150+ Spanish Words That Start with Q (with Audio)


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If you see the letter Q in a Spanish word, the letter u makes sure to adhere to.

Like in English, the letter is virtually constantly discovered in the mix of “qu.” Unlike in English, it’s noticable “k,” without seeming the “u.” For example, queso ( cheese) is noticable “keso,” not “kueso.”

Q is among the least regular letters in Spanish, however it shows up at the start of several of one of the most often made use of words, like que (that) and also quiero (I desire).

Allow’s find out some even more Spanish words that begin with Q!


Spanish Nouns That Beginning with Q

Spanish Word English Translation
quebrada gorge
quebradero predicament
quebradizo fragile
quebrado damaged
quebrantahuesos facialed hair marauder
quebrantamiento violation
quebranto impoverishment
quedo peaceful
quedón dozy
quehacer job, job
queja grievance
queje grouch
quejica complainer
quejido groan
quejío howl, lament
quejoso grumbling
quejumbre grievance
quejumbroso grumbling
quelite wild edible eco-friendlies
quelonio sea turtle
quema burning
quemacocos sunroof
quemada shed
quemadero heater
quemado shed
quemador heater
quemadura shed
quemazón blaze, burning
quemón blamer
quemonito scamp, rascal
quemoso sickly
quena Andean groove
quenacho kind of groove
queni quenlla, kind of bird
quenopodiáceas chenopods
quenopodio chenopodium
quentada warm beverage
quentenario 500 years
quenya imaginary language
quera kind of oak tree
queratina keratin
quercetina quercetin
quercíneas oak family members
quercitron quercitron
quercus oak
quereal kind of oak tree
querecuto kind of chestnut
querella claim
querencia desire
querendón caring
queresa impulse, quirk
queretano a person from Querétaro
querido precious
querindango troubler, rascal
queriot love, love
queroseno kerosene
querub cherub
querube winged kid
querubín cherub
querubines cherubim
querubio cherubic
querubismo cherubic design
quesera cheese dish
quesería cheese factory/shop
quesero cheese manufacturer
quesillo kind of cheese
quesito little cheese
quesitos kind of bread
queso cheese
quesque average, sub-par
quest pursuit, journey
quetzal quetzal (bird)
quevedesco Quevedian, connecting to Quevedo (writer)
quevedos spectacles, eyeglasses
quia Siberian tomcat
quiaca kind of bird
quiacata decline jewelry, necklace
quiache kind of tree
quiahuitl rainfall (in Aztec signs)
quiaio kind of fruit
quiajos kind of fruit
quiali component of a saddle
quialtera blade
quianti kind of white wine
quibdoano from Quibdó
quibe kibbeh, recipe made from bulgur wheat
quiberonés from Quiberon
quibian kind of hummingbird
quibla qibla, instructions of Capital
quiebra insolvency
quijada jaw
quijotada quixotic motion
quijote quixote
quilla keel
quimera chimera
química chemistry
quincalla equipment shop
quince fifteen
quincena fortnight
quincuagésimo fiftieth
quiniela wagering swimming pool
quintal quintal (device of weight)
quintalada effective hit
quinteto quintet
quintillizo quintuplet
quinto 5th
quintuplicado quintuplicated
quiosco booth
quiosquero booth supplier
quirófano operating space
quiste cyst

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Spanish Q-Words Test: Examination Yourself!

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Spanish Q Words Test

Master of Spanish Q words. Great task!

Any type of concerns? Fantastic! You currently understand numerous Spanish words that begin with Q. Currently go utilize them!



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