11 Types of Jokes in English (With Examples and Audio!)


Man being silly by holding pumpkins up to his eyes and sticking his tongue out.

” A comic states amusing things; a comic states things amusing.” — Ed Wynn

If this quote made you smile, you need to be extremely happy.

Humor is a vital part of any culture. Chuckling together makes us feel more detailed and offers us something to show complete strangers and good friends. It’s likewise a simple method to learn more about a brand-new culture.

Understanding humor as an English student is a big action towards comprehending English like a native. Today, thanks to the Internet, jokes in English are all around us.

Here are 11 kinds of jokes in English, all with examples, descriptions and audio.


1. Timeless Jokes

Traditional or traditional jokes are jokes that have actually been around for a while. They are not as popular any longer due to the fact that of the Internet, however they are still classics. Conventional jokes typically appear like a narrative or a question-and-answer format.

Some of the most well-known standard jokes consist of:

Chicken crossing the roadway jokes

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get to the other side!

Explanation: You anticipate an amusing action to the concern, however the response is truly apparent. That is why this joke is amusing! Of course the chicken is crossing the street to get to the opposite. Why else would it cross the roadway? Some individuals likewise state “the opposite” truly suggests “death,” due to the fact that the chicken will pass away crossing the roadway by getting struck by an automobile.

This joke has actually been recycled sometimes with other animals and individuals. Simply change the chicken with anything and include a suitable action. :


A: Because she felt like it.

Explanation: The duck is doing the chicken’s task of crossing the roadway!

Here are a couple of other popular responses to this olden concern: To change the light bulb.

A: Explanation:

This response is simply apparent sufficient to be amusing.


Explanation: This response describes another kind of traditional English joke, called … Light bulb jokes

Light bulb jokes ask: “How lots of individuals does it require to screw in a light bulb?”

Changing a light bulb is a quite simple task, and you do not typically require any aid. These jokes utilize light bulbs as a step of How many policemen does it take to screw in a light bulb?

intelligence None. It turned itself in.

(how clever somebody is). They utilize stereotypes of specific kinds of individuals, like blondes, legal representatives or police officers. Here’s one popular example: Q: A:


“Turning itself in” can imply that the light bulb How many actors does it take to change a light bulb?

screwed Only one. They don’t like sharing the spotlight.

(turned) itself in, or that it went to the police headquarters and confessed to devoting a criminal activity, so no officers were required. Here are a couple of other example of light bulb jokes:

Q: How many Jewish grandmothers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: It doesn’t matter. We can just sit in the dark.

Explanation: According to stereotypes, stars are vain and desire attention on the phase, so they do not wish to share the (area) light while altering the light bulb.




According to stereotypes, Jewish grannies are martyrs, and due to the fact that of this, they do not wish to be fussed over, so they will gladly being in a dark space rather of altering the light bulb.

Knock knock jokes Knock knock.

These traditional jokes constantly follow the exact same order. Somebody states “knock knock,” and somebody else reacts, “who’s there?” Who’s there?

The knocker then offers a response of who is at the door. This can be anything, like an animal, a thing and even simply a noise. The noise is duplicated with the concern word “who?” and after that the knocker provides the punchline. Lettuce.

Here are some examples: Lettuce who?

A: Let us in! It’s cold out here.

B: A:

B: Knock knock.

A: Who’s there?

Explanation: Figs.

“Lettuce” seems like “Let us” in English. Figs who?

A: Fix your doorbell. It’s not working.

B: A:

B: Knock knock.

A: Who’s there?

Explanation: Nun.

In spoken English, “figs” sounds a lot like “repair.” Nun who?

A: None of your business.

B: A:



Explanation: How many Apple employees does it take to change a light bulb?

In spoken English, “nun” and “none” noise precisely the exact same. Seven. One to change the bulb and six to design and sell the T-shirt.

You most likely will not hear lots of crossing the roadway jokes, light bulb jokes or knock knock jokes. Due to the fact that they are so old that everybody has actually heard them, that’s. You can, nevertheless, inform a standard light bulb joke about a modern-day subject, like this one about Apple workers:

Q: A: Reader’s Digest Explanation:

This joke teases the method Apple runs their company, concentrating on style and marketing rather of real work.

Find it online:

There are still lots of sites devoted to traditional jokes. Sites like watch this video of the late comedian Mitch Hedberg have substantial collections of jokes, a few of which speak about modern-day subjects.

2. One-Liner Jokes

“I tried to walk into Target… but I missed.”

A one-liner has just one line or sentence. It is truly crucial to comprehend every word or you can miss out on the significance due to the fact that they are so brief. For some terrific examples of one-liners,

“I just flew in from New York. My arms are tired.”

Hedberg was a funnyman, a kind of comic who stands and informs his jokes in front of an audience. Stand-up comics’ jokes are typically anecdotes (more on those next!), however almost all of Hedberg’s regimen was comprised of one-liners. Take this one, for instance:

“I don’t suffer from insanity. I happen to enjoy every second of it.”

Explanation: Target is a shop, however it’s likewise an item that you go for. This one-liner is really a pun, or a play on words. We’ll talk more about these later on too!

“So, apparently my smoke alarm is also a food critic now.”

Explanation: The joke teller is pretending he flew like a bird, by flapping his arms, rather of on an airplane. Explanation: The joke teller is confessing that they are a little outrageous. They are likewise insisting they like it, so they do not struggle with it– they enjoy it!


This joke teller is such a bad cook that they burn whatever, which

sets off (switches on) their smoke detector, which likewise lets the joke teller understand that they can’t prepare, much like a food critic does.Summer Ray If you do not comprehend why a one-liner is amusing, attempt searching for the words in a dictionary. Exists more than one significance? Is a word utilized in a various method?one-liners on Reddit You can likewise browse Google for any recommendations or names you do not comprehend (for instance, looking for Target would describe that it’s a shop, if you didn’t currently understand that).

Find it online:

On X (formerly referred to as Twitter), the comic

has terrific one-liner jokes that utilize observations about life to make amusing remarks. You can likewise discover some terrific


“When the coffee shop clerk asked for his name, my brother-in-law answered, ‘Marc, with a C.’ Minutes later, he was handed his coffee with his name written on the side: Cark.”

3. Anecdote Jokes An anecdote is a narrative about something that truly occurred to you or somebody you understand. Due to the fact that they are truly real, they’re amusing.

“Teaching is not for overly sensitive types, let me tell you. Yesterday, I was reviewing the future, present and past verb tenses with my ESL class. I gave them the example—’I’m beautiful’—and asked which tense the example was in. From the back row, a student raised her hand. Her answer: past tense.”

To comprehend anecdotes, you require to “put yourself in somebody else’s shoes,” or envision being the individual in the anecdote. It likewise assists to understand how individuals act, considering that anecdotes typically reveal individuals doing ridiculous or unanticipated things. Here are a number of examples:

Explanation: When you purchase a beverage at Starbucks, they compose your name on the cup so they can call you once it’s all set. Marc mentioned that his name is spelled with a “C” due to the fact that the name is typically spelled with a “K” at the end, like “Mark.” Rather of composing “Marc,” the clerk composed Cark … which simply does not make good sense!shared her story of discovering a possible spider’s nest Explanation:

This bad instructor was insulted by their trainee. The trainee was recommending that the instructor’s charm had actually faded a long time earlier, so the declaration “I’m gorgeous” was plainly in the previous tense and no longer real.Reader’s Digest Find it online:

Sometimes an anecdote ends up being so popular that it’s shared amongst many individuals online. One example is from Lindy West, who

, which suggests she published updates as it was taking place, and the outcome was humorous.

You can discover more anecdotes on

, where users send their own amusing narratives from their lives.

“How is a raven like a writing desk?”

4. Due to the fact that it utilizes rubbish as its comical source, Non Sequitur Jokes

This is a particularly enjoyable type of joke!

“Both are N-E-V-A-R put backwards.”

” Non sequitur” is a Latin term that suggests “It does not follow.” A non sequitur is when you attempt to link 2 points that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, and there are typically humorous outcomes. One of the most well-known non sequitur jokes was composed by the author Lewis Carroll in his book “Alice in Wonderland,” when he asked:

There is no ideal response here, due to the fact that a desk and a raven certainly have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Lots of people have actually used their own responses, and every one earns less sense than the last, like this one:

( Neither word has a “b” in it, plainly.)

Carroll’s own response was:

Explanation: “Nevar” is “raven” spelled in reverse, and a composing desk needs to not be positioned in reverse or you will not have the ability to compose on it.this one Don’t attempt to understand that, due to the fact that you can’t! Which’s the point– it’s not expected to make good sense. Due to the fact that it’s difficult to inform when a joke is a non sequitur,

This kind of joke can be irritating for English students. When the punchline appears to be about a totally various topic, an excellent indication that something isn’t expected to make sense is.

The popular comic Norm MacDonald, who was on the American funny program “Saturday Night Live” for several years, was well-known for his non sequitur jokes, a few of which remain in this clip:

Find it online: “Saturday Night Live” Many memes utilize non sequiturs, such asAl Yankovic You can discover other memes on “Tacky”.“Happy.” 5. Parody Jokes

A parody teases something by copying it in an amusing method.

The popular late night program TL;DR Wikipedia utilizes parodies to tease present programs, motion pictures and real-world occasions. Comic

“Presidents’ Day: An annual U.S. holiday honoring those in the market for a new mattress or car.”

develops parodies of tunes by utilizing the exact same music however altering the words. Strange Al’s tune utilizes the exact same music as Pharrell’s The Onion It even makes enjoyable of the music video.

Understanding a parody typically needs understanding the initial source. You can learn the initial by browsing Google for “what is (tune, joke, spoof, and so on) a parody of?”

For example,

is a humorous Instagram account that parodies Wikipedia posts into brief, amusing jokes. For the U.S. vacation of Presidents’ Day:

“IKEA is being accused of evading over $1 billion in taxes. Prosecutors have actually been after IKEA for years. They’ve just been having a hard time putting their case together.”

Explanation: This parody makes enjoyable of the numerous sales promos at bed mattress shops and automobile dealers that appear to pop up every year in the U.S. over Presidents’ Day weekend. Find it online: There are whole parody sites online, like

“A DoorDash delivery driver saved a woman’s life when she fell and broke her hip outside her house. When she returned home from the hospital three weeks later, she complained the pizza was now ice cold.”

, which composes pretend stories that appear like newspaper article. In some cases, individuals are tricked into believing they’re genuine news posts! 6. Topical Jokes

Thanks to the Internet, we understand what is going on on the planet as it is taking place.

That suggests we can likewise tease anything as it’s taking place. Even things that are “no laughing matter,” or extremely major, can’t leave from the Internet’s desire to make whatever amusing. Topical jokes are made throughout or right after some huge present occasion. They can be questionable, and some usage dark humor. You might even see a topical joke about a catastrophe followed by the expression “prematurely?” which suggests, “is it prematurely to downplay this bad thing that occurred?”

Here are a number of examples:


IKEA is a Swedish furnishings shop that’s well-known for offering furnishings that you

“I wish I knew what it is I am trying not to think about.”

put together Charlie Brown of the Peanuts (created) on your own. The joke is that even the legal representatives are having problem putting together proof and putting their legal case versus IKEA together. This joke utilizes something that’s presently taking place as a setup for a pun.

“I expect nothing and it’s still too much.”

Explanation: The kindness of the DoorDash messenger isn’t acknowledged, for comic result, although they conserved the consumer’s life. from famous cartoon character Charlie Brown In the U.S., late night funny programs are the primary source of topical jokes. Here’s a monologue from “The Jimmy Kimmel Show,” where Jimmy informs topical jokes about present occasions: Find it online: Topical humor is all over on the Internet, particularly on social networks sites where individuals share present occasions, like TikTok and Facebook.

7. Paradoxical Jokes

“The pandemic helped people unite all around the world by keeping their distance.”

A paradoxical joke is a joke that states something however really suggests another thing– typically the opposite. Take an appearance at some examples to see what I imply: Explanation: is attempting not consider something, however he can’t even remember what it is! Explanation: This paradoxical joke is likewise

Here, he does not anticipate anything to occur. When absolutely nothing occurs, it’s still


(tough to deal with).

Here’s another example that many people can associate with:


In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people entered into lockdown

(stayed at home and practiced

social distancing

(keeping away from others). Individuals felt much closer to each other even though they were far apart physically due to the fact that everybody took part in this.

If you do not comprehend a paradoxical joke, attempt to determine which 2 parts of the joke do not make good sense together.“The Colbert Report.” Find it online:

“I can’t stand people who disagree with me on the issue of Roe versus Wade…which I believe is about the proper way to cross a lake.”

has more than 100 paradoxical jokes– see the number of you comprehend! 8. Observational Jokes An observational joke goes over daily items, scenarios or individuals. These kinds of jokes typically begin with, “Have you ever observed …?” or “Do you ever question why …?” Usually, the subject of the joke will recognize to many people. It isn’t something they have actually truly believed about in the past. The joke then explains the humor.

Here’s a video example from comic George Carlin, speaking about “things”:

Find it online: Observational jokes typically turn up in stand-up funny efficiencies. You can browse YouTube for stand-up funny efficiencies by individuals like George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld and John Mulaney to hear more observational jokes.the official YouTube channel 9. Character Jokes

Sometimes, a comic or somebody informing a joke will pretend to be a particular kind of amusing character.

The character typically has a really clear character characteristic that is either entertaining, amusing, bothersome or some mix of the 3.

“What do I look like, an inferior decorator?”

One popular example originates from late night tv host Stephen Colbert, who played a character (likewise called Stephen Colbert) on his program The character was extremely political and would state things like:


“You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish. Unless, of course, you play bass.”

Roe v. Wade is a really crucial lawsuit in the U.S. about the delicate subject of abortion

(ending a pregnancy). The names likewise sound like the words “row” (how you move a little boat) and “wade” (strolling through water)– 2 methods you may attempt to get throughout a lake.English pick-up lines A truly terrific example of character funny originates from the television program “Saturday Night Live,” pointed out above. This program utilizes a great deal of character jokes, particularly throughout the Weekend Update sector. You can have a look at 20 of the most popular Weekend Update characters in this video:

Find it online: Pun.me Again, “Saturday Night Live” has plenty of character jokes. You can discover more video examples on English talk show.

10. Puns/Wordplay Jokes

Wordplay is associated with any joke where the words themselves assist make the joke amusing. Here’s an example: made of two pieces of wood Explanation:

“Inferior designer” seems like “interior designer”– an individual who embellishes the within or creates of a home or structure. The word “inferior,” nevertheless, suggests poor quality or status.

Puns are an incredibly popular kind of wordplay. These jokes utilize words that have numerous significances. Here’s a double pun by well-known British author Douglas Adams:


To “tune a guitar” suggests to repair the guitar strings so they make the right noises. “tune a” likewise sounds like “tuna,” which is a type of fish. A “bass” is the word for another kind of fish, however it’s likewise the word for another kind of guitar.

Many are really puns! Be cautious utilizing them when you talk to your crush. Individuals typically feel rather highly about puns. Some individuals believe they’re not amusing and lame at all, however others discover them completely “punny” … a pun that’s amusing! Find it online:

is an entire site devoted to puns and other kinds of jokes! You might likewise hear puns made by hosts or by characters in comical motion pictures or television programs.a collection of his clips on YouTube 11. Slapstick/Physical Jokeshis YouTube channel A slapstick is a basic comical tool

If you “struck” somebody with a slapstick, the wood pieces smack together and make a loud sound. It sounds and looks like the individual truly got slapped, however in reality, the slapstick will not injure them at all.

These days, ” slapstick” typically describes a particular sort of physical funny. It includes big, remarkable and extremely passionate motion. Typically, this kind of funny likewise includes individuals combating or striking each other.

Here’s an example of traditional slapstick, called “For Heaven’s Sake”: Because slapstick includes physical motion, there’s typically very little talking. That’s real of a lot of physical funny, really. There are lots of modern-day examples of individuals utilizing and taking pleasure in physical jokes, too. Have a look at well-known comic Mr. Bean carrying out at the opening of the 2012 Olympics in London: So, even if traditional slapstick funny isn’t amusing to you, there might be other kinds of physical funny that you value

(delight in). Find it online: Charlie Chaplin was an exceptionally well-known physical comic from the days of black-and-white movies. You can discover You can see more of Mr. Bean on . What Makes a Good Joke? An excellent joke– rather just– makes individuals laugh! Jokes typically have a punchline and a setup. The setup establishes, or presents, the situation or story, offering you any info you require to comprehend the amusing part. The


is the amusing part. There are lots of kinds of jokes, and you may not discover them all amusing. In basic, an excellent joke provides info informed in some unanticipated or brand-new method. Some usage ridiculous humor while others tease more major topics. Jokes typically utilize either present occasions or universal subjects

( subjects that everybody can comprehend, like marital relationship, work, school or good friends). Not all jokes are favorable, either. Some jokes are in memes offending

— they can make some individuals feel bad. Some usage


— basic declarations about individuals which aren’t always real. Comprehending why these jokes stink or what makes them amusing (even if

  • you
  • do not believe they’re amusing) is an indication that you’re closer to understanding English like a native.
  • How the Internet Has Changed Jokes

Before the Internet, jokes were primarily made on television programs, by comics, amongst good friends or at celebrations. Now, thanks to the Internet, we’re all comics! Social network sites, remark areas and even some news sites are

“A man walks into a bar… and breaks his nose.”

loaded with jokes by regular individuals like you and me.

This has actually likewise altered the method jokes look. Jokes utilized to be a couple of sentences long. Web jokes are typically much shorter, and they can integrate words with images and brief videos, like

. Before the Internet, you might establish a joke by stating something like “stop me if you’ve heard this one before …” Online, there’s no requirement to do this. Something about the Internet makes us wish to make amusing, humorous remarks. Due to the fact that they typically have numerous significances,

How to Learn English with Jokes

Jokes are an exceptional English discovering tool. To comprehend a joke, you require to comprehend:

The vocabulary the joke utilizesthe FluentU program Different significances of specific words

Pop or cultural culture recommendations

  • For example, read this joke: Explanation:
  • Why is this amusing? Due to the fact that it utilizes the numerous significances of “bar” in English. It begins by establishing a timeless kind of joke (lots of English jokes start with “a guy strolls into a bar,” suggesting that he strolls into a location to have a beverage). It utilizes the other significance of the word “bar.” A bar can be a location where you opt for beverages,
  • or it can be a long, round piece of wood or metal.
  • In this joke, you anticipate the “bar” with the very first meaning, so you believe that the guy is getting in a bar to have a beverage … however then how did he break his nose? He broke his nose due to the fact that he strolled into the other

sort of bar– a piece of metal or wood– and injure himself!

See just how much you require to understand to comprehend simply one brief joke?

It’s all right if you do not capture onto humor in English right now, however do not be dissuaded! There are great deals of various things you can do to assist you comprehend jokes a little much better, such as seeing funnies and popular comedies.

Movies and television programs, as recommended by the video listed below, are filled with gags, quips and jabs to offer you a much better concept of what’s thought about amusing in English:

Find more funny– and other natural knowing chances– in native English videos on Here are some fundamental suggestions for gaining from jokes:

Look up names. Search Google for any names pointed out in a joke. Jokes about Trump, Biden, Target, Presidents’ Day or Taylor Swift are funnier when you understand who or what they are. Check the dictionary for numerous word significances.

Many jokes are brief, so it’s crucial to comprehend every word.

Ask the joke teller to describe. FluentU lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials Sure, this isn’t perfect– typically when jokes are described, they lose their result. If you do not comprehend the joke, ask! You’ll have the needed background understanding to inform the joke yourself at some point.


Jokes are an excellent method to find out while having a good time, too!


Let’s return to that Ed Wynn quote from the start of this post: “A comic states amusing things; a comic states things amusing.”

In case you do not rather get it, the quote is describing the distinction in between a comic and a comic.


A comic makes individuals laugh by stating things that are amusing. A comic makes individuals laugh by making Learn more.


amusing, even if it’s not amusing on its own. A comic can speak about the typical things we perform in our daily lives and make them amusing. Which do you believe is more difficult to do?Click here to take advantage of our current sale! (Expires at the end of this month.) You most likely will not discover all the jokes in this post amusing, however if you can comprehend

they’re amusing, you’re doing terrific!(*) Download:(*)
This post is readily available as a portable and practical PDF that you.
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(*) And One More Thing …(*) . You need to likewise inspect out FluentU if you like discovering English through motion pictures and online media. (*), as you can see here: .(*) If you wish to enjoy it, the FluentU app has most likely got it.(*) . The FluentU app and site makes it truly simple to enjoy English videos. There are captions that are interactive. That suggests you can tap on any word to see an image, meaning, and helpful examples. .(*) FluentU lets you find out interesting material with world well-known stars.(*) . When you tap on the word “browsing,” you see this: .(*) FluentU lets you tap to search for any word.(*) . Discover all the vocabulary in any video with tests. Swipe left or ideal to see more examples for the word you’re discovering. .(*) FluentU assists you find out quick with numerous examples and helpful concerns. (*) . The very best part? FluentU keeps in mind the vocabulary that you’re discovering. When it’s time to evaluate what you’ve discovered, it offers you additional practice with tough words– and advises you. You have a genuinely customized experience. .
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