22 English Podcasts Every Learner Should Listen To


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Did you understand English podcasts can assist you enhance your English language abilities?

To enhance your English listening understanding, you require to surpass books and begin hearing how the language sounds.

In this guide, I’ll reveal you 22 fantastic English podcasts that will assist you level up your listening understanding abilities in a simple and enjoyable method.


22 English Podcasts For Every Level

The English We Speak


The English We Speak

Level: Intermediate

This English language finding out podcast series from the BBC concentrates on daily expressions and slang– the type of English that native speakers utilize.

These podcasts are released weekly, and every one is just about 3 to 4 minutes long.

Examples of common English expressions checked out in the series consist of “utilize your loaf,” “skeletons in the closet” and “take the mickey.”

English is spoken at a somewhat slower speed in these podcasts to make following along much easier. Every syllable is articulated (noticable) plainly.

The podcast generally includes 2 speakers having a discussion with each other. Sound results are likewise utilized so it seems like the teachers/speakers remain in various areas.

Podcasts in English


Podcasts in English

Level: Beginner to Upper Intermediate

Podcasts in English is an English language finding out podcast series that includes English spoken in a range of settings.

The brief lessons are spoken totally in English and function discussions in between 2 English language speakers.

The lessons cover a broad variety of subjects. A few of the topics you might hear being gone over are the Winter Olympics, horseback riding experiences and Facebook.

The podcasts are supported by records, worksheets and vocabulary jobs.




Level: Beginner to innovative

This podcast series by Innovative Language lets you select in between 4 knowing levels: outright novice, novice, innovative and intermediate.

The podcasts exist by hosts who likewise act out various scenes. When a scene has actually been carried out, it’s duplicated at a much slower speed.

The next area of each episode offers cultural info. This is followed by a concentrate on vocabulary and expressions, while the last area covers essential grammar points.



British Council

Level: Beginner to intermediate

The hosts of this really useful English language podcast take the listener through a variety of various circumstances.

These are acted out in discussion and are the type of scenarios individuals experience every day. The podcasts likewise consist of wider conversations of a few of the subjects.

The discussion is vibrant, interesting and positive, and the English discussions are spoken at near typical speed.

There’s a great deal of great product offered to accompany the podcast, a few of which can be checked out in advance to assist you take advantage of each lesson.

Splendid Speaking


Splendid Speaking

Level: Advanced

Splendid Speaking deals an intriguing technique to finding out English.

Each lesson includes interviews and conversations with non-native English language speakers. The recordings likewise consist of specialist feedback about their efficiencies.

Not just is this an extremely efficient method to find out, however it’s likewise enjoyable to hear how other students are managing the language. You might even have the ability to identify a few of their errors!

Better @ English


Better @ English

Level: Intermediate and above

Better @ English provides a range of English language podcasts including genuine discussions with native speakers.

Episode subjects vary from the severe to the ridiculous and whatever is spoken at a regular speed.

Listening to genuine, natural-sounding discussions is a fantastic supplement to class and book knowing. This acquaints the trainee with the speed of the language and a few of its idioms and typical expressions.

Better @ English appropriates for the intermediate trainee and above, or for the novice who truly wishes to challenge themselves. These English language podcasts are accompanied by records and vocabulary notes.

Voice of America Learning English


VOA Learning English

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Voice of America is an English language news and info service that consists of a range of programs.

There’s a weekly international news program, a science documentary area, programs about the history of America and a series on American English idioms.

All the programs are told in English and spoken at a lowered speed. Each podcast is divided into sectors and utilizes music and sound results to supply an appealing audio experience.

Voice of America is a knowing tool that includes range to structured lessons and discussion direct exposure.

Business English Pod


Business English Pod

Level: Upper novice to innovative

Business English Pod provides an audio immersion into the language of business world, covering essential language needed for every single organization circumstance.

The episodes follow a basic structure with the host speaking for a couple of minutes on a set subject.

The English is spoken a little slower than typical native speed and is for that reason rather simple to follow. There are records, tests and vocabulary assistance accompanying each podcast.

Business English Pod offers an excellent insight into how organization is performed in English-speaking business. In addition, the lessons use important listening and understanding practice.

Culips ESL Podcast


Culips ESL Podcast

Level: Upper novice to intermediate

Whether you can hardly state “hey there” in English or can talk with complete confidence in the language for a number of minutes, there are some genuine gems for you here!

The Culips website has podcasts of a number of various types.

The “Catch Word” podcast concentrates on casual expressions, idioms and slang to make you sound more like a native speaker.

The “Chatterbox” podcast functions genuine discussions in between individuals. “Simplified Speech” is a podcast dedicated to natural English discussions at a sluggish, easy-to-follow speed.

These podcasts are all smart, well-crafted and useful.

Speak English With ESLPod


Speak English with ESL Pod

Level: Intermediate to innovative

ESL Podcast has a huge library of episodes– more than 900 and still growing.

The host for the ESL podcast is Dr. Jeff McQuillan and the other voice you’ll typically hear comes from Dr. Lucy Tse. Both have actually PhDs in used linguistics.

Each podcast includes a discussion in between 2 characters. The remainder of the episode then focuses on keywords together with their significances and usages. Each podcast is likewise accompanied by a knowing guide.

The English audio is spoken at about half of typical speed and is for that reason simple to follow as a student.

Luke’s English Podcast


Luke's English Podcast

Level: Intermediate to innovative

Luke is a certified English language instructor and funnyman who hosts this amusing and interesting podcast series.

His objective is to “make you laugh while you find out” and he offers an abundant mix of subject product.

A glimpse at the titles of a few of the podcasts exposes such installations as “Doctor Who Episode– Language Analysis,” “The Prawn Story” and “English Premier League Football.”

Luke has a warm, interesting voice that attracts the listener. The English is spoken at typical speed and records are likewise offered.

This American Life


This American Life

Level: Advanced

This American Life is among the most popular podcasts in the United States. The podcast follows the exact same format as the radio program of the exact same name.

Each episode is themed and consists of a range of real tales of daily individuals. Previous styles have actually consisted of “Back to School”, “Amusement Parks” and “Fear of Sleep”.

The podcast includes interviews with genuine Americans from all over the nation. For the language trainee, this is a fantastic method to end up being acquainted with local accents and the various speeds that United States English is spoken.

This American Life is likewise an amazing podcast. A few of the stories are moving, unexpected and amusing.

The Past & & The Curious


The Past and the Curious

Level: Intermediate

This English podcast concentrates on mentor history to kids, however do not believe this is another dull history podcast.

The Past & & The Curious is made specifically for households and kids, so it’s both amusing (it consists of tunes) and academic.

Presented by Mick Sullivan, this podcast is ideal for students of English who wish to enhance their listening abilities and break the intermediate plateau.

Sullivan has an extremely clear diction, so it’s simple to follow what he states. He teaches historic realities in a intriguing and amusing manner in which makes you seem like you’re inside the story.

News in Slow English


News in Slow English

Level: Intermediate to innovative

The podcast News in Slow English is an incredible choice to assist you to enhance your listening abilities.

Thanks to this podcast, you’ll learn more about the world and the occasions that are taking place around us in English.

The speakers check out the news slower than typical, so it’s really simple to follow the audio. There are likewise records offered for each story so you can check out along.

The News in Slow English site consists of various areas that’ll assist you to comprehend the podcasts much better and practice their material.

The Grammar area describes a grammar subject from the podcast in an extremely clear method and with a great deal of examples. The Pronunciation and Quiz tabs let you practice your speaking and listening understanding.

Freakonomics Radio


Freakonomics Radio

Level: Advanced

Freakonomics Radio is an acclaimed podcast that “checks out the surprise side of whatever”.

The podcast is motivated by the series of Freakonomics books and is hosted by co-authors Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.

This podcast is a fascinating and amusing assessment of lots of elements of our lives. This consists of news, popular culture and political concerns both regional and international.

Freakonomics Radio checks out topics from various angles and in some depth. The breadth of subjects covered suggests that you will have the ability to get English for several aspects of life.

There is a great deal of light-hearted small talk in between the hosts which assists to make sure that principles, concerns and viewpoints are comprehended.

Radiolab: Pickle


Radiolab Pickle

Level: Pre-Intermediate or greater

From the developers of Radiolab, Pickle is a podcast where grownups address not-so-easy and simple concerns for kids.

The podcast has actually been produced particularly for kids, so the language is easy and the speakers talk gradually and plainly.

Pickle covers a subject in each episode and attempts to address various concerns associated with it.

With this podcast, intermediate students of English will have the ability to learn more about things such as relationship, the Romans and even ethical issues! If you desire to enhance your listening abilities while finding out intriguing things,

This is the ideal podcast.

Apple What If WorldWebsite

What If World

| Level:

Intermediate to innovative

Even though the What If World podcast was produced for kids, I need to admit I began listening to it when I was studying for this post, and now I can’t stop!

If you’re curious about the world and you ‘d like to have responses to insane concerns (for instance: “What would occur if clouds were made from fairy floss?”), this podcast is ideal for you.

Each episode lasts around 20 minutes and focuses on an insane concern that’s utilized in order to teach lessons and principles to kids.

The podcast is typically carried out in ridiculous voices and covers some uncommon subjects, so it may be challenging for novices.

Apple TumbleGoogle|Website


| Level:

Intermediate to innovative

Tumble is another podcast produced for kids. This suggests you’re listening to simple English that even a kid can comprehend.

But even if you’re 50, you’ll find out a great deal of intriguing things. When we begin finding out a brand-new language, we’re all like little kids!

Tumble is ideal for students of English who have an interest in science. Each episode is just about 15 minutes long, and it usually covers one subject associated to science and its current discoveries.

If you wish to learn more about smells, infections, human DNA, the moon and even dinosaurs, you’re going to like Tumble.

Apple Dramas from BBC Learning EnglishGoogle|Website

Learning English Drama

| Level:

Intermediate and innovative

Get prepared to experience the best English dramas of perpetuity, told in an appealing method brief 5 to 10-minute-long episodes!

The BBC Learning English podcast is focused on innovative and intermediate students of English, however I believe anybody can provide it a shot due to the fact that the episodes are simple and truly brief to comprehend with a records.

The scripts are offered under the text, so you can listen and check out to the story at the exact same time. You can likewise download it in PDF format if you choose to print the text.

Additionally, after the script, you can discover a list of the harder words with their meanings or descriptions in easy English.

Apple Stuff You Should KnowGoogle|Website 

Stuff You Should Know

| Level:


Stuff You Should Know is an amusing program that covers lots of amusing and unusual concerns and subjects.

Previous subjects taken on by the podcast consist of: “Do zombies exist?”, “How black boxes work” and “Do experiences or things make us better?”

This podcast’s varied subjects and periodic usage of technical language exposes the trainee to an abundant source of vocabulary.

Apple Global News Podcast from BBCGoogle|Website

BBC Global News Podcast

| Level:


Global News is produced by the BBC World Service, the world’s biggest worldwide broadcaster.

The podcast is released two times daily and is a roundup of the current international news. The stories have actually been gathered from World Service news output and consist of interviews and area reports from BBC reporters.

The BBC press reporters and speakers are well spoken and simple to comprehend. They have an outstanding command of the English language that will assist trainees to increase their vocabulary.

Apple Scientific American Podcast: 60-Second ScienceGoogle|Website

60-second Science

| Level:

Upper intermediate to innovative

Scientific American is among the world’s premier science publications and brings the current science news, functions and analysis to the public.

This podcast offers everyday updates of a few of the most essential advancements in research study.

The speakers talk with authority on several clinical subjects, utilizing language that interacts the enjoyment of clinical research study in a manner that the typical individual can comprehend.

This is especially beneficial for anybody who wishes to operate in science-related fields or who has a love of astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics and how nature works.

How to Use English Podcasts to Improve Your Listening Skills

You currently understand that utilizing podcasts is a fantastic method to enhance your listening abilities, however do you understand how to make the most (usage in a manner that’ll provide the very best outcome) out of them?become a master of English listening There are a great deal of methods you can utilize while listening to English podcasts that’ll assist you to


Listen as background very first

To begin, you need to listen to podcasts in the background while you’re doing something else.

It might appear counterproductive (unreasonable or the reverse of what you ‘d anticipate), however listening to English podcasts while you do other jobs in fact assists your brain to get utilized to the language. Since it lets you get comfy with the noises without stressing about comprehending the words,


Listen a 2nd time, and now pay very close attention

Now listen to the podcast a 2nd (and even 3rd) time and take note of all the expressions and words you acknowledge. Attempt lowering the speed of the audio to 75% (when offered) if you feel the speaker is talking too quickly.

Read the records, if it’s offered

Reading the records while you listen to a podcast is exceptionally advantageous due to the fact that you’re getting the exact same info through 2 various channels: your eyes and your ears.

This assists your brain keep in mind and understand more of the language.Repeat them over and over Repeat words and sentences aloud

Pause the podcast whenever you wish to and return to words and expressions that are brand-new to you or you believe are hard to pronounce.

up until you get them simply.

Having great pronunciation along with a big vocabulary is necessary for a range of scenarios such as utilizing English in school or organization English at work.

Pick up brand-new vocabulary and grammar from the podcast

If you search for brand-new words and evaluate and find out grammar bits you hear in each podcast you listen to, you’ll likely remember them a lot much easier in the future.

Plus, as you currently understand, finding out brand-new vocabulary and grammar is important to growing as an English language student.

Continue studying the brand-new info you found out

So possibly you found out some brand-new vocabulary words and a brand-new grammar idea by duplicating a line a couple of times.flashcard app You do not desire this brand-new info to simply being in your note pad. You wish to in fact utilize it in your English language interactions.

To do that, you’ll require to keep studying whatever you simply found out up until it’s submitted away in your long-lasting memory. For example, you can turn the brand-new vocabulary words you found out into flashcards– whether you do this by hand or on your preferred


Another efficient method to find out brand-new language info is

Listening to English podcasts is among the very best methods to enhance your listening abilities, specifically if you select podcasts that cover subjects you’re interested in which are suitable for your level of English.

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