20 Animal Sounds in Spanish: Can You Bray, Squawk and Meow en Español?


animal sounds in spanish

Sure, you assume you can quack like a duck.

However can you quack in the language of Cervantes?

This article is for those that could be a little bit touched out from discovering to talk Spanish to people, with all their complicated slang, metaphors and also counter-intuitive expressions.

It’s time, after that, to discover to talk to pets, and also indeed, the Spanish ear has an entire various method of hearing their squawks, beeps and also barks.


20 Pet Appears in Spanish

What adheres to is my shortlist of the animals most worth speaking to, come with by the sounds you need to make when connecting with them in Spanish.

I have actually additionally consisted of the verbs that explain these audios (similar to English’s “a lamb cries,” “an equine whinnies,” and so on). Sometimes, theses verbs and also onomatopoeia give beautiful understanding right into exactly how Spanish audio speakers listen to and also experience these pet appears, and also often they’re simply simple enjoyable.

I have actually attempted to provide the audios that are most typically utilized in the entire Spanish-speaking globe and also utilize their most usual punctuations, yet do keep in mind that there are some regional variations available.

Currently allow’s fulfill some pets and also greet to them … in Spanish.

Stock Appears in Spanish

Three cows in a green field

1. vaca ( cow)– mu

Spanish has the exact same onomatopoeia for cow sounds as English— their phonetic punctuation of it is just premium.

Spanish verbs for the monsters’ interaction are additionally much better. Cows can mugir ( to moo), remudiar (to moo to and fro in between calf bone and also cow) and also bramar (to moo loudly/angrily).

2. gallina ( chicken)– coc carbon monoxide carbon monoxide coc

The verb cacarear is additionally utilized for chickens, despite the fact that their audios (and also the onomatopoeia for them) are fairly various.

3. oveja ( lamb), cabra ( goat)– , mee

Ovejas y cabras balan (lamb and also goats cry) making use of the verb balar ( to bleat).

4. cerdo (pig)– oinc-oinc

Los cerdos gruñen (pigs grunt/oink) making use of the verb gruñir, which additionally indicates to grumble, mutter and also gripe.

So Spanish porkers are viewed as bellyachers, yet after that, perhaps they’re tired of seeing their brethren’s treated legs ( jamón ibérico) awaiting every residence, coffee shop, and also bar.

5. burro ( donkey)– iii-ahh

I have actually never ever satisfied a language that dealt with donkeys with any kind of regard. In Spanish, los burros rebuznan (the donkeys bray) and also rebuznar indicates to noisally disrespect or grumble, normally for no excellent factor.

Ser burro indicates to be exceptionally foolish.

Bird Appears in Spanish

A robin sitting on a branch

6. pájaro (bird)– pío

A pío (that’s an accent mark, not a dot, so make certain you emphasize the I: “PEE-oh”) is a tweet or chirp. If you wish to stress that you will not disclose a key, you can state:

No digo ni pío. (I will not state a peep.)

The verb type is piar, and also pipiar and also piolar indicate the exact same point.

To trill or warble in your throat, whether you’re a human or a bird, is trinar, gorjear or gorgoritar

After that, obviously, there’s the task that offers implying to the lives of all, human and also chicken alike: cantar (to sing).

7. cuclillo (cuckoo)– cucú

Cuclillo is a cuckoo in Spanish; when utilized to explain a human it indicates a cuckold.

8. gallo ( fowl)– quiquiriquí, kikirikí

If you ever before locate on your own running dry for conversation in a worldwide service mixer, hostel or flight terminal, simply ask your fellow globe tourists what audio they assume a fowl makes. It’s difficult to leading cock-a-doodle-do for acoustic stupidity, yet the Spanish quiquiriquí comes close.

The verb in Spanish is cacarear, and also when you hear it utilized with a human as the subject it indicates to flaunt regarding something. For instance:

Cacarea el dinero que ha gañado. (She’s extoling the cash she gained.)

9. pato (duck)– cuac cuac

The verb utilized for duck quacking is graznar, and also fairly wonderfully it can additionally be utilized to explain shrill, useless babble often produced by people. Below’s an instance:

Graznan sus quejas. ( They sob out/babble out their issues.)

10. paloma ( dove)– cu-curru-cu-cú, cucurrucucú

You recognize the dove’s audio in Spanish currently if you have any kind of preference inmusic or movies My favored is the Caetano Veloso variation of this tune, as utilized in the movie ” Hable disadvantage ella” (” Speak To Her”).

If you’re refrained sobbing, have a look at the Lila Downs version as well.

Fittingly, the verb for explaining doves’ sounds, arrullar, indicates to chat gently and/or carefully, similar to the English “to coo.”

11. búhos ( owl)– uu uu

Los búhos ululan (owls hoot). The wind, in Spanish, does not groan– it additionally hoots: El viento ulula

12. cuervo ( crow)– cruaaac-cruaac

Los cuervos graznan (crows caw). You’ll discover that despite their really various audios, they have actually been designated the exact same verb as ducks ( graznar).

13. pavo (turkey)– gluglú

Just Like English, Spanish has a ridiculous-sounding verb for this outrageous pet’s outrageous sounds: gluglutear (to swallow).

Zoo Pet Appears in Spanish

Tiger standing in front of a patch of grass

14. lobo ( wolf)– aúúú

Wolves’ speech is explained with aullar (to groan) as well as additionally, as in English, una identity aulla de dolor (an individual groans hurting). Otilar and also guarrear are added verb alternatives for wolf groans.

15. tigre (tiger)– grgrgrgr

Los tigres rugen (the tigers holler) utilizes the verb rugir ( to holler). Angry people and also also the paradises can be stated to holler utilizing this verb also, as an example:

La tempestad ruge. (The tornado is barking.)

16. mono (ape)– i-i-i

Los monos chillan (apes shriek). The verb chillar is really usual in Spanish for explaining human shouting, blaring and also shouting as well:

Le chillé para que se callara. (I shouted at her to make sure that she would certainly stop talking.)

Various Other Pet Appears in Spanish

Frog sitting on a branch

17. rana ( frog)– croá, croá

Las ranas croan ( frogs croak), obviously.

However what regarding that sexy/scary/creepy manner in which some old (and also also periodically young) Andalusian males hack out syllables with the cigarette tar lining their throats?

In English we would certainly state that they croak, and also the metaphorical use croar is great in Spanish also. Ellos croan ( they croak) can additionally be utilized for discussing anybody that is hoarse.

18. perro (canine)– guau

We deal with, love and also communicate with dogs all the time, so it’s not a surprise that we have great deals of verbs for the kinds of sounds that they generate. In Spanish, they are:

ladrar — to bark; when discussing people, to make sounds without follow-through, to bluster
gañir — to yelp, groan
regañir — to repetitively yelp
gruñir — to grumble menacingly
aullar — to groan
arrufarse — to bark menacingly while revealing teeth

19. gato ( pet cat)– miau

Pet cats can maullar or mayar (to meow), bufar (to hiss; for people it indicates to simmer), fufar (additionally to hiss), ronronear (to purr) and also marramizar (to groan, caterwaul).

20. abeja ( )– bzzzz

Las abejas zumban ( buzz). The verb zumbar additionally indicates to strike, put, smack or whack a person. Hence, in the video clip listed below, la abeja no zumba in any kind of feeling, yet instead, Burns zumba a la abeja:

I recognize that these audios will certainly verify helpful for you on the ranches and also areas of Spanish-speaking lands.

However obviously, you’ll need to listen to and also not simply review these audios. So if you do not have a Spanish audio speaker around to trainer you on your pet articulations, you can choose Spanish sound or video clips.

This tune from Sing with Señor is a fantastic method to acquaint on your own with several of one of the most usual pet appears:

You can additionally locate video clips in several locations online or consisted of with language discovering programs like FluentU, which furnishes genuine Spanish video clip and also sound clips with interactive devices so you can exercise paying attention, checking out and also talking abilities completely.

I wish that this overview has actually assisted you acquaint on your own with Spanish pet appears, to make sure that you’ll have the ability to determine them when they show up in a series of various contexts!



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