175 Practical Spanish Words That Start with H (With Audio)


A juicy hamburger

Some letters are more strange than others. Due to the fact that the H in Spanish is constantly quiet when it starts a word, such is real of the Spanish H. This is. Every word from hola

( hi) and hombre ( male) to hogar ( location) and


( cravings) would sound precisely the very same without the H.

(hi) and


(wave) when reading.

The Spanish H does get noticable in some cases, when it’s integrated with C, like in


( lady) and


( check), however in this post, we’re focusing just on words that start with H.

Keep on checking out to find over 175 Spanish words that begin with H.


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After this post, you ought to be quite well covered with the letter H in Spanish. Head out and attempt stating

hola (*)( hi) to somebody today!(*) Related Posts(*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)


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