15 Spanish Christmas Movies You Don’t Want to Miss This Holiday Season



Watching Christmas films is a universal custom liked amongst numerous cultures and parts of the world.

Many English-language classics have actually been called in Spanish, and there are even some initial Spanish movies made simply for the vacations.

In this post, you’ll get 15 outstanding Spanish Christmas films you can contribute to your watchlist.

These movies are heartfelt, action-packed and will include something unique to your holiday.


Year: 2019
Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

This animated movie is initially in English, however you can view the Spanish-dubbed variation by altering the language settings on Netflix. The film follows the journey of a young, self-centered postman called Jesper who’s banished to the Arctic Circle in the town of Smeerensburg. There, he experiences a strange carpenter called Klaus who makes toys for kids.

The movie wonderfully shows the power of altruism, compassion and the delight of providing. With its spectacular animation, smart humor and touching message, “Klaus” has actually ended up being a precious addition to the pantheon of joyful household movies.

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Year: 1961

Plácido” is a Spanish satire funny movie that happens on Christmas Eve. It informs the story of rich townsfolk who hesitantly handle a charity effort to bring a homeless individual home to supper

Meanwhile, a truck motorist called Plácido is working for the charity company as a way of paying a past due payment on his truck. He acquires a brand-new viewpoint on his life as he experiences the less lucky. ” Plácido” uses a timeless movie experience with a glance at social movement and classism in 1950s Spain.

Watch it on The Criterion Channel

Year: 1995
Genre: Dark Comedy

” El Día de la Bestia” is not your typical Christmas film. The story focuses on a priest, Ángel, who thinks that the Antichrist will be born upon Christmas Day in Madrid. In a desperate mission to avoid this, Ángel coordinate with a heavy metal shop clerk and a television psychic.

They take part in a series of sacrilegious and unusual acts to summon the Devil and discover the place of the Antichrist’s birth. The movie uses a distinct mix of black humor, spiritual satire and a thrilling story, making it a cult classic in Spanish movie theater.

Watch it (for free!) on Prime Video

Year: 2011
Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

” Operación Regalo” (” Arthur Christmas”) is a British-American animated movie that uses a wonderful take on the conventional Santa Claus story. Santa’s kind-hearted however awkward boy Arthur finds that Santa’s modern shipment system stopped working to provide one kid’s present. On an objective to conserve her Christmas, Arthur triggers to provide her missed out on present in simply 2 brief hours.

Filled with humor and experience, the movie is a wondrous tale that records the magic of the holiday. You can view it in Spanish on Netflix by altering the audio settings (a VPN may be required to access the movie).

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Year: 2018
Genre: Comedy/Drama

This is another Christmas film that was initially in English however has actually been called in Spanish. The story follows 2 brother or sisters who start an unforeseen experience to record video of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Their strategies go awry, and they end up triggering Santa to crash his sleigh.

To conserve Christmas, they coordinate with Santa himself in a race versus time to provide presents and ward off a naughty fairy’s shenanigans. Filled with humor, magnificent visuals and heartfelt minutes, it’s a must-watch vacation film for the entire household. If you enjoy it, you can watch the sequel next.

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Year: 2004
Genre: Animated Musical

” El Expreso Polar” is the Spanish-dubbed variation of the widely known movie “The Polar Express.” It’s a heartfelt tale of a young kid’s journey to discover his belief in Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, a strange train called the Polar Express reaches his doorstep, bound for the North Pole.

The young boy boards the train, and together with other kids, start an amazing experience. The movie’s aesthetically spectacular animation and the style of maintaining the magic of youth make it a precious vacation classic. The movie is based upon a book of the same title, so you can view the story and check out.

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7. “El Grinch” (” How the Grinch Stole Christmas”)

Year: 2000
Genre: Comedy/Family/Fantasy

This widely known Christmas movie is a live-action adjustment of Dr. Seuss’s timeless tale. The Grinch, a reclusive and bad-tempered animal with a strong dislike for Christmas, chooses to take the vacation from the cheerful Whos of Whoville.

But as he witnesses the Whos’ unshakeable vacation spirit, his icy heart starts to thaw and his desire to destroy their Christmas changes into a sensation of connection.

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Year: 1999
Genre: Family

Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad” is a Mexican Christmas movie initially launched in Mexico and the USA. As the title recommends, it’s filled with Spanglish. After her partner’s death, a female and her boy leave their Miami home to invest Christmas with their household in her home town in Mexico. In doing so, they both find the real significance of household, relationship and Christmas.

This cross-cultural and kid-friendly vacation movie offers audiences with an improved viewpoint on Mexican culture and vacation customs. You can view the whole film totally free on YouTube.

Watch it on YouTube

Year: 2013
Genre: Animation/Comedy/Family

This animated movie was initially launched in French however has actually considering that ended up being cherished worldwide in several languages. In this moving vacation tale, Nicholas, the apprentice to Santa Claus, deals with a crisis when among Santa’s magic snowflakes, accountable for making sure a white Christmas, goes missing out on.

Alongside his devoted buddies, Nicholas starts a wonderful experience to recover the snowflake before Christmas Eve. The movie is filled with the spirit of Christmas, highlighting the worths of team effort and relationship. It’s a family-friendly film that records the delight and marvel of the holiday.

Watch it (for free!) on Tokyvideo

Year: 2021
Genre: Romantic Comedy

” A mil kilómetros de la Navidad” is a Spanish Christmas movie directed by Álvaro Fernández Armero and starring Tamar Novas and Andrea Ros. It’s a Netflix initial movie about Raúl, a male who dislikes Christmas. Over the holiday, he should investigate a factory in a remote town where individuals enjoy Christmas and the regional instructor wishes to produce the world’s biggest living nativity scene.

Filled with touching minutes, humor and some love, this movie records the delights and battles of the holiday.

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Year: 2003
Genre: Animation

This is a Spanish animated movie about the Three Kings who provide the presents of myrrh, frankincense and gold to infant Jesus. To make the 3 sensible males’s mission a lot more tough, wicked King Herod prepares to stop them and his wicked therapist, Belial, is amongst them in camouflage, attempting to undermine their objective.

This modern-day take on the scriptural legend is enjoyable and family-friendly. Director Antonio Navarro was chosen for a Goya Award for this movie, which includes the voices of José Coronado, Juan Echanove and Imanol Arias.

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Year: 2022
Genre: Comedy

This Spanish funny is a mock documentary about the Three Wise Men who enable a movie team into their palace for the very first time. They wish to share their lives with the world in order to keep their significance and appeal, as they see that Santa is getting all the love and attention.

The clash of these ancient characters with the modern-day world produces outright absurdity and will have you chuckling aloud. It’s a fantastic choice for a vacation film night with good friends or household.

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Year: 2022
Genre: Comedy

Another amusing take on the scriptural story of the Three Wise Men, this Spanish film portrays the battle for attention in between Santa and the Wise Men. When the trio gets fed up with Santa getting increasingly more attention and love, they prepare to challenge him.

This battle in between them awakens the hazardous Krampus from its centuries-long sleep, and the Wise Men and Santa will need to come together to eliminate versus their typical opponent. This movie will include both celebration and chuckles to your Spanish Christmas watchlist.

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Year: 2008
Genre: Comedy/Fantasy

This Mexican movie integrates the timeless story of Santa Claus with the modern-day issues of worldwide warming. The North Pole is melting, and the capitalist nature of the vacation has actually triggered waste and damage.

Santa should discover a method to compete with these obstacles and revive the real spirit of Christmas beyond intake and greed while handling a rogue fairy who’s attempting to turn Santa’s workshop into a lucrative company. The movie uses a lot of action, humor and pertinent problems.

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Year: 2001
Genre: Comedy

” Noche de Reyes” follows the Cuspineda household, who wants to commemorate the Twelfth Night after the dad indications a rewarding agreement with a Japanese business. Things do not go according to strategy, and a series of events follows consisting of difficult company choices, marital affairs and misconceptions.

The amusing movie offers you with a individual and up close take a look at domesticity in 21st-century Spain. Much of the movie is a stretch on truth, the feeling is credible and the jokes are amusing.

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Tips for Learning from Spanish Christmas Movies

If you’re discovering Spanish, viewing films is a fantastic knowing tool. Here are some methods to make your viewing time a lot more efficient:

If you have a good friend who’s a native speaker, welcome them over to view a preferred vacation movie. If you do not comprehend something, do not be scared to ask concerns. The majority of people are thrilled that you’re interested in their language, so they’ll be more than pleased to assist you.

Write a film evaluation in Spanish.

After viewing, compose a film evaluation of the movie in Spanish to evaluate your memory and understanding whilethe FluentU program Compose an initial draft without utilizing a dictionary or your notes. Go back and examine your precision and make proper modifications. Attempt to utilize the brand-new words you documented while viewing or the grammar subject you were concentrating on!

And for more Spanish-language material (holiday-themed and otherwise),

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