 books.) afuera de
(There’s a spy

Quiero ir fuera de la ciudad.
amongst the visitors.) (Outside, Out of)

You can likewise utilize

Caminamos hacia la banca.

(I wish to go [Up] out of

No nos detendremos hasta Toledo.
the city.) (Toward) (We strolled towards the bench.)

Disculpe, ¿este tren va hasta Córdoba?
( To, Until) (We will not stop


Toledo.) (Excuse me, does this train go topor (for) Cordoba?)

Los alumnos caminaban por la biblioteca.
(Around, By, Through) Don’t puzzle this usage of the word por

Estaré por la entrada.
(by, through) with ! (The trainees strolled

El gato se metió por la ventana.
around the library.) (I’ll be


the entryway.) (The feline got in through

Hay una mosca sobre la pared.
the window.)

(On) We utilize sobre

Hay una mosca en la pared.

for items on surface areas, simply in the exact same method we utilize “on”:

El ladrón ahora está tras las rejas.
(There’s a fly on the wall.) We can likewise utilize en

for cases like these, though:

(Behind) (The robber is get some practice time in behind

bars now.)

  • Wyzant quiz How to Practice Spanish Prepositions of Place Now that you’ve got a selection of prepositions readily available to pull into your Spanish program,
  • FluentU you’ll wish to .
  • Quizlet flashcards There are fantastic resources to assist you get your prepositions in order. And the very best part is that they’re enjoyable to deal with. Let’s inspect them out!:
  • SpanishBoat.com quiz This multiple-choice test has photos to assist you finish the sentences with the right prepositions. The test itself is totally in Spanish so you’ll get to practice reading and understanding abilities, too.:
  • Teachers Pay Teachers worksheet Sometimes, the very best method to comprehend a specific little a language is to see it utilized by native speakers. FluentU, for instance, has a range of Spanish videos that can assist you see how prepositions are utilized in context.
  • YouTube video: Flashcards are a fast, straightforward tool that permit students to squeeze practice time into hectic schedules! These Quizlet flashcards make certain to assist you get all your prepositions in order.


On this site, you’ll have the ability to discover a range of online Spanish workouts, consisting of a number of tests that can assist you practice Spanish prepositions of location.

: This helpful preposition worksheet is totally free to download.: If you’re still fuzzy on your prepositions, YouTube it! This video by FluencyProf is enjoyable, quickly and it’ll clean up any sticking around concerns you may have about these fundamental parts of the Spanish language. Bonus: Practice Quiz If you ‘d like to practice a few of the prepositions of location that have actually been covered in this post, attempt finishing these sentences with the missing out on prepositions! 1. Mi pasaporte está _______ una funda _______ mi mochila.

(My passport is inside a case in my knapsack.)[Literally: The pencil that is on the table is of Pablo.] 2.

El lápiz que está _______ la mesa es _______ Pablo. (The pencil that is on the table is Pablo’s. ) 3. El perro está _______ la mesa y el gato está _______ la casa.

(The pet is under the table, and the feline is out of your home.) 4. Caminamos _______ la plaza, _______ la tienda.

(We were strolling around the square, near the shop.) 5. No puedo encontrar mi móvil. Lo dejé _______ la mesa _______ mis llaves. (I can’t discover my mobile phone. I left it

on top of the table next to my secrets.) 6. Viajaremos _______ Madrid _______ Toronto.

(We’ll take a trip


Madrid to


Answers: 1.

adentro de/dentro de, en 2.

en/sobre, de 3.

abajo de/bajo/debajo de, afuera de/fuera de 4.

por/alrededor de, cerca de


encima de, al lado de


¡Buena suerte!
de/desde, a/hasta

Prepositions discuss where we– and whatever around us– are. And understanding how to do that masterfully is a skill that spends some time and practice however will definitely make you stand apart from the crowd.

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