10 Best Roku Spanish Channels that Are Entertaining Language Learning Gems


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People are ditching cable at rapid rates while streaming television services end up being increasingly more popular.

You may currently have a streaming gadget like a Roku or are considering getting one. You most likely currently have your factors– whether you enjoy a good Netflix binge or you simply dislike channel browsing.

Your Roku is an essential to a whole world of Spanish media and language lessons. You can get them directly to your television, on your schedule.

We’ll reveal you how, with 10 varied Roku channels for all kinds and levels of students.


Best Roku Spanish Channels to Learn the Language with Streaming Television

1. Sling TV Latino

Price: $ 10 monthly with complimentary 7 day trial

roku learn spanish

You might currently recognize with Sling television, a live television streaming service where you can pick-and-choose your channels. Sling television Latino enables users to personalize their channels by language (English or spanish) or area (Mexico, South America, the Caribbean or Spain).

Watch the news in Spanish with Univison, binge Spanish telenovelas and get your soccer repair with lots of Spanish-language sports protection.

Not just does Sling television Latino stream popular Spanish channels, however it likewise streams English channels in Spanish.

2. Spanish Roku

Price: From $9.99 to 24.99 monthly

roku learn spanish 1

Spanish Roku isn’t an alternative Roku gadget. Comparable to Sling Television, it’s an app you can set up on your Roku and after that stream live Spanish television from lots of channels throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish Roku is particularly developed to stream material from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico with over 150 channels. These consist of news, sports, drama and funny channels, even Animal Planet.

3. Innovative Language Spanish

Price: Free

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While a number of the channels in this list link you with genuine Spanish media, Innovative Language is developed particularly for Spanish language students. This channel supplies Spanish lessons that are planned to get you speaking right from the start.

You’ll hear native speakers and discover daily expressions, discussions, culture notes, vocabulary and more You’ll likewise see principles broken down on screen so they’re simple to keep in mind and comprehend.

You can even extend your practice far from your television withSpanishPod101, Innovative Language’s popular video and audio podcast lessons SpanishPod101 is constructed on the exact same concepts as the Roku channel, assisting you soak up native Spanish speech and developing lessons that work however enjoyable and workable.

There are almost 2,000 SpanishPod101 lessons offered and more are included all the time!

4. Univision Now

Univision Now logo

Price: $ 10.99 monthly

Univision Now is a detailed streaming platform that gives access to a varied selection of Spanish-language shows. From heart-pounding telenovelas to now news protection, and from exciting sports occasions to interesting home entertainment programs, it provides an abundant tapestry of material from the popular Univision network.

Stay linked to the pulse of Hispanic culture and home entertainment with Univision Now.

5. Vix

Vix logo

Price: Free, or $6.99 monthly for Vix+

Vix is a giant in Spanish-language home entertainment, so this is an excellent go-to when you’ve got a group with diverse tastes in television programs.

Offering a varied variety of material, consisting of motion pictures, tv programs and telenovelas, there’s a lot here on Vix, among the biggest Spanish language channels on Roku.

Movies? They’ve got them. Talk programs? Those are here, too? And there’s a lot of television programs to pick from, too, from the most remarkable to the most artistic.

There’s even a youngsters’ shows, if you’ve got children around.

Vix+ has much more choice and no advertisements.

6. Estrella TV

Estrella TV logo

Price: Free

Estrella television provides a splendidly diverse however thoroughly curated choice of telenovelas, remarkable television programs and a lot of other amusing choices like video game programs, talk programs and popular culture reveals that will make sure to interest everybody in some method.

Because the channel is based in Mexico, it’s excellent for those who like, or wish to discover, the Mexican accent of Spanish, or simply wish to dive into Mexican culture from their couch, no matter where you remain in the world.

7. Latino PBS

Price: Free

roku learn spanish 3

Before you believe this is the Spanish variation of the general public Broadcasting Service (PBS), RokuGuide discusses that it’s not. Rather, TVC+ produced Latino PBS and it integrates shows from 6 Mexican networks into one channel, mainly for Mexican and U.S. audiences.

Latino PBS has varied shows choices varying from news to motion pictures to sports.

This channel likewise has multilingual shows on a variety of topics, so this is a excellent channel to begin finding out Spanish

8. Azteca Más

Azteca Mas logo

Price: Free

Azteca Mas is a powerhouse in Mexican tv, so having a totally free Roku variation is a genuine plus anywhere around the globe. The channel includes a vibrant mix of telenovelas, now news, truth programs and pop culture/entertainment programs that makes sure to interest many people They likewise reveal remarkable movies.

The channel has a real Mexican style that’s especially helpful for Spanish students who wish to immerse themselves in Mexican culture.

9. Kids TV Español Latino

Price: Free

roku learn spanish 4

While Spanish television programs and motion pictures planned for adult audiences are extremely useful, they can be challenging to comprehend. Spanish kids’ TV is made particularly to grow their vocabularies, teach them life lessons and be amusing. Plus they tend to sing enjoyable, ear-catching tunes.

Kids television Español Latino includes videos from the popular YouTube developers behind Kids TV and Kids Channel, and costs itself as ” tu destino perfect por videos de ‘edutenimiento'” (” your perfect location for ‘edutainment'”). Kids television Español Latino will teach you the essentials about numbers, colors, animals and some extremely charming tunes.

10. Canela.TV

Canela TV logo

Price: Free

Canela Television resembles your go-to location for all things Spanish-language home entertainment. From grasping telenovelas to interesting series, smash hit motion pictures, useful news sections and even way of life programs, it’s a digital tv network that’s got it all. Its primary objective? Making certain you get superior material that truly talks to the interests and tastes of Hispanic audiences.

And let’s talk range! Canela television dishes out an outstanding mix of categories, whether you’re in the state of mind for heart-pounding drama, an excellent laugh with funny, a taste of truth television, a cooking experience with cooking programs or perhaps a dosage of informative talk programs. This channel is essentially your one-stop-shop for an all-inclusive home entertainment experience, custom-made for Spanish-speaking audiences like you.

Roku is an incredible method to enhance your Spanish language and culture education. Get your Roku remote and get streaming!


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