143 Useful Spanish Medical Terms for Travelers and Medical Professionals Alike (With Audio)


spanish medical terms

Learning Spanish medical terms is a prescription for success.

Yes, that uses to you, even if you’re not a physician.

Medical Spanish works for doctor, travelers, daily folks and anybody who wishes to be geared up to assist individuals out in an emergency situation.

In this post, you’ll discover 143 Spanish medical terms, covering whatever from crucial vocabulary for providing medical details and explaining signs to speaking about typical medical conditions.


Asking and providing for Medical Information


When you get to a healthcare facility or wish to talk to a doctor about a condition, you’ll frequently need to start by providing essential details, such as your name, social security number or insurance coverage information before you are seen.

You’ll observe listed below that, when speaking with clients, medical workers will typically utilize the formal usted form of “you.”

*As is standard with Spanish-language adjectives and nouns, we utilize the manly– o ending when describing guys and kids and the womanly– a ending when describing women and females.

Describing Your Symptoms in Spanish


After providing your details and briefly discussing your condition, you’ll require to explain your signs.

Essential Spanish Medical Terms


Whether you’re talking with a physician or going to a relative in the health center, it’s essential to understand these vital Spanish medical terms.

Common Medicines in Spanish


If you require to go to a drug store or demand particular medication when abroad, these words will work.

* Píldora typically implies “tablet.” It’s likewise utilized to refer to the birth control tablet in specific.

Parts of the Body in Spanish


Knowing the words for parts of the body in Spanish is vital. Here are a few of the most typical terms you’ll hear:

For more Spanish body part vocabulary, have a look at this post.

Medical Conditions and Illnesses in Spanish


If you have any medical conditions or allergic reactions, it’s essential to find out the suitable vocabulary before you take a trip.

Why You Should Learn Medical Spanish

One reason that lots of people find out medical Spanish is to prepare to operate in a medical field Plenty of jobs require Spanish, consisting of some excellent ones in the medical field. Even if a task does not need Spanish, there are stilleconomic advantages to learning it Knowing appropriate medical terms is a great way to work towards much better Spanish for business, especially if you’re operating in any health care or medical field.

Another factor to find out medical Spanish is to prepare you to help a Spanish-speaker in a medical emergency situation Lots of EMTs do not speak Spanish, and some centers and health centers do not have enough Spanish-speaking personnel. While they have expert translators they can call, there isn’t constantly time in an emergency situation. Having the ability to pitch in and assist with your Spanish abilities might actually conserve a life.

Learning medical Spanish can likewise assist you interact throughout a medical emergency abroad.

Medical Spanish is likewise important in order to interact a hidden medical condition while abroad. If you have any persistent conditions, it’s essential to understand the terms to explain your condition and associated signs. Assembling your own advanced Spanish vocabulary list will assist you keep an eye on all the terms associated with your condition.

You ought to likewise find out some medical Spanish in case you require medication abroad Attempt to bring your own medications whenever possible and ensure you follow theInternational Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers’ guidelines Having the ability to explain what’s occurring is crucial to getting the help you require.

Resources to Learn Medical Spanish

There are great deals of excellent resources like MedicalSpanish.com and PracticingSpanish.com to assist prepare you with better medical terms. Medical trainees or others searching for the complete treatment might likewise have a look at the “Medical Spanish Series” at ed2go, a set of online courses that particularly teach you Spanish for usage in medical circumstances.

Seeing medical terms utilized in context can assist you start to integrate them into your daily Spanish vocabulary. You can attempt looking for a few of these terms on FluentU to hear them utilized by native speakers.

Whether you’ve prepared a journey abroad to a Spanish-speaking country or you require to find out medical Spanish for your occupation, these 143 Spanish medical terms and expressions will assist prepare you!

Use them in great health!

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