220+ Spanish Words That Start with J (with Audio)


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Unlike the tough “jay” audio in English, “j” in Spanish is extra like a difficult “ch” audio– like the “ch” in “Sea serpent.”

Do not fret if you do not rather obtain it: The letter j is among the least regularly utilized letters in the Spanish language. It just shows up in around 0.5% of Spanish words!

It was likewise among the last letters to be included in the Spanish alphabet. You might have listened to the stereotyped Spanish accent enunciation of words like “yellow” as “Jyellow”– that remains in component from the truth that all j noises were stood for by the letter I till J was taken into usage in the 18th century.

There are some words that begin with J in Spanish, however the majority of them are obtained from one more language– generally Arabic. As well as yet, the letter J is frequently utilized for conventional Spanish names like Juan, José and also Julia.

Continue reading to find out over 220 words in the Spanish language that begin with the letter J!


Spanish Nouns That Begin with J

For even more crucial nouns, take a look at this article:

Spanish Verbs That Begin with J

You can see even more concerning verbs and also usual ones you should recognize below:

Spanish Adjectives That Begin with J

Spanish Word English Translation
jade jade
jamaicano Jamaican
japonés Japanese
jaranero joyful, fun-loving
jarocho from Veracruz, Mexico
jaspeado polychromatic, seen
jocoso amusing
jorobado hunchbacked
joven young
jovial jolly
jubilado retired
jubiloso pleased, joyous
judicativo judicial
judio Jewish
jugoso juicy
juguetón lively
jumillano from Jumilla, Spain
juncáceo concerning hurries
junco constructed from hurries
junino concerning June
juntito close with each other
juntos with each other
jurado vowed
jural connecting to the regulation
juramentado vowed, having taken a vow
jurásico Jurassic
jurídico lawful, juridical
jurisdiccional administrative
jurisperito professional in regulation
justiciable justiciable
justiciero exemplary, simply, reasonable
justificable sensible
justificado warranted
justificante validating, justificatory
justo simply, reasonable

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Spanish Adverbs That Begin with J

Discover every little thing you require to learn about Spanish adverbs below:

Typical Spanish Names That Begin with J

Spanish J-Words Test: Examination Yourself!

What is the Spanish word for “never ever”?

Which Spanish adverb indicates “with each other”?

What is the English translation of the Spanish word “jovialmente”?

What does the Spanish adverb “justamente” suggest in English? .
. a) happily b) reasonably c) jovially d) amusingly


with each other

What is the Spanish word for “young people”?

Select the Spanish word for “attorney”:



Master of Spanish J words. Wonderful work!

I wish this article has actually offered you a brand-new recognition for among the least prominent letters in the Spanish language. Currently head out there and also make use of these Spanish words that start with J!

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