130+ Most Useful American Slang Words You’ll Hear and Use in 2023



American slang could make issues difficult for English learners and even native audio system.

It’s everyday language in the USA, however you don’t all the time be taught it in school.

Relatively, you’ll be taught slang by listening to it from U.S. English media or from somebody in your day by day life.

Right here’s a rundown on a number of the commonest American slang so you’ll be able to keep away from complicated conditions in American English conversations.


Widespread American Slang Phrases

slang words

1. Adulting

Phrase sort: Verb

A lot of trendy slang comes from nouns became verbs. To grownup is only one of them.

Generally, it means assembly social expectations of grownup conduct. In case you’re adulting, you may be doing one thing like washing the dishes, filling out tax varieties or getting up early to train earlier than work.

It’s usually utilized in a joking or mildly self-deprecating (self-mocking) manner by annoyed Millennials.

“Hey, wish to go see a film with us tomorrow?”

“Sorry, I’ll be too busy adulting. I picked up an additional shift at work.”

2. Amped

Phrase sort: Adjective

In case you’re amped about one thing, you’re tremendous excited or you’ll be able to’t anticipate one thing to occur.

It could additionally imply you’re actually decided and also you need one thing to occur. With this that means, you can too exchange amped with pumped. In different phrases, you’re filled with adrenaline!

“I’m amped to see Beyoncé dwell!”

3. Awesome

Phrase sort: Adjective

Superior is a well-liked slang phrase in American English and all around the world. You’ll hear everybody from the younger to previous saying it.

While you use the phrase superior, you’re expressing that you simply suppose one thing is great or wonderful. It may be utilized in a sentence or it may very well be utilized in a one-word reply.

“I believed ‘The Wolf of Wall Road’ was superior! I beloved it!”

4. Babe

Phrase sort: Noun

In case you consult with somebody as a babe, it signifies that you suppose they’re sizzling and enticing. Watch out, although—you need to solely use this with someone you know well or when talking to a different particular person and never the babe, as a result of they might get offended.

“Oh man, Justin Timberlake is such a babe.”

5. Bae

Phrase sort: Noun/adjective

Bae is like babe, solely newer. Each most probably come from the phrase child.

Not like the opposite phrases, bae will also be used to explain something sizzling, admired or nice.

Bae’s taking me out for a steak dinner tonight.”

“Aww, that’s so bae.”

6. Banger
/ Bangin’

Phrase sort: Noun (banger) and adjective (bangin’)

In American slang, a banger is an lively music that makes you wish to dance.

Bangin’  (an accented manner of claiming banging) is used to explain a music that’s nice for dancing. Each may also consult with a extremely good music or artist, or something spectacular.

“This Taylor Swift music is bangin’!”

“I do know! The entire album is filled with bangers.”

7. Based

Phrase sort: Adjective

Based mostly is generally used to explain a literal or figurative basis: a stone-based home, or an opinion primarily based on your values.

If one thing is solely primarily based, which means it’s well-founded or right. You need to use the phrase by itself to specific approval or settlement.

“The brand new college uniform coverage is silly. Who cares should you can see a woman’s knees anymore?”

Based mostly.”

8. Basic

Phrase sort: Adjective

The phrase fundamental has a number of meanings, together with basic, important and alkaline (the other of acidic).

In slang kind, it’s an insult which means one thing or somebody is simply too standard or mainstream and subsequently atypical and boring. The time period originated from hip-hop tradition.

“Tiffany is so fundamental. She likes something she hears on pop radio.”

9. Beat

Phrase sort: Adjective

In regular phrases, beat can be used as a verb that means to win (e.g. Liverpool beat Manchester United) or to hit (e.g. “Marko, cease beating your brother”). Nonetheless, it means one thing utterly totally different in slang or on a regular basis English. In case you hear your good friend saying I’m beat, it means she or he may be very drained or exhausted.

“I’m beat after serving to my dad within the yard all morning.”

10. Bet

Phrase sort: Interjection

That is one among some ways to agree with somebody, like okay, positive and completely.

It’s possible a shortening of the phrase you wager, which itself is related to a number of phrases with the system you’ll be able to wager [something] on it.

“See you at 2:00 pm for the film?”


11. Bounce

Phrase sort: Verb

To bounce means to depart a spot shortly. It’s utilized in conditions the place somebody desires to depart a celebration or occasion, or to finish a dialog with another person.

“This celebration is getting too wild for me. I’m gonna bounce.”

12. Bougie

Phrase sort: Adjective

Additionally spelled boujie, boujeeboojie and bourgie. This phrase comes from the French bourgeois, which merely refers to members of the center class.

In American slang, nevertheless, bougie means snobbish or pretentious for the sake of showing rich.

“Steve is all the time shopping for bougie stuff he doesn’t want.”

13. Bummer

Phrase sort: Noun

If one thing was disappointing or unfulfilling, then it was a complete bummer. You can even use this slang as an interjection (e.g. Bummer!) to imply one thing like, “That stinks!”

“The live performance final night time was such a bummer.”

14. Bussin’

Phrase sort: Adjective

This time period—like many American slang phrases—has origins within the African-American group. It used to imply dancing (probably from the phrase to bust a transfer).

These days, it means wonderful or scrumptious, used particularly for nice meals. It might come from bursting, as in it’s bursting with taste. It might even have a sexual connotation, as in “it’s making me burst with pleasure.”

“I’ve heard the tacos on the new Mexican restaurant are bussin’!”

15. Bust

Word type: Verb (bust) and adjective (busted)

If you bust someone, you’ve caught them doing something they shouldn’t be doing/saying/hiding. “The police bust people every day” translates to “they catch all the bad guys and charge them or put them in prison.”

“My brother got busted for cheating on his exams.”

Busted also means the same thing as broken. In gamer slang, something that is busted or broken is so good it gives whoever has it an unfair advantage. In other words, it breaks the game.

“The ‘Magic: The Gathering’ card Yawgmoth’s Will is seriously busted. It got banned for good reason.”

16. Cancel

Phrase sort: Verb

You might know this phrase already within the context of canceling (ending) a subscription to a service.

In the case of standard media or celebrities, to cancel them means to reject them or not help them. This can be carried out in response to a controversial or offensive assertion or motion.

“Cancel culture” itself is a controversial topic.

“I’m carried out with J.Okay. Rowling after her feedback about transgender folks. I like ‘Harry Potter’, however I’ve to cancel her.”

17. Clapback

Phrase sort: Noun

A clapback is a fast, sharp response to an insult or criticism. Like a comeback, however particularly witty or chopping.

“I’ve the proper clapback to these jerks on-line, however I don’t wish to feed the trolls.”

18. Cool

Phrase sort: Adjective

Cool, like superior, means nice or improbable. It additionally reveals that you simply’re okay with an concept. Watch out: the traditional that means of cool is a bit chilly, so it’s a must to hearken to it in context to know what’s being mentioned.

“I like your new boyfriend. He looks like a cool man!” (He looks like a pleasant man). 

19. Corny

Phrase sort: Adjective

Corny is used to explain one thing that’s overly emotional or cliché (unoriginal) to the purpose that it’s humorous or annoying.

“John informed me that my smile is as brilliant because the solar.”

“Wow, that’s so corny.”

20. Cringe

Phrase sort: Adjective/noun

This can be a shortening of cringeworthy. Variants embody cringy or cringey, however you’ll usually hear it as simply cringe.

In any kind, it describes one thing that’s embarrassing or uncomfortable to expertise, equivalent to Web memes which are outdated or simply aren’t primarily based.

“I can’t consider you continue to have your previous tales on-line.”

“I do know, studying them now could be pure cringe, however I nonetheless love them anyway.”

21. Dank

Phrase sort: Adjective

Many slang phrases have a unfavorable that means in customary use, however a optimistic that means in slang use. Dank often means damp, musty and typically chilly, like an previous cellar.

As slang, although, it describes one thing top quality or superb. It’s used particularly of marijuana, often known as “weed.”

“That is some dank weed, bro!”

22. Dead
/ Died

Phrase sort: Adjective (lifeless) and verb (died)

Useless or died in slang means that you’ve an excessive response to one thing, often as a result of it’s very humorous or spectacular. The scenario is so overwhelming that it metaphorically kills you:

“I simply noticed Brad Pitt’s new picture, I died.”

23. Ditch

Phrase sort: Verb

A ditch is an extended, slim trench within the floor, often for carrying additional water away from a highway or yard.

To ditch is to abruptly do away with one thing or to flee. You may think about throwing one thing you don’t need right into a ditch or leaping into one your self.

“I seen a automobile following me, however I ditched them.”

24. Dope

Phrase sort: Adjective/verb/noun

Saying one thing is dope is one other approach to say it’s cool, nice or superior.

“This campsite is dope! There’s a lake and every part!”

Calling somebody a dope is a teasing, mildly impolite approach to say they’re silly.

“I can’t consider I forgot to deliver suntan lotion. I’m such a dope.”

Dope may also consult with medicine, unlawful or authorized. To dope or dope up is to take medicine or apply medicine to one thing.

“Ugh, the mosquitos listed here are consuming me alive.”

“Good factor I introduced bug spray. Dope up!”

25. Down

Phrase sort: Adjective

While you’re down for one thing, which means you’re in a position and prepared to do it. This slang is usually used amongst associates who’re determining what to do. 

“What ought to we do on Saturday?”

“I’m down for bowling. We haven’t gone shortly.”

26. Drip

Phrase sort: Noun

A drip is often a really small movement of water, only one drop at a time. After it rains, you’ll see drips of water falling from the timber.

This phrase has an older slang that means and a more moderen one. The older that means is an individual who’s no enjoyable: like a leaky roof, they put a damper on every part.

“Oh, don’t invite Joan. She’s such a drip.”

The newer that means is far more optimistic. In case you have drip otherwise you’re dripping, it means you’re a really trendy, cool particular person. You might have a lot fashion it positively drips off of you.

“Joan’s new outfit has wonderful drip! She has nice style.”

27. Dude

Phrase sort: Noun

Dude is utilized in informal conversations. It’s also one thing that surfers, skaters or hippies use very regularly when speaking to at least one one other:

Dude, you need to have seen the look in your face once we shocked you!

There’s even a well-liked film that’s titled  Dude, Where’s My Car?”

One other related time period can be bruh:

Bruh, you received’t consider what simply occurred to me.”

28. Dunno

Phrase sort: Contraction

Merely talking, dunno means I don’t know. It’s a faster manner of claiming it, and it’s extremely popular amongst younger folks.

Do watch out who you say this to. In case you say it to somebody in the next place than you, it might come throughout as impolite. To play it secure, simply use it round folks your personal age or youthful.

“What are you doing for spring break?”

Dunno. I used to be considering of touring to Mexico once more, however I’m undecided.”

29. Epic fail

Phrase sort: Noun

The phrase epic means large and also you already know what the phrase fail means. Put the 2 phrases collectively and that’s what it’s: a massive failure or full catastrophe.

You’d use this noun when one thing hasn’t gone the suitable manner. It’s used to magnify the thought of failing or doing one thing mistaken.

 “Wow, the college basketball workforce misplaced the sport by 30 factors.”

“Yeah, epic fail!”

30. Ex

Phrase sort: Noun

Normally, should you hear a good friend referring to their ex, they’re referring to their previous boyfriend or girlfriend who they not date.

However should you put it with one other noun, it could possibly imply one thing that was once. For instance, ex-boss means your boss from earlier than, who’s not your boss.

“My ex all the time sends me messages on Fb. It’s actually annoying!”

31. Extra

Phrase sort: Adjective

You may be acquainted with this phrase’s regular that means of further, as in “an additional serving to of meals.”

The slang kind takes it to a different degree, that means an excessive amount of. It usually refers to somebody who’s being dramatic (theatrical) for consideration.

“Barry is so additional. He all the time wears bizarre garments, and his hair is a special shade each week.”

32. Facepalm

Phrase sort: Noun

A facepalm is the motion of hanging your brow along with your palm. It’s used to specific frustration or disbelief, probably at one thing that’s cringe.

You may say the phrase out loud to imply the identical factor, although that may be a little uncommon. It’s extra usually utilized in on-line chat, set with asterisks to point the motion.

“How was your date?”

“Seems he believes the Earth is flat. *facepalm*

33. Feels

Phrase sort: Noun

That is merely an abbreviation of emotions. Use it whenever you wish to discuss sturdy or advanced feelings in a lighthearted manner.

“The season finale hit me proper within the feels. I really cried.”

“It gave me all of the feels. It was so good.”

34. Finesse

Phrase sort: Verb

Usually, finesse is a noun which means talent or artfulness.

As slang, it means to get one thing you need with talent or attraction. Typically, it additionally suggests you could have cheated or been dishonest.

“I believed you mentioned you misplaced your automobile keys. How did you get right here?”

“I finessed a experience from my buddy. It’s cool.”

35. Fire

Phrase sort: Adjective

As slang, fireplace is used to explain one thing actually good, cool or spectacular. It could consult with something from music to an individual’s outfit to a scenario.

“That live performance was fireplace! I can’t consider how good the band was.”

You can even say one thing or somebody is on fireplace in the event that they’re doing an incredible job.

“The drummer was completely on fireplace. Her arms by no means stopped shifting!”

36. Flake
/ Flaky
/ To flake on

Phrase sort: Noun (flake), adjective (flaky) and verb (to flake on)

Snowflakes and coconut flakes are good issues, however a human flake will not be. Use the slang flake to explain an unreliable one who doesn’t comply with by way of on their guarantees.

You can even describe the identical particular person as flaky or say that they flake on no matter they’re presupposed to do (ex. “She’s undoubtedly going to flake on our assembly”).

“Seems to be like we’re all right here, aside from Darren.”

“Even after he promised he would come. What a flake!”

37. Flex

Phrase sort: Verb/noun

To flex usually means to bend. For instance, a weightlifter may flex his arm to point out off his large biceps.

The slang time period is said to this, because it means to point out off, brag or boast. To flex on somebody is to point out that your achievements or expertise are superior to theirs (or so that you hope).

As a noun, a flex is any act meant to show how cool you’re.

“I’ve been gathering backyard gnomes since 2010. I’ve some actually uncommon items.”

“That’s a bizarre flex, however okay.”

38. FOMO

Phrase sort: Acronym/noun

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. It’s the sensation you get when your pals are all speaking about their superior summer season trip plans and also you don’t know should you’ll be capable to go anyplace in any respect.

“I lastly began watching Marvel motion pictures. The FOMO was attending to me.”

39. Freebie

Phrase sort: Noun

A freebie is something that you simply get for gratis. You’ll in all probability discover it helpful in shops or retailers that generously supply free little items or samples.

 “Hey, the place did you get that lipstick?”

“I bought it as a freebie after shopping for fragrance from the mall.”

40. Gas
/ Gassed

Phrase sort: Noun (gasoline) and adjective (gassed)

In American English, gasoline refers to gasoline (or petrol). As slang, it could possibly imply any sort of energy or power.

“I can’t work out any extra as we speak. I’m all out of gasoline.”

If one thing is gassed, it’s filled with power. It could describe an individual who’s actually excited or completely satisfied.

“After I received that race, I used to be so gassed! I felt like I might tackle the world.”

41. Geek
/ Nerd

Phrase sort: Noun 

Calling somebody a geek or a nerd is referring to an individual in a unfavorable manner as a result of they prefer to spend numerous time on a specific curiosity, equivalent to studying or spending time on-line. Geek and nerd are extra possible for use as insults when the particular person’s curiosity is taken into account uncommon.

But when folks share a specific curiosity, they will name one another geek or nerd in a pleasant manner.

“I’m so glad I discovered the anime membership. It’s nice to hang around with different geeks like me.”

“A bunch of us are e-book nerds, too!”

42. Glow-up

Phrase sort: Noun

A glow-up is a optimistic transformation or enchancment, usually in reference to an individual’s look. The that means is just like the older slang time period, makeover.

“I’m prepared to start out courting once more, however I would like a full glow-up. Garments, hair, make-up—every part.”

“Superior! Makeover celebration on Saturday!”

43. GOAT

Phrase sort: Acronym/noun

In case you ever hear somebody say one other particular person is the GOAT, don’t fear, they’re not speaking a couple of barnyard animal. They’re saying that particular person is the greatest of all time. It’s an enormous praise!

“I like Docm77’s movies on YouTube. He actually is the GOAT!”

44. Gucci

Phrase sort: Adjective

Gucci is a luxurious trend model recognized notably for their handbags. Proudly owning a Gucci bag is seen as a logo of wealth and standing.

As slang, the phrase Gucci means trendy, top quality or fancy. You need to use it to explain an individual or their garments or equipment.

“That watch seems so Gucci! Are you able to consider someone gave one thing like that to Goodwill?”

45. High

Phrase sort: Adjective/noun

Excessive usually means to be ready at an important vertical distance. For instance, you might say a mountain is simply too excessive, so you’ll be able to’t make it to the highest.

When used as slang, although, excessive refers back to the optimistic bodily feeling that folks expertise once they take unlawful medicine:

“I’m so excessive I can’t even suppose clearly.”

It could additionally imply being overjoyed (extraordinarily completely satisfied) with one thing:

“I’m on a pizza-excessive proper now.”

46. Hype

Phrase sort: Verb/noun/adjective

Probably the most customary that means of to hype or hype up one thing is to market it. The aim of hyping one thing up is to create pleasure about it. If the product doesn’t dwell as much as the joy, it’s over-hyped.

Hype can consult with the joy that’s created by a promotional marketing campaign.

“Don’t consider the hype about Amazon’s ‘The Rings of Energy’. They spent an excessive amount of on promotion and never sufficient on good writing.”

Over-hyping at its most interesting.”

Hype may also consult with a scenario that merely is thrilling or high-energy.

“This celebration is hype!”

47. In

Phrase sort: Adjective

In a slang context, in means to be in trend or trending in the intervening time. Issues which are in in the intervening time will not be in in a month—why? As a result of tendencies all the time change!

“Jordan, why do you retain listening to that music? It’s terrible!”

“Mother, you don’t know something. It’s completely in proper now!”

48. Killer

Phrase sort: Noun/adjective

As a slang phrase in a unfavorable context, a killer means one thing exhausting and difficult.

“That examination was a killer. I would like a break.”

Positively, it may be used to explain one thing nice, wonderful and spectacular.

“Wow, that was a killer burger!”

You may flip this right into a verb with the phrase killin’ it or killed it:

“I used to be killin’ it tonight at our basketball sport.” 

49. Legit

Phrase sort: Adjective

That is an abbreviation of respectable, that means lawful, legitimate or inside requirements.

Legit comes from the theater world. Professional drama meant a well-written, relatable play. These days, you should use legit to explain something legitimate, genuine or right.

“I’m sorry I can’t come to your celebration. I’ve a sore throat and I don’t wish to get anybody sick.”

“That’s legit. Really feel higher quickly!”

50. Lit

Phrase sort: Adjective

Lit can describe both an thrilling, enjoyable scenario or somebody who has had an excessive amount of to drink.

“This membership is lit!”

“I do know. I’m feeling a bit lit, myself!”

51. Looker

Phrase sort: Noun

If someone says that you simply’re a looker, you need to undoubtedly be flattered—they’re paying you a praise and saying that they suppose you’re handsome. They’ll in all probability by no means say it to your face, however you may hear it from another person.

“That Marni woman is an actual looker.”

52. Loser

Phrase sort: Noun

In case your good friend says an individual is a loser, it doesn’t imply they misplaced a sport or a contest. It signifies that your good friend doesn’t like them due to their conduct.

 “Ray is such a loser for breaking apart with Rebecca.”

53. Low-key
/ High-key

Phrase sort: Adverb

This slang is near its customary that means of restrained or having much less depth.

As an adverb, it’s used to speak about one thing you may have emotions about, however in an understated manner; you don’t wish to make an enormous deal of it.

“Pineapple on pizza is the worst.”

“I dunno, I low-key don’t hate it.”

The alternative, high-key, will not be usually used. It is going to be understood should you use it, although.

“I high-key want a trip proper now.”

54. Mood

Phrase sort: Noun

temper is an emotional state, like happiness or boredom. You may be in a superb temper, a nasty temper or a bizarre temper.

When someone says “that’s a temper,” “massive temper” or simply the phrase by itself, it means they strongly relate to the way in which you are feeling. (See additionally: I really feel you.)

“I simply wish to keep in mattress and watch Netflix all day.”


55. Nuts

Phrase sort: Adjective

Somebody who’s nuts is loopy, and somebody who’s nuts about one thing is obsessive about that factor.

It’s offensive to say that somebody with a psychological sickness is nuts or loopy. Nonetheless, the slang can be utilized in a playful or non-serious method with associates.

 “I’m going to go sky-diving in Hawaii this summer season.”

“Are you nuts? You’re frightened of heights! You’re going to have a coronary heart assault!”

56. Own

Phrase sort: Verb

You may’t actually personal (possess) an individual. When players discuss proudly owning somebody, they imply defeating one other participant in a decisive victory. Getting owned may also imply getting humiliated in any scenario.

“That boss owned me so onerous I felt it in actual life!”

In Internet slang, that is usually spelled pwned. The letters P and O are subsequent to one another on an English keyboard, so it’s straightforward to sort one as an alternative of the opposite by chance. Folks began doing it on goal as an in-joke.

57. POG

Phrase sort: Acronym/adjective

POG, additionally written pog, stands for play of the game. It comes from on-line gamer tradition, the place it’s used as a praise to inform somebody they made an important transfer, or play. Generally use, it’s just like candy or superior.

“You’ve activated my lure card. I win!”


58. The receipts

Phrase sort: Noun

A receipt is a written document that reveals you may have acquired (taken possession of) cash, items or companies.

If somebody desires you to point out them the receipts, they’re asking for proof of no matter declare you simply made.

“Jackson can deny that he’s been spreading rumors about me, however I’ve the receipts.”

59. Ripped

Phrase sort: Adjective

In customary English, ripped means torn.

If an individual is ripped (often males/guys, however not all the time) it means they’ve nice muscle groups and our bodies—in all probability as a result of they work out quite a bit within the fitness center or are into sports activities.

“Dude, you’re so ripped! You need to dwell within the fitness center.”

60. Salty

Phrase sort: Adjective

It’s not only for describing meals taste. Salty can be used to explain an upset or bitter particular person. This slang turned popularized by the Web, so that you’ll in all probability encounter it usually in social media posts.

“Jessica bought 98/100 on the take a look at as a result of she forgot to jot down her identify. She’s so salty about it.”

61. Savage

Phrase sort: Adjective

Usually, one thing described as savage is wild and harsh, like a tiger attacking its subsequent meal.

It will also be used positively to explain an individual who’s fierce, fearless or intense.

“These dudes who do parkour are savage. It’s like gravity doesn’t exist for them.”

62. Scumbag

Phrase sort: Noun

This can be a crude and really unfavorable time period for somebody who will not be likable. This may very well be as a result of they’re dishonest, soiled, horrible, disagreeable, a loser or all the above.

“That scumbag mentioned he was gonna repair my cellphone, however he stole it!”

63. Selfie

Phrase sort: Noun

A selfie is a photograph you are taking of your self, often with a smartphone. (Taking a selfie with a daily digicam and a mirror is cringe.) It doesn’t need to be simply you; you’ll be able to take a selfie with associates, too.

Love them or hate them, selfies are right here to remain. You may thank Australia for giving us the phrase.

“I’m so excited to go to Chicago! Let’s get a selfie on the Bean!”

64. Shady

Phrase sort: Adjective

While you consider somebody suspicious, you may think them lurking within the shadows the place they will’t be seen.

Shady means simply that: suspicious. It may be used to explain an individual, occasion or object that appears untrustworthy.

“Each time Jim sees me, he runs away. Why is he performing so shady?”

65. Ship

Phrase sort: Noun/verb

No, we’re not speaking a couple of boat. That is an abbreviation of relationship.

This slang comes from on-line fandom, particularly fanfiction websites, the place a ship refers to a romantic partnering of two (or extra) fictional characters.

In case you ship sure characters, you consider they’re excellent for one another and ought to be collectively, whether or not they’re collectively within the authentic story or not.

“Harry marries Ginny within the books, in order that’s the one true ship.”

“I don’t care what anybody says. I’ll ship Harry and Hermione till I die.”

66. Shook

Phrase sort: Adjective

Usually, shook is the straightforward previous tense of to shake. Simply to confuse you, to be shook in American slang means the identical factor as to be shaken within the sense of shocked or surprised.

Slang usually includes enjoying with the language and testing its limits, so don’t be too shook should you additionally see shooketh, with the archaic suffix -eth repurposed to sign an ironic tone.

“Did you hear that Kate and Donny broke up?”

“In any case that combating? I’m shooketh.”

67. Sick

Phrase sort: Adjective

In case your buddy says that the celebration was sick, he’s saying he thought it was actually cool, superior or one of the best. On this case, it has an analogous that means to the phrase superior.

You in all probability will solely hear youngsters and faculty college students saying this—oh, and perhaps these Californian surfers!

“You missed a sick celebration final night time!”

68. Simp

Phrase sort: Verb/noun

To simp for somebody is to be overly attentive or submissive to that particular person, often a romantic curiosity.

If somebody calls you a simp, they’re telling you in a impolite manner that they suppose you’ve given up your dignity for an individual or trigger that doesn’t deserve your devotion.

“Sandy modified her hair and began carrying skin-tight garments rapidly. What’s up together with her?”

“She’s completely simping for that troublemaker Danny. It received’t finish nicely.”

69. Slay

Phrase sort: Verb

If somebody tells you to go slay, don’t choose up a knife! As a substitute of to kill, to slay right here means to be wonderful.

The time period is used to explain an individual or an outfit that appears fabulous. It could additionally describe somebody who has carried out one thing particularly spectacular.

“Lady, your new gown slays!”

“Thanks! I actually wish to impress my date.”

70. Snack

Phrase sort: Noun

If somebody seems like a snack, they appear adequate to eat. In different phrases, they’re sizzling!

As with babe above, watch out to make use of this solely when speaking to different folks, since not everybody will like being known as a snack.

“Chad seems like an actual snack in his uniform.”

71. Snatched

Phrase sort: Adjective

Having one thing snatched (shortly taken) from you is unhealthy, however being described as snatched is sweet.

On this case, it means you’re enticing and your fashion is ideal.

“Have you ever seen Sarah these days? She seems wonderful!”

“I do know, proper? Her edges are snatched and her outfit is on level.”

(Edges is a time period born within the African-American group, referring to the small, delicate hairs that develop on the boundary of the brow. It could additionally imply one’s coiffure on the whole.)

72. Stan

Phrase sort: Noun/verb

A stan is a fan who’s obsessive about the item of their fandom. To stan for one thing is to be a fan or supporter of it, maybe excessively.

Like geek, this is usually a unhealthy factor to name another person, however it may be used satirically or positively to explain your self or individuals who share your pursuits.

This phrase comes from the name of a song by Eminem and Dido a couple of hyper-devoted fan named Stan.

“How will you nonetheless like ‘Recreation of Thrones’ after that ending?”

“What can I say? I stan for every part Westeros.”

73. Swag

Phrase sort: Noun

Swag is used to explain somebody who’s cool or has a mode that’s attractive or cool:

“Have you ever seen Alex’s new coiffure?”

“Yeah, that man has swag.”

You can even say:

“I’ve bought extra swag than you do.” 

74. Sure

Phrase sort: Adjective/adverb

This implies sure. If somebody is positive about one thing, then you’ll be able to belief them to be proper—at the very least, more often than not!

“Was that his actual hair?”

“No, I’m fairly positive it was a wig!”

Positive will also be used as an adverb to emphasise some extent.

“That cheesecake positive is tasty!”

75. Sus 

Phrase sort: Adjective

Sus is an abbreviation of suspicious. Somebody performing sus might be untrustworthy and as much as no good.

This slang utilization was popularized by followers of the online game “Amongst Us,” wherein some gamers are secretly impostors attempting to sabotage and kill the remainder.

“Caroline is sus. I noticed her popping out of Engineering proper earlier than I walked in and located Jeff’s physique.”

76. Sweet

Phrase sort: Adjective

Candy isn’t used just for desserts—you can too use it to convey simply how wonderful and improbable one thing is to your pals!

“Hey, I simply received a automobile!”


77. Swole 

Phrase sort: Adjective

Swole means to be extraordinarily muscular. It’s a playful variation of the phrase swollen. You may consider it as that means that you simply’ve clearly gained lots of muscle since you’ve exercised quite a bit (particularly weightlifting):

“It seems like Tom’s been hitting the fitness center onerous.”

“Certainly, that exercise made him swole.”

78. Thicc

Phrase sort: Adjective

Calling somebody (particularly a lady) thicc is a praise. It means she has a pleasantly curvy physique, with bigger than common breasts, thighs or buttocks.

Nonetheless, not everybody desires to be complimented on their dimension—they might really feel such as you’re calling them fats. Additionally, thicc sounds precisely like thick, which might imply silly. Watch out how you utilize this one!

“I like Beyoncé’s music. Doesn’t harm that she’s thicc, too.”

79. Thirst
/ Thirsty
/ Thirst trap

Phrase sort: Noun (thirst, thirst lure) and adjective (thirsty)

Feeling thirsty usually means you might want to drink some water. In slang, thirst refers to sexual want or a eager for romantic consideration.

“Darrel retains posting shirtless photos of himself. It’s bought me feeling thirsty.”

thirst lure on social media is a horny assertion or picture meant to draw feedback, likes, and so on. from thirsty viewers.

“He’s sizzling, however he’s a scumbag. Don’t fall for the thirst lure.”

80. Totally
/ Totes

Phrase sort: Adverb

Completely means utterly or fully. It’s usually used as an intensifier or to specific settlement in informal speech. Totes is an abbreviation of completely that has turn out to be standard in our fast-paced world.

Watch out, although: these phrases have been overused and are typically a sign for sarcasm. Saying one thing is completely true or totes legit can imply the other, and it’s possible you’ll sound insincere even should you’re being sincere.

I’m totes one of the best! You consider me, proper?”

“Oh, completely.”

81. Vibes
/ Vibe check

Phrase sort: Noun (vibes), verb/noun (vibe verify)

Vibes (brief for vibrations) are the general power or ambiance of an individual or a scenario. If somebody offers off good vibes, likelihood is they’re optimistic and pleasant.

In case you get unhealthy vibes whenever you stroll right into a room, you may be sensing that your pals have simply had an argument. In that case, you may ask for a vibe verify to see if every part is okay now.

However you can too use it extra forcefully to let somebody know they’re behaving badly and will relax. In that sense, a vibe verify can consult with a metaphorical slap on the face.

“Hey, guys. Vibe verify?”

“We’re cool, thanks. I simply bought vibe checked, however I deserved it.”

82. Whatever

Phrase sort: Noun

No matter is used to emphasise a scarcity of limitation on one thing.

“Eat no matter you want. It’s your birthday and I’ll pay!”

It will also be used as an exclamation to point out that you simply don’t care about one thing or should you’re bored with one thing. If used appropriately, it may be an superior approach to get folks to cease bothering you!

“Look, I used to be proper all alongside! Which means I’m smarter than you!”

“Oh, no matter!”

83. Wheels

Phrase sort: Noun

We all know there are lots of issues which have wheels—a automobile, a bike, a motorbike and even a wheelbarrow. However when someone refers to their wheels, they’re speaking about their automobile.

“Good wheels!”

“Thanks! I had it mounted up on the auto store.”

84. Woke

Phrase sort: Adjective

Be very cautious with this phrase. It’s in all places, however it comes loaded with political connotations. How you utilize it sends totally different indicators to totally different folks.

Initially, to be woke meant to be awake to the existence of racial prejudice and injustice on this planet. On this sense, being woke is an efficient factor.

Nonetheless, right-wing folks use it with unfavorable connotations when referring to a leftist political or social ideology they don’t agree with.

“I want Hollywood would focus extra on being entertaining, much less on being woke.”

“I feel it’s good to have extra range in our media.”

85. Word

Phrase sort: Interjection

In slang, phrase signifies that you agree. As a substitute of claiming I agree you say phrase as an alternative:

“That is one of the best pizza on the town, isn’t it?”



Phrase sort: Interjection

That is used whenever you’re enthusiastic about one thing otherwise you extremely agree. You may say:

“Hey, I simply bought invited to this wonderful rooftop celebration downtown. You ?”

YAAAAAAS I’m undoubtedly going with you.”

There’s no phrase in the usual English dictionary like this, however it’s distantly associated to sure.

87. Yeet

Phrase sort: Verb

Yeet is a phrase with complex origins. It appears to have come from a few movies that bought standard on Vine (now defunct). From there it unfold throughout the Web and into on a regular basis use.

As a verb, it means to toss stuff at excessive velocity. It’s usually shouted when throwing one thing, or simply as an exclamation of pleasure.

“I’m gonna construct a slingshot that may yeet a soda can into outer area!”

Standard American Slang Phrases

slang words

88. AF

Phrase sort: Adverb

AF (or af) stands for as f*** (an offensive phrase). Utilizing the acronym is much less impolite than utilizing the total phrases, however that is for informal conditions solely.

It really works with any adjective as an intensifier.

“The brand new ‘Name of Obligation’ sport is sick af.”

89. Blow off steam

Phrase sort: Verb

Have you ever ever used a strain cooker? To be secure, it’s a must to launch the strain earlier than you open it, and releasing the valve lets out lots of steam.

In the identical manner, when an individual blows off steam, they’re releasing anger, nervousness or one other sturdy emotion.

“I had a tough day at work. I’m going for a run to blow off some steam.”

90. Break a leg

Phrase sort: Phrase

This foolish slang is only a enjoyable approach to want somebody good luck. It’s usually mentioned earlier than performances by actors and musicians. 

“Immediately’s my first time performing in entrance of a dwell viewers!”

“I’ll be within the entrance row to look at you. Break a leg!”

91. Bye, Felicia

Phrase sort: Phrase

This can be a unfavorable phrase used to dismiss somebody whenever you need them to go away. It comes from the 1995 comedy movie “Friday.”

“If I might simply get you to learn this pamphlet—”

“I already informed you no. Bye, Felicia!”

92. Can I get an amen?

Phrase sort: Phrase

Can I get an amen? doesn’t imply that you’re actually asking for a non secular amen from the particular person you’re speaking to. This phrase will not be utilized in formal conversations.

It means that you’re asking folks to narrate to what you’re saying or get them to agree with you:

“Ready in line for hours simply to get a drink is loopy, can I get an amen?”

93. To cap
/ No cap

Phrase sort: Verb (to cap) and phrase (no cap)

The verb to cap has a number of meanings, however the latest slang that means is to lie.

No cap means no lie, or I’m telling the reality.

“The brand new restaurant has an aquarium with dwell sharks in it!”

“You capping?”

No cap! I noticed with my very own eyes.”

94. To check out

Phrase sort: Verb

This can be utilized to say take a look at or hearken to, usually at one thing uncommon or fascinating.

Take a look at that man over there!”

95. To chill out

Phrase sort: Verb

All people likes to sit back, however what does it imply? It merely means to loosen up.

It may be used with or with out the phrase out, and should you’re talking with an American English speaker, they’ll undoubtedly perceive.

But when somebody tells you to sit back, it’s not well mannered. It signifies that they suppose you’re overreacting to a scenario or getting confused about foolish issues.

“Hey Tommy, what are you guys doing?”

“We’re simply chilling (out). Do you wish to come over?”

“Positive. I’m stressing in regards to the math take a look at. I have to sit back a bit.”

96. To do a solid

Phrase sort: Verb

Doing a strong means you’re finishing up a favor for somebody. In standard utilization, it’s usually implied (prompt) that the favor is suspicious or unlawful in a roundabout way.

“Hey, are you able to do me a strong and lend me $500? I’ll pay you again, I swear.”

97. To drop by
/ To drop in

Phrase sort: Verb

That is to pay a brief, unscheduled go to to somebody.

If somebody tells you that you would be able to “drop in anytime,” it’s a pleasant manner of claiming that you would be able to come over everytime you wish to. 

“I’m actually sorry, however I’ve nonetheless bought these books I borrowed from you a month in the past!”

“Oh, no worries. Why don’t you drop in after work and convey the books then?”

98. To dump

Phrase sort: Verb

In case you dump your boyfriend or girlfriend, it means you instantly finish a romantic relationship with them.

And should you’re dumped, it signifies that someone doesn’t wish to date you anymore. 

“What’s mistaken with Amy? She regarded unhappy all day.”

“Didn’t you hear? Alex dumped her final night time!”

99. For real

Phrase sort: Phrase

Roughly, this implies it’s true. It will also be used for emphasis or as a query.

“I simply bought into Harvard!”

For actual?”

For actual!”

100. To ghost

Phrase sort: Verb

One other noun-turned-verb, to ghost somebody is to cease responding to their emails, texts and calls with out warning. It’s not a pleasant factor to do.

“Mike hasn’t replied to my texts in over a month. The jerk ghosted me.”

101. Hang on

Phrase sort: Phrase

This phrase is extra generally used as a manner of claiming wait a minute.

“Are you able to go but?”

Hold on, I simply want to avoid wasting my sport!”

102. To hang out

Phrase sort: Verb

If somebody asks you the place you often hang around, they wish to know wherein place you like to be when you may have free time.

And in case your good friend asks you if you wish to hang around with them, they’re asking you should you’re free and wish to spend a while collectively.

And what should you ask your good friend what they’re doing and so they simply reply hanging out? It signifies that they’re free and never doing something particular.

“Hey, it’s nice to see you once more. We must always hang around someday.”

103. To have a blast

Phrase sort: Verb

The English phrase blast usually refers to an enormous explosion. It’s a phrase that we would see or hear within the information that considerations bombs.

However should you use this amongst your pals, it’s much more optimistic. It signifies that one thing is nice otherwise you had an incredible and enjoyable time.

“Thanks for inviting me to your celebration final night time. I had a blast.”

104. To have a crush
[on somebody]

Phrase sort: Verb

To have a crush on someone is a superb feeling. It signifies that you’re interested in someone and would like them to be more than just your friend.

As a substitute of claiming have a crush, you can too say crushing on—it means the identical factor, however it’s often used among the many youthful technology and youngsters.

“Oooh, you’re so crushing on Michael proper now!”

105. To be hooked
[on something]

Phrase sort: Adjective

In case you’re hooked on one thing or simply hooked, it signifies that you’re hooked on one thing and you’ll’t get sufficient.

You may be hooked on chocolate, basketball, a brand new TV present or one thing extra harmful like smoking (which isn’t cool, by the way in which).

“I beloved the brand new sitcom with Seth Rogen. I’m hooked already!”

106. I can’t even

Phrase sort: Phrase

This can be a joking approach to say you’re overwhelmed. Normally, you’d end the phrase I can’t even with one thing like deal with this or course of this, but when every part is simply an excessive amount of, you’ll be able to’t!

“This pasta is so good, I can’t even!”

107. I feel you

Phrase sort: Phrase

No arms or touching are concerned with this slang. While you say I really feel you to somebody, it means you perceive them and what they’re going by way of.

It’s often used when the particular person you’re speaking to is having a tough time or is upset about one thing.

“Ugh, I’m so nervous about my dentist appointment.”

I really feel you. The dentist scares me greater than every other physician.”

108. Living rent-free in my head

Phrase sort: Phrase

In case you let somebody share your home or condominium with out paying hire, you in all probability like them quite a bit.

If one thing resides rent-free in your head, it means you’ve turn out to be fascinated with it and may’t cease fascinated about it.

“The title monitor of this new album is dwelling rent-free in my head.”

109. My bad

Phrase sort: Phrase

This slang is an informal approach to say I’m sorry. Nonetheless, remember that it could possibly additionally appear insincere or teasing in sure contexts.

It could work high-quality for minor and even laughable errors that aren’t price a lot bother, however it will not be one of the best factor to say for extra critical errors.

“Hey! You spilled your drink on me!”

“Oh, my unhealthy. Right here, take my serviette.”

110. No sweat

Phrase sort: Phrase

When one thing isn’t an issue or doesn’t trigger any difficulties, then it’s no sweat.

Whether or not it’s doing a favor for somebody or having to take care of a bit bother, use this slang to say the matter is nothing price sweating about.

“I’m sorry, however are you able to carry this field for me?”

No sweat. I may even carry extra for you should you’d like.”

111. No worries

Phrase sort: Phrase

This can be a little bit of Australian slang that has made its manner into American English.

When somebody thanks you or apologizes to you, you’ll be able to reply with no worries. That manner, you’re letting them know you be ok with the scenario, so that they don’t have to be involved.

“Thanks a lot for coming. I do know it’s an extended drive.”

No worries. I loved the surroundings.”

112. On fleek

Phrase sort: Adjective

On fleek means excellent or flawless. It’s used to explain somebody’s hair, make-up or garments.

This phrase was coined on Vine by a woman named Kayla Lewis and astoundingly went viral from there. The phrase fleek existed earlier.

“Kayla’s eyebrows are on fleek!”

113. On point

Phrase sort: Adjective

When one thing is precisely proper or excellent, you’ll be able to say it’s on level.

“How are you beating me so onerous?”

“My expertise are on level as we speak!”

114. To pig out

Phrase sort: Verb

Everyone knows what pigs are finest at doing: consuming! For an individual to pig out means they’re performing similar to the animal—consuming meals shortly and passionately.

It’s the proper slang to make use of each time a hungry particular person and lots of meals are concerned collectively.

“I can’t wait to go to the brand new buffet restaurant. I’m ravenous and prepared to pig out!”

115. To ride shotgun

Phrase sort: Verb

Driving shotgun sounds unusual, however all it means is that you simply’re using within the passenger seat of a automobile, proper subsequent to the motive force.

This slang may be defined with a little bit of historical past: Again when horse-drawn coach autos have been used, it was frequent for a bodyguard with a shotgun to sit down subsequent to the motive force as safety.

These days, using shotgun is often thought of a privilege. When a bunch of individuals is being supplied a experience in somebody’s automobile, you’ll be able to anticipate somebody to shout “I name shotgun!to say the passenger seat earlier than everybody else.

“My again seats are a bit soiled. You may experience shotgun as an alternative.”

116. Rip-off
/ To rip off

Phrase sort: Noun (rip-off) and verb (to tear off)

In case you discover a easy t-shirt and the worth tag says $80, you’d be shocked, proper? That t-shirt is an entire rip-off, which signifies that it’s manner too costly for what it’s.

And if an individual rips you off, they’re dishonest you out of cash and charging you much more than you ought to be paying. For instance, vacationers usually get ripped off by locals as a result of the locals wish to earn a living and the vacationers don’t know what the merchandise is admittedly price.

“How a lot did you purchase your wheels for, bro?”


“Dude, you have been so ripped off. This automobile’s price solely half of that!”

117. To send

Phrase sort: Verb

It sends me is shorthand to say that one thing like music or artwork makes you are feeling rapture, humor or delight.

Although the expression has turn out to be standard with Gen Z, it actually comes from 1930s jazz culture.

“What’s your favourite e-book?”

“‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Good prose sends me.”

118. To slap

Phrase sort: Verb

In customary utilization, to slap one thing is to strike it with an open hand. It often makes a loud noise.

If a music slaps, which means it’s superior. Use it whenever you hear one thing with an important beat that makes you wish to dance.

“Unpopular opinion: disco music completely slaps.”

119. To sleep on

Phrase sort: Phrase

This expression has two meanings. The primary is to take time to consider one thing earlier than making a call.

“Which home will you purchase?”

“I’m undecided but. I’ll sleep on it and determine tomorrow.”

The second, newer that means is to disregard or dismiss the worth of one thing, letting it go you by.

“Chicago-style pizza is one of the best.”

“No, New York–fashion is.”

“Dude, everyone seems to be sleeping on Detroit-style!”

120. Spill the tea

Phrase sort: Phrase

Whereas it could have began out as New York native slang, this phrase has gained wider reputation these days.

Tea here’s a euphemism (a more-polite time period) for gossip, and spilling the tea means sharing gossip.

“I’ve been listening to some scandalous rumors about Nicole.”

“I have to know every part. Come on, spill the tea!”

121. The struggle is real

Phrase sort: Phrase

Much like I really feel you, this phrase is used to specific empathy when somebody goes by way of a tough time. It tells them you may have been by way of one thing related and may relate.

“I’ve been working so onerous, however I nonetheless can’t appear to make ends meet.”

The wrestle is actual. They hold elevating the hire, so what are you presupposed to do?”

122. To throw shade

Phrase sort: Verb

Throwing shade is a time period which means somebody is making delicate, usually sarcastic feedback which are meant to be insulting or important. It’s usually used to explain somebody who’s being passive-aggressive or who’s attempting to make another person really feel unhealthy with out being too apparent about it.

“Did you hear what she mentioned about your new haircut? She was completely throwing shade!”

123. Touch grass

Phrase sort: Phrase

It’s claimed in some holistic and non secular practices that strolling barefoot on the grass connects you to the earth and is therapeutic for the thoughts and physique.

If somebody tells you to contact grass, they might suppose you’re spending an excessive amount of time indoors and have to go outdoors and expertise nature. They could additionally suppose you’ve misplaced contact with actuality and want to achieve a greater understanding of the world.

“I swear, the moon is made from cheese and NASA is masking it up.”

“I feel you’ve been spending an excessive amount of time on conspiracy web sites. Go contact grass, buddy.”

124. Turnt up
/ Turn down

Phrase sort: Adjective (turnt up) and verb (flip down)

Turnt is an accented pronunciation of turned. (Particularly in an African-American accent.) Each turnt up and simply turnt can imply intoxicated, excited or performing wild.

“I bought turnt up with a bunch of individuals on the membership final night time. Now I’m paying for it with a killer hangover.”

You might have heard the phrase flip down within the standard music “Flip Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. Used as the other of to get turnt up, it means to calm your pleasure or celebration much less onerous.

“Don’t inform me to flip down. It’s my wedding ceremony!”

125. To wrap up

Phrase sort: Verb

To wrap up means to complete one thing, often an occasion like a gathering. You can even inform somebody to wrap it up to induce them to rush up and full no matter they have been doing.

“Hey, can we use this room? We’re having a gathering at 12:00 p.m.”

“Okay. We’re going to wrap up our examine session in a couple of minutes.”

126. YOLO

Phrase sort: Acronym, phrase

YOLO (or yolo) stands for you only live once. It’s a reminder that point is proscribed, so you need to take advantage of it. It’s usually used to justify spontaneous or dangerous conduct.

“I’m going to Costa Rica subsequent week. My airline factors have been about to run out, so… YOLO!”

Area-specific Slang

slang words

127. Bless up

Phrase sort: Phrase

This phrase originated in Jamaica. It’s used as an expression of gratitude and well-wishing. It will also be used when greeting somebody or parting from them.

“Thanks on your assistance on the undertaking. Bless up!”

128. Bless your heart

Phrase sort: Phrase

This can be a frequent saying in Southern states and it could possibly have two meanings. It could imply the speaker is being pleasant and wishing you nicely for doing one thing good.

Nonetheless, extra usually, it’s used as an insult towards an individual who acts foolishly.

If somebody ever says this phrase to you, suppose first if you could have carried out one thing foolish earlier than accepting the “praise.”

“I’ve $100. The steak is $20 apiece. Wow, so I can get six steaks!”

Bless your coronary heart. You may wish to verify your math once more.”

129. Brick

Phrase sort: Adjective

On this distinctive instance of New York slang, brick means very chilly. It’s the proper phrase to make use of throughout the winter season when stepping outdoors is sufficient to make you shiver!

“Don’t overlook to take your coat! It’s brick outdoors.”

130. Catawampus

Phrase sort: Adjective

Additionally spelled cattywampus. This humorous slang is utilized in midland and Southern states to explain one thing that’s crooked or diagonal. It will also be used when one thing isn’t going the way in which it ought to.

“A automobile smashed into the poor cease signal and it’s all catawampus now.”

131. Fixin’ to
/ Finna

Phrase sort: verb (finna)

Fixin’ is an accented manner of claiming the phrase fixing. While you’re fixin’ to do one thing, which means you’re on the point of or are planning on doing it. This expression is used usually within the South.

In current occasions, it’s additionally contracted to finna.

“I’m fixin’ to end my work early so I can get to the grand opening on time!”

132. Hella

Phrase sort: Adverb

Probably a contraction of hell of a (additionally written helluva), hella is slang utilized in California.

Just like the New York slang mad and New England depraved, hella additionally means very or extraordinarily. Typically, it could possibly additionally imply lots of.

“Let’s eat right here. The steak particular is hella scrumptious.”

133. Janky

Phrase sort: Adjective

Used generally in Northeastern states like New Hampshire, janky is slang for describing gadgets which are very unhealthy high quality.

It will also be used for individuals who have unlikable or unusual qualities. 

“That bike seems so janky. It’d break as quickly as you sit on it.”

134. Mad

Phrase sort: Adverb

No, you aren’t saying you’re offended or annoyed. You’re not insane, both—that’s what mad means within the U.Okay.

In New York, mad is a typical slang phrase which means many or very.

“How about watching that new comedy movie? I heard it’s mad humorous.”

135. Ope

Phrase sort: Interjection

When somebody bumps into you by chance, you’d in all probability anticipate to listen to oops or whoops, proper?

Effectively, in Midwestern states, you’ll in all probability hear the phrase ope as an alternative. It means the identical factor!

Ope! Sorry I almost hit you there, Hank.”

“No sweat. Simply be extra cautious.”

136. Rad

Phrase sort: Adjective

Standard in California, rad is slang which means cool or superior. It’s brief for the phrase radical.

In case you’ve ever watched motion pictures that characteristic laidback Californians or surfers with lengthy hair, then you could have heard this slang. It could sound a bit dated and cheesy in some contexts, although.

“The celebration final night time was completely rad. The meals and music have been nice.”

137. Wicked

Phrase sort: Adverb

Depraved usually means unhealthy or evil. However as a slang used usually in New England states, depraved means very or wonderful.

It really works quite a bit just like the slang mad in that it often pairs up with an adjective. This slang can be used generally in the U.K., the place it has an analogous optimistic that means.

“Have you ever heard? Thomas goes to school with a full scholarship!”

“After all, he would! He’s depraved sensible.”

138. Y’all

Phrase sort: Contraction

In southern states like Texas, you’ll in all probability hear lots of people saying y’all as an alternative of you all once they’re speaking to a bunch of individuals.

Whereas the slang is hottest within the south, it’s additionally used throughout America as an informal and pleasant approach to handle others.

“Let’s go to mattress now so we are able to get up early tomorrow.”

“Sounds good to me. See y’all within the morning.”

Assets for Studying American Slang Phrases

Whereas we are able to’t cowl each single American slang phrase in English, there are many locations to seek out them on-line.

There are many movies on YouTube that may enable you to with must-know slang, equivalent to these:

If you wish to be taught American slang at your personal tempo (as an alternative of stumbling on them mid-conversation!), you’ll be able to attempt watching modern movies and TV shows and even informal American vlogs.

They are often discovered on-line and since they’re made for native English audio system, you’ll be able to hear and see slang in actual motion.


The FluentU website and app (iOS and Android) allows you to examine English vocabulary and expressions from movies made for and by native audio system, like music movies and film trailers.

Every clip has interactive subtitles and a video dictionary that reliably translate the phrases you hear, together with slang and idioms. You may then assessment every part you be taught by way of flashcards and quizzes, the place you’ll be able to sort or converse your solutions.

Listed below are some further sources for American slang:

The University of Massachusetts’ list of American slang: An alphabetical record of frequent slang phrases and phrases with their meanings. A few of it’s particular to the Northeast area of the U.S.

Dave Sperling’s ESL Slang Page: A complete, alphabetical record of slang, which additionally has examples. Among the slang will not be so frequent.

Commonly-used American Slang from Manythings.org: This additionally has a complete record. Not like Dave Sperling’s ESL slang web page, this web page allows you to see the instance first. So you’ll be able to guess the that means first, earlier than you really see the definition.


So there you may have it—these are a number of the commonest on a regular basis American slang phrases you may hear amongst your English-speaking associates.

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Try FluentU!.

Our language studying program is designed to show you English phrases the pure manner—utilizing genuine movies like TV clips, film trailers and music movies.

Each FluentU video comes with interactive subtitles. Simply click on or faucet on any unfamiliar phrase or phrase within the captions to get an instantaneous definition, instance sentences and native pronunciation audio.

basic english phrases

You may search the FluentU video library for any phrases or phrases to immediately discover genuine English movies that use them. Movies may be sorted by topic, format and issue degree, so you’ll be able to uncover phrases that suit your studying wants and pursuits.

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By combining participating clips with instruments that will help you perceive them, you may bear in mind the context phrases are utilized in and the phrases will stick higher in your thoughts.


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