105 Essential Soccer/Football Vocabulary Words in English [With Audio]


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Football (or football if you’re outside the USA) is one of the most preferred sporting activity worldwide in regards to its variety of followers.

If you are among its billions of advocates, you might wish to find out some English vocabulary to be able to speak about numerous elements of the video game.

In this write-up, you’ll find out 105 words and also expressions you require to recognize to interact regarding the guidelines of the video game, racking up, competitions and also even more.

With this essential football vocabulary, you can enter the video game and also get in touch with English audio speakers over an internationally cherished sporting activity!


Gamer Positions and also Officials


1.Assistant referee

( noun) This is the individual that adds and also down the football pitch (area). Their task is to inform the umpire if the round heads out. They’re likewise essential when it pertains to assisting with offside choices. In the past, he or she’s task was called a ‘linesman.’

The assistant referee held up his flag to show the referee that the ball was still in play.

2. Attacker

( noun) The duty of an assaulter on a group is to rack up objectives. An additional word for an assaulter is an onward.

Lionel Messi, who plays for Barcelona, is one of the world’s best attackers. He has great skill and can move quickly towards the goal.


( noun) The individual that reports every action of the video game while it’s taking place. If you’re a soccer/football follower, you have actually most likely listened to several analysts on television or the radio.

John Motson is one of the most famous British football commentators.

4. Defender

( noun) A gamer that attempts to quit the various other group from racking up an objective.

England always does well in the World Cup matches because of their strong defenders.

/ Goalie

( noun) The gamer that separates the goalposts and also attempts to quit the round from getting in the objective.

The goalkeeper for France dived to the ground and blocked Ronaldo’s shot.

6.  Midfielder

( noun) A gamer that normally remains in the center of the area.

Mesut Ozil is one of the best midfielders in the world.

7. Referee

( noun) The key main in charge of applying the guidelines and also making sure justice throughout a suit.

8. Skipper

( noun/verb) The captain of the group. As a verb, to work as the group captain. This term is utilized inBritish English

John Terry was chosen to skipper the English side for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

9. Striker

( noun) A gamer that fires the objectives.

Lionel Messi is one of the best strikers in the world. He has scored the most goals ever for Barcelona.

10. Substitute (sub)

( verb/noun) To take one gamer off the area and also change them with an additional gamer. As a noun, it suggests the gamer that enters into the video game to change an additional gamer that appears.

When Sir Alex Ferguson saw that his players were getting tired, he always substituted them.

The Guidelines of the Video Game


11. Advantage

( noun) The umpire does not constantly blow his whistle to quit the video game when a nasty has actually been dedicated. It might be unjust to the innocent group, so he allows the video game proceed.

The ref held up his hand to call advantage.

12. Booking

( noun) To be provided a yellow card to reveal a severe nasty.

After two bookings for fighting with the other team, Jonathan was sent off.


13. Coin toss

( noun) At the start of the suit, the umpire turns a coin to see which group has initially ownership of the round. The group captain (normally of the away group) picks heads or tails while the coin impends.

Jack’s team won the coin toss.

14. Corner kick

( noun) This is a cost-free kick from any one of the 4 edges of the pitch. It’s granted to the assaulting group when the protective group’s gamer last touched the round prior to it headed out of bounds over the objective line without getting in the objective. It’s often simply called a “edge.”

When the goalkeeper touched the ball, the referee awarded the other team a corner kick.

15. Dead ball

( noun) This is when the video game is quit and also the round isn’t relocating. All cost-free kicks and also penalty shot have to be extracted from a dead round.

When the ball was dead, Luis ran up to the ball and booted it.

16. Extra time

( noun) A vital video game is made longer (additional time is included) when it ends up in a draw/tie. This is likewise called overtime

They were lucky the game went into extra time because they ended up winning.

17. Foul

( noun) When a gamer does a prohibited activity such as touching the round with their hands. They’re penalized and also the various other group is granted a cost-free kick.

When one player pushed a player from the opposite team, the referee blew his whistle. He then gave the other team a free kick for the foul.

18. Full-time

( noun) When the last whistle is blown and also the video game mores than.

The referee blew his whistle three times to tell everyone it was full-time.

19. Half-time

( noun) The time-out after the very first fifty percent of the video game is played and also prior to the 2nd fifty percent begins.

The players and the coach discussed their strategy during half-time.

20. Handball

( noun) This is a sort of nasty when a gamer intentionally touches the round with his hand or arm.

It’s always controversial when the referee calls a handball because players can say the ball touched them by accident.

21. Injury time

( noun) Additional time included in the video game at the end of half-time or permanent if there have actually been any type of injuries throughout the video game.

Because Barcelona had two injured players, the game went into injury time at the end.

22. Kickoff

( verb/noun) When the video game starts.

Do you have any idea what time kickoff is?

23. Offside

( adjective/noun) A policy that mentions that when the round is passed, there have to go to the very least 2 protectors in between the assailant from the various other group and also the objective line. Otherwise, it’s thought about offside and also the gamer is penalized.

The fans in the stadium shouted angrily when the referee blew his whistle to say that Messi was offside; he had been very close to scoring a goal.

24. Penalty kick

( noun) A straight cost-free kick granted to the assaulting group when a protective gamer dedicates a nasty inside their very own fine location.

Bale tackled another player illegally in the penalty area. As a result, the other team was given a penalty kick.

25. Penalty shootout

( noun) If the video game is still attracted (equivalent factors) after additional time, there’s a best-out-of-five penalty shot competitors. The group with one of the most objectives wins the video game.

The fans went silent as they nervously watched the penalty shootout between the two teams.

26. Red card

( noun) A penalty provided by the umpire. If a gamer does something negative, they’re provided a red card and also sent the area.

He was handed a red card for starting a fight with the other team and as a result, their team lost.

27. Spot kick

( noun) An additional word for a fine due to the fact that the round is positioned in a particular area (area).

Beckham placed the ball down in preparation for his spot kick.

28. Yellow card

( noun) The very first caution that’s offered to a gamer when they do something seriously incorrect prior to obtaining a red card.

Bale needs to be more careful when playing because he’s already been given one yellow card.

Activities Throughout Gameplay


29. Bicycle kick

( noun) When the gamer kicks the round in reverse over his very own head.

Ronaldo is famous for his bicycle kick. When he does it, the fans go crazy.

30. Boot

( verb) To kick.

Torres booted the ball across the pitch to his teammate.

31. Header

( noun) To strike the round with one’s head as opposed to their foot.

Ronaldo’s teammate passed the ball high to him. He jumped up and managed to score a goal with a header.

32. Mark

( verb) To note a gamer suggests to secure them (play protection) to attempt and also quit them from obtaining the round from their colleague.

The manager shouted out to his players to mark the opposition.

33. Pass

( verb/noun) To kick the round to an additional gamer on your group.

Frank Lampard passed the ball to Beckham. Beckham kicked the ball and scored!

34. Pep talk

( noun) A brief broach motivation from the trainer or supervisor.

The players sat and listened to their coach give them a pep talk in the changing rooms.

35. Scissor kick

( noun/verb) When a gamer kicks his legs like a set of scissors and also passes the round laterally.

Ryan Giggs scissor-kicked the ball skillfully to his teammate.

36. Shoot

( verb) To attempt and also rack up an objective by kicking.

Ronaldo shot the ball right into the back of the net to score the winning goal.

37. Tackle

( verb) To attempt and also take the round from the contrary group utilizing your feet.

When Mike tried to tackle the other player, he pushed him and he was given a yellow card and a warning.

38. Throw in

( verb/noun) When the round heads out of bounds, a gamer takes the round and also tosses it over his head to his colleagues from outdoors.

Jake stood on the line and quickly threw the ball in to his teammate.

39. Wall

( noun) When the gamers of one group make a human wall surface by standing in a straight line to attempt and also obstruct a cost-free kick.

The players made a wall as Lionel Messi went to shoot.

Components of the Arena


40. Bench

( noun) Where the alternative gamers rest. The expression “unemployed” or “benched” suggests the gamer is not playing in the video game.

Jack’s coach decided to keep him on the bench for being late to training.

41. Box

( noun) The fine location around the objective.

The opposition formed a line in the box to try and block Messi from scoring.


/ Pitch

( noun) The location where the video game is played. “Area” is utilized in American English while “pitch” is utilized in British English.

Because it had been raining for a couple of days, the field was muddy and difficult to play on.

43. Goalposts

( noun) Both upright messages that compose the sides of the objective where the round have to take a trip with in order to rating.

The striker’s powerful shot bounced off the goalpost, narrowly missing a goal.

44. Locker room

( noun) The location where groups fulfill and also become their football attires. Storage locker areas normally have showers, shower rooms and also storage lockers where the gamers can keep their personal belongings.

The players sat in the locker room while they listened to their coach speak.

45. Net

( noun) The internet is connected to the goalposts and also bar and also is constructed from mesh product or netting. It quits the round when an objective has actually been racked up.

46. Scoreboard

( noun) The board where ball game (the amount of factors each group has) and also time left in the video game is revealed.

The time on the scoreboard shows there are only five minutes left of the game.

47. Spectator

( noun) An individual that sees a video game.

There weren’t many spectators at the game because of the rain.

48. Stands

( noun) Where the followers being in the arena. These are likewise called bleachers

There was a lot of excitement in the stands as the fans cheered for their teams.

49. Touchline

( noun) The lengthiest sides of the pitch. These are likewise called sidelines

The manager and coach stood on the touchline shouting out instructions to their team.

Rating Vocabulary


50. Concede

( verb) When the goalkeeper permits an objective to be racked up.

England’s goalkeeper was criticized for the number of goals he conceded.

51. Defeat

( noun) To endure a loss suggests to shed the match/game.

It was evident that everyone was upset when Atletico Madrid suffered defeat.

/ Tie

( verb/noun) When the last rating coincides (e.g. 1-1).

The game ended in a draw, and the final score was 2-2.

53. Equalizer

( noun) When one gamer ratings an objective and also ball game ends up being equivalent (the exact same).

In the last minute, Marcello was able to run past the defense and score an equalizer. The final score of the game was 1-1.

54. Goal difference

( noun) The distinction in points/goals in between both groups. For instance, group A racked up 3 objectives and also group B racked up 1 objective so the objective distinction is 2.

Because all of the teams in the Premier League are really strong, the goal difference is usually small.

55. Knock out

( phrasal verb) If one group knocks senseless an additional group, they defeated them. Hereafter, the shedding group can no more play in the competition.

In the last World Cup, New Zealand was knocked out of the competition by Mexico.

56. The lead

( noun) If a group has the lead, after that they’re winning presently.

At the end of the first half Real Madrid were in the lead, but Chelsea won in the end.

57. Own goal

( noun) When one gamer inadvertently kicks the round right into their very own objective.

The fans booed when John scored an own goal.

58. Score

( noun) The documented variety of objectives that reveals that’s winning the suit.

I think the final score between Barcelona and Real Madrid will be 2-0.

59. Win

( verb) If a group wins the suit, it suggests that they have actually racked up much more objectives than the various other group.

I think that Brazil has the strongest football team in the world and they have a good chance of winning the 2014 World Cup.

Soccer/Football Tools


60. Cleats

( noun) Football cleats are unique footwear with tiny spikes called studs (sharp points that stand out of the footwear) to assist the gamers not slide. In British English, they’re called football boots

The player wore cleats with molded studs to get better traction and grip on the field during the match.

61. Gloves

( noun) The goalkeeper uses unique handwear covers on their hands to capture the round.

The goalkeeper wore padded gloves to protect their hands and improve their grip on the ball during the penalty shootout.

62. Jersey

( noun) The t shirt that the gamer uses. It normally has their name and also number on it. Followers likewise use jackets with the names of their preferred groups and also gamers.

The team wore their home jersey, which featured their iconic colors and logo, during the championship match.

63. Kit

( noun) A football or football set describes every one of the equipment that the gamers use, consisting of the attire, cleats, shin guards, strappings, shoelaces, and so on

The soccer team received new kits with their sponsor’s logo for the new season.

64. Soccer/football socks

( noun) These are lengthy socks that cover the gamers’ shin pads.

The team wore blue soccer socks to match the rest of their uniform.

65. Shin guards

( noun) These are plastic covers that shield a gamer’s shins (all-time low component of the leg’s front) from obtaining kicked.

Before stepping onto the field, the players ensured they were wearing their shin guards to protect their legs during intense tackles and challenges.

Organization and also Video Game Framework


66. Away game

( noun) When the group needs to take a trip to an additional group’s arena to play the suit. Reverse: House video game.

Philip hates traveling for away games. He always gets really tired and never plays well.

67. Home game

( noun) When the group reaches play in their very own area. Reverse: Away video game.

Most teams perform better when they have a home game.

68. Match

( noun) An additional word for a video game (utilized regularly in British English).

Who do you think is going to win the match?

69. Division

( noun) A department describes a particular degree or rate within the organization system of a nation’s football competitors. Leagues are typically arranged right into several departments, with each department standing for a various degree of competitors based upon the groups’ efficiency, standings and also promo or transfer system.

All the top teams in the UK are in the premier division.

70. Fixture

( noun) Describes a set up (prepared) suit or video game in between 2 groups.

All the World Cup fixtures are chosen out of a hat to make sure it’s completely fair.

/ Promote

( noun/verb) When a group does quite possibly throughout a period, they’ll play in a greater classification following time. This is called a promo.

Doncaster Rovers have always been one of the UK’s weaker teams, but after a successful season, they were promoted.

72. Rivals

( noun) Enemy/opposition. In sporting activities, a competing describes a group that contends versus an additional group in an extremely affordable and also typically extreme way. Opponents are usually carefully matched in ability and also efficiency.

Manchester United and Manchester City have been rivals for years.

/ Relegate

( noun/verb) The reverse of promote/promotion. When a group does badly in a period, they are positioned in a reduced department.

After having a lot of bad luck last season, Hull was relegated.

74. Transfer fee

( noun) When a gamer is marketed to an additional group, they have to pay some cash called a transfer cost.

One of the highest transfer fees in football history was when Chelsea bought Fernando Torres.

Vocabulary for Football Discourse


75. Broadcast

( noun/verb) When a real-time occasion on television, online or radio is played.

Were you able to watch the live broadcast of the match between Brazil and Spain?

76. Clinical finish

( noun) An extremely well-controlled shot that leads to an objective.

David Beckham is one of the most skilled players in history. He’s famous for his clinical finishes.

77. Keep possession

( verb) When one interplay well and also has the round greater than the various other group.

The Australia team is great at keeping possession, but they have difficulty scoring.

78. Long-ball game

( noun) This is when a group remains to kick lengthy passes. A long-ball video game can be really monotonous to view.

Sheffield Wednesday is playing their usual long-ball game.

79. One-touch football

( noun) This expression is utilized to reveal adoration for a group that effectively handles to pass the round with just one touch.

As usual, the Spanish team is showing off their skills at one-touch football. Look at them go!

80. Prolific goal scorer

( noun) A gamer that’s really effective at racking up objectives in practically every video game.

Ronaldo is a prolific goal scorer; it’s almost guaranteed that he’ll score a goal in every match.

81. Put eleven men behind the ball

( expression) This is an English expression that suggests a group is much more thinking about safeguarding than racking up an objective.

The USA team isn’t doing much and is making very little effort to score. Their manager seems to have put eleven men behind the ball again.

82. Replay

( verb/noun) To reveal the video clip of a particular relocate the video game once more to the television audiences.

Let’s take a look at the replay of that fine goal scored by Lorrick Cana.

83. Underdog

( noun) The group that’s regarded to be at a negative aspect or much less most likely to win in a certain suit or competitors.

Atletico Madrid surprised everyone with their win against Barcelona as they’ve always been the underdogs in the Spanish league.

Vocabulary for Football Tournaments

World Cup Trophy

84. Fever pitch

( noun) An incredibly high degree of enjoyment in the group.

The Real Madrid fans reached fever pitch as they scored the equalizing goal in the last few seconds of the match.

85. Group stage

( noun) The period/time of an event when the groups contend in teams to see that will certainly most likely to the following round.

86. Host country

( noun) The nation where a worldwide occasion such as the Globe Mug or the Olympic Gamings will certainly be held.

Russia was the host country for the 2018 World Cup.

87. National anthem

( noun) The main tune of a particular nation.

All players proudly sing their national anthem before playing an international match.

88. National team

( noun) A group that stands for the nation.

Spain has one of the strongest national teams in the world.

89. Knockout stage

( noun) A time of the competition when groups are removed (no more enabled to play) if they shed.

They can’t lose a game in the knockout stage. This is too important!

90. Qualify

( verb) To be able to rack up adequate success or indicate contend in an event.

Italy didn’t qualify to compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

91. Quarter-finals

( noun) The last 4 suits to see which groups will certainly make it to the semi-finals.

There are some strong teams in this year’s quarter-finals.

92. Runner-up

( noun) The group that comes 2 nd in an event.

Inter Milan was the runner-up in the 2022-23 Champions League.

93. Semi-finals

( noun) A round of 2 video games to see which 2 groups are mosting likely to receive the last.

Every team plays their hardest in the semi-finals because it’s a great honor to reach the finals.

94. Sponsor

( noun/verb) A firm or person that offers cash to a group or competition for ad.

Coca-Cola was one of the official sponsors of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

95. The finals

( noun) The final/finishing rounds of an event that consist of the quarter and also semi-finals.

The finals of the 2014 Champions League were dominated by Spain and England.

96. The final

( noun) The last suit of the competition to see that the champion of the champion will certainly be.

Manchester City and Inter Milan played in the 2023 Champions League final.

97. Trophy

( noun) The item (typically a gold mug on a stand) that’s offered to the winning group to identify their accomplishment and also success.

The team held up the trophy excitedly to show appreciation to their fans.

98. World Cup

( noun) The FIFA Globe Mug is a worldwide soccer/football competition held every 4 years. National groups from numerous nations contend to receive the competition, and also the last competitors attributes 32 groups from various areas.

Brazil has won the World Cup more times than any other country in the world.

English Expressions to Speak About Football with Buddies


Below are some English slang phrases or expressions that you can utilize with your buddies while seeing or playing a video game with each other.

99. Get stuck in

To play tough with a great deal of decision.

Look at those guys play! They’re really getting stuck in!

100. Have a lot of pace

To be fast.

Look at Jane go! She’s got a lot of pace, I’m impressed!

101. Have a sweet left foot

To claim that an individual is really proficient at kicking and also racking up with their left foot.

Man, did see that goal of Paul’s? He’s got a sweet left foot. I can’t even kick with my right foot like that!

102. Man on!

An alerting that you can proclaim to your colleague when an additional gamer is appropriate behind them.

Jose screamed “Man on!” when he saw a player from the opposition behind Marcello.

103. Pull off a great save

To be able to obstruct a sphere that lots of people anticipated to be an objective.

Peter’s one of the best goalkeepers ever. He’s always able to pull off great saves.

104. Put it in the back of the net

To rack up an objective.

Sam is always able to put the ball in the back of the net. He scores most of our team’s points!

105. We were robbed!

You utilize this expression when you think the video game was unjust.

The referee was totally biased and sided with the other team. We should have won but we were robbed!

Since you recognize some English football vocabulary, you can speak to your buddies or get in touch with various other followers at sporting activities bars all over the world.

Publish or bookmark this write-up and also maintain returning to it. If you remember a couple of words a day, you’ll quickly recognize them all!

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