170+ Spanish Words That Start with L (with Audio)


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When it’s not starring as the initial personality in brief, the letter L can impact the enunciation of its surrounding letters, specifically when the letter shows up in syllables like “bla,” “ble,” “ands also,” and so on

However when it’s the initial letter in a Spanish word, its enunciation is rather comparable to the English L.

Beware, though! L and also Ll audio extremely various in Spanish. Up until 2010, L and also Ll were thought about different letters in the Spanish alphabet. Although the Ll is currently simply a variant of L, I’ll be treating them as different letters. This message just covers L-words in Spanish.

Are you prepared? Allow’s live, laugh and also love Spanish words that begin with L!


Spanish Nouns That Beginning with L

To get more information regarding noun kinds and also some usual Spanish nouns, have a look at this message:

Spanish Verbs That Beginning with L

Discover a lot more Spanish verbs that every student requires to recognize:

Spanish Adjectives That Beginning with L

Below are some even more Spanish adjectives, best for novices:

Spanish Adverbs That Beginning with L

What’s an adverb, anyhow? Find out about Spanish adverbs and also examine some usual ones right here:

Extra Spanish Words That Beginning with L

Spanish Words English Translations Component of Speech
¡Lástima! Oh, what a pity! Interjection
¡Lo siento! I’m sorry! Interjection
¡Larga vida! Lengthy online! Interjection
Luego After That Combination
Luego de After Preposition
La The (womanly) Write-up
Las The (womanly, plural) Write-up
Los The (manly, plural) Write-up
Le Him/Her/You (indirect item pronoun) Pronoun
Les Them/You all (indirect item pronoun) Pronoun
Lo Him/It/You (straight item pronoun, manly) Pronoun
Lo que What/That Pronoun + Combination

Below’s even more regarding Spanish prepositions, combinations and also interjections (oh my!):

And also you can discover more regarding Spanish posts right here:

And also research study Spanish pronouns in this message:

Spanish L-Words Test: Examination Yourself!

What does “libro” suggest in English?

Which Spanish word implies “moon” in English?

What is the Spanish word for “light”?

Which pet is stood for by the word “león” in Spanish?

What does “lápiz” suggest in English?

Which Spanish word implies “to check out” in English?

Which word stands for “wolf” in Spanish?

What does “lindo” suggest in English?

What does “luchar” suggest in English?

Which Spanish pronoun implies “them” (manly) in English?

Test: Spanish Words That Beginning with L

Master of L Words

Great job!

Appears Like you prepare to break out your Spanish L-words in discussion! Watch for these words that begin with L Spanish speech and also exercise them whenever you obtain the opportunity.



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