23 Captivating Spanish Movies on Hulu


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If you’re trying to find fascinating storytelling and lively characters, look no more than Spanish movies.

Not sure where to begin? You can discover an excellent choice of Spanish motion pictures on Hulu!

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Hulu itself does not have a lot of Spanish-language alternatives. To see the majority of the motion pictures in this list, you’ll require to connect an HBO Max account to your Hulu membership.

From grasping dramas to heartfelt funnies, this curated choice brings the richness of Spanish movie theater right to your screen.


Director: Natalia Smirnoff
IMDB Rating: 6.2
Genre: Drama

After getting a distinguished award for her kids’s book illustrations, 40-year-old Clara journeys to her household’s home in the residential areas of Mexico. Rather of resting, Clara is pulled into an art task by the regional priest. As she reviews her roots, Clara discovers herself re-evaluating her life and doing some soul-searching for what truly matters to her.

Director: Mariel Garcia Spooner
IMDB Rating: 5
Genre: Romance, funny

A high end hotel worker called Ana takes a pricey bridal gown and start an objective to get wed rapidly– before she’s captured by her manager or the authorities. Through a series of amusing hijinks, Ana finds the significance of real love and sheds some light on the cultural mission for the “ideal” wedding event.

Director: Miguel Faus
IMDB Rating: 6.6
Genre: Drama

Set in the summertime of 1967, ” Calladita” follows the story of a young Colombian female who takes a trip to Catalonia, Spain, to work as a house maid in the elegant summertime home of the Pujol household. Frightened by her environments and the requiring nature of her companies and their 2 ruined kids, the house maid discovers solace in the business of other domestic employees and starts to explore her own identity and imagination.

Director: Simón Brand
IMDB Rating: Not offered
Genre: Documentary

This movie narrates the journey of Colombian vocalist, songwriter and rap artist Goyo as she starts the production of her launching solo album, ” En Letra de Otro.” Through fascinating efficiencies and genuine interviews, the documentary explores Goyo’s musical roots, her individual connection to the traditional Latin tunes she covers and her goals as an artist, culminating in her victorious efficiency at the Latin Grammy Awards.

Director: Fernando León de Aranoa
IMDB Rating: 7.1
Genre: Drama, funny

Blanco, a charming and relatively design factory owner, is identified to protect an award for quality that would bring much-needed attention and financial investment to his little Spanish town. As the assessment group techniques, a series of unanticipated crises threaten to decipher Blanco’s thoroughly crafted façade.

From labor disagreements to defective line of product, Blanco needs to handle the needs of his workers, his household and his own aspiration, all while keeping his tricks concealed.

Andres Clariond Rangel IMDB Rating:
5.8 Genre:

Drama, love

Manuel, a family man dealing with infertility, is tossed into a down spiral as he comes to grips with his shattered masculinity and the pressures of his task. His desperation results in a stunning choice that has disastrous repercussions for those around him– welcoming a 3rd individual into his marital relationship to assist them develop. Director:
Nacho Álvarez IMDB Rating:
5.7 Genre:


The movie is based upon tunes by Italian artist Raffaella Carrà. Embed In 1970s Spain, the movie follows the story of María, a girl who imagines ending up being a dancer and tv star. Regardless of the stringent social standards and censorship of the time, María is identified to break live and totally free life on her own terms while managing her requiring profession with her relationships with her friends and family. Director:
Marcos Carnevale IMDB Rating:
5.8 Genre:

Drama, funny

The movie follows the story of 5 complete strangers from various strolls of life who are apprehended in a holding cell at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The detainees consist of a washed-up Spanish rock star, a previous starlet bring a stash of tablets, a lady going back to Puerto Rico after years of residing in Argentina, a Mexican guy attempting to reunite with his household and a delusional preacher.

As the rag-tag group of detainees wait on their fate to be chosen, they bond over their shared experiences of being apprehended and their expect the future. Director:
Carlos Violadé IMDB Rating:
8.2 Genre:


A male go back to his home town after years of living somewhere else, just to discover himself at chances with the regional neighborhood. As he has a hard time to suit and earn a living, he ends up being significantly separated and pushed away. When a series of mystical occasions unfolds, he needs to face his own past and find the fact about his real identity. Director:
Pilar Palomero IMDB Rating:
6.4 Genre:

Historical drama

The movie follows the story of Celia, an 11-year-old lady who goes to a nuns’ school in Spain in 1992. Celia is a thoughtful child and an excellent trainee, however her life is turned upside down when a brand-new trainee gets to the school. The brand-new trainee, Brisa, is older and more defiant than Celia, and she rapidly presents Celia to a brand-new world of experiences.

Under Brisa’s impact, Celia starts to try out brand-new things, consisting of kids, alcohol and cigarettes. She likewise begins to question her religious beliefs and her location on the planet. Celia’s newly found flexibility comes at a cost, nevertheless, as she starts to distance herself from her loved ones. Director:
Gabriel Retes IMDB Rating:
5.1 Genre:


The movie follows 4 good friends who choose to send their movie to a distinguished movie celebration. When their movie is declined, they choose to send it under the name of a popular director, which gets it accepted. As the movie gains appeal, the 4 good friends should handle the repercussions of their actions. They’re confronted with the possibility of being exposed as scams and they attempt to handle the regret of their deceptiveness.

Gracia Querejeta IMDB Rating:
6.4 Genre:


This movie follows 3 middle-aged ladies who fulfill every Thursday for a walk in a park. As they stroll, they discuss their lives, their hopes and their worries. The motion picture is a nuanced and delicate representation of female relationship and the obstacles that ladies deal with in their later years. Director:
Rodrigo Patino, Luis Reneo IMDB Rating:
6.3 Genre:

Thriller, drama

In this Bolivian criminal offense thriller, we follow Manuel, a cab driver who’s having a hard time to make ends fulfill. When a traveler leaves his cam bag in his taxi, Manuel takes the bag home, wishing to return it to the guest. When he opens the bag, he discovers a weapon and a phony passport. Manuel chooses to utilize this chance to begin over with a brand-new identity, however things quickly go south as he ends up being knotted in a terrorist plot to surpass Bolivia. Director:
Miguel Angel Caballero IMDB Rating:
7 Genre:

Drama Salvador, a senior gay Mexican guy, is grieving the loss of his partner of 15 years. When Salvador notifies his partner’s separated child, Anthony, of his daddy’s death, Anthony takes a trip from Chicago to a little rural town in Mexico for his daddy’s funeral service. The movie explores the experiences of gay Latinx seniors and the obstacles they deal with, especially in a little, conservative town. ” Acuitzeramo”

is a thought-provoking and poignant brief movie that showcases the power of human connection in the middle of social standards and expectations. Director:
Michel Franco IMDB Rating:
6.5 Genre:

Drama, thriller

In a dystopian near-future Mexico, social inequality has actually reached a boiling point. The rich elite reside in gated neighborhoods, unconcerned to the battles of the impoverished masses. On the eve of an extravagant wedding event, a group of violent and armed rioters storms the event, taking the visitors captive.

As the violence intensifies, the federal government takes the chance to develop a military dictatorship, making use of the turmoil to more reduce the disenfranchised. The lines in between the classes blur, and the fortunate couple of discover themselves at the grace of those they have actually long neglected. Director:
Catalina Arroyave Restrepo IMDB Rating:
Not offered Genre:

Drama, love Set in the busy city of Medellín, Colombia, ” Los Días de la Ballena”

(Days of the Whale) follows the story of Cristina and Simón, 2 young graffiti artists who discover themselves captured in the crossfire of competing gangs.

Together, they paint a whale mural on a wall in their area, just to have it ruined by a gang caution. Cristina and Simón decline to be daunted, and they choose to paint over the gang’s danger. Their act of defiance triggers a dispute with the gang, and Cristina and Simón discover themselves on the run. In the middle of the risk and unpredictability, they likewise discover solace and assistance in each other, and their love for each other grows more powerful. Director:
Marco García de la Torre IMDB Rating:
5.4 Genre:

Drama This brief movie informs the story of a 13-year-old trans young boy called Diego, who’s dealing with his identity and his relationship with his daddy. When Diego’s household goes on holiday, the stress in between him and his daddy capped. ” El Nombre del Hijo”

is an effective and moving movie about the value of approval and understanding. It’s a story that will resonate with anybody who’s ever felt unaccepted or various. Director:
Alejandro Landes IMDB Rating:
6.8 Genre:

Adventure, Drama, Thriller On a remote mountaintop in Colombia, a group of teenage task forces understood just by their noms de guerre (Rambo, Smurf, Bigfoot, Wolf and Boom-Boom) are separated from society, living a feral presence while protecting a captive called ” Doctora.”

Trained by a mystical figure understood just as “The Messenger,” the group engages and carries out military drills in hedonistic activities, their lives marked by a mix of sociability and stress. When an ambush interrupts their regular and requires them to get away into the jungle, the group’s characteristics start to decipher. Director:
Pablo Larraín IMDB Rating:
6.7 Genre:


This movie follows Ema, a enthusiastic and young reggaeton dancer whose life takes a significant turn when she and her spouse choose to embrace a kid, Polo. The adoption does not go as prepared and Polo is ultimately returned to the orphanage. Ravaged by the loss of her embraced kid, Ema starts to snap in damaging methods. She cheats on her spouse, begins battles and even sets fire to the dance studio.

” Ema” is a mentally resonant and aesthetically spectacular movie that checks out styles of love, loss and the damaging power of sorrow. Director:
Daniel Sawka IMDB Rating:
6.2 Genre:


” Icebox” is a drama movie that informs the story of 12-year-old Honduran young boy Óscar, who is required to leave his home and look for asylum in the United States. After crossing the border, Oscar is captured by border representatives and required to a detention center for kids. In the detention center, Óscar is confronted with the severe truths of the American migration system. “Icebox” is an effective and moving movie that clarifies the predicament of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Director:
Lorenzo Tocco IMDB Rating:
Not offered Genre:

Drama” Bodas de Oro”

( understood in English as “The Golden Wedding”) informs the story of Emilio and Antonia, a couple commemorating their 50th wedding event anniversary. The couple tosses an extravagant celebration at their home, welcoming all of their loved ones. As the events start, the fractures in the couple’s marital relationship start to reveal. Director:
Paddy Breathnach IMDB Rating:
7.2 Genre:

Drama” Viva”

informs the story of Jesus, a young hair stylist in Havana who imagines being a drag entertainer. He lastly feels like he can be himself when Jesus gets the possibility to carry out at a regional drag club. The return of his separated daddy, a previous fighter who has actually been missing from his life for 15 years, tosses a wrench in his child’s newly found way of life.

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