10 Advanced Spanish Verbs to Deepen Your Knowledge


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As opposed to utilizing the usual verbs like tener, salir, querer as well as those various other reliable pals you discovered back in beginners’ class, eventually, you need to widen your verb vocabulary.

That’s why we created this helpful listing of 10 progressed Spanish verbs all set to be utilized by you.

Review them, acquaint on your own with them and after that begin utilizing them!


Advanced Spanish Verbs You Ought To Know

— To be utilized (to)/ accustomed (to)

Woman swimming

This is one you mightn’t have actually discovered previously on, as well as implies “to be/get utilized to” something.

It’s a reflexive routine verb, so it requires a reflexive pronoun prior to the conjugated verb, or, when in the infinitive, after the verb:

Me acostumbré a la vida en España. (I obtained utilized to my life in Spain.)

Tengo que acostumbrarme a mi nuevo trabajo. ( I require to obtain utilized to my brand-new task).

— To grab/grasp/hold on

Woman grasping man's neck

Agarrar is a normal verb with a complicated enunciation as a result of the rr noise, yet it appears excellent if you can handle it.

Expressions with agarrar consist of agarrar a golpes ( to combat or defeat a person), agarrar el dinero ( to take the cash) as well as agarrar a besos ( to kiss extremely).

For instance:

Agarra bien tu bolsa porque hay ladrones por acá. (Hang on securely to your bag since there are burglars around below.)

Tengo que agarrar mis llaves y vamos. ( I require to order my secrets as well as allow’s go.)

Keep In Mind that in some Latin American nations, the verb’s reflexive kind agarrarse has a sex-related undertone as well as can indicate that a pair kissed or perhaps made love:

Nos agarramos ayer ( We kissed/had sex the other day.)

3. Bostezar
— To yawn

Man yawning

This verb ways ” to yawn.”

It may not be an especially sophisticated word by itself, yet it’s the sort of verb that commonly obtains lost out of Spanish textbooks or courses.

Right here’s an instance:

Yo bostezo cada vez que escucho música relajante (I yawn whenever I pay attention to loosening up songs.)

4. Contradecir
— To oppose

Small living tree next to small dead tree.

Contradecir, which implies “ to oppose,” is in fact 2 words pushed with each other. Opposite implies “versus or contrary” as well as decir implies “to claim.” The mix of both realistically implies “to oppose.”

Contradecir is normally adhered to by the preposition a

The verb is uneven as well as adheres to the very same patterns as decir, so in the preterite strained, it conjugates to create sentences like:

Lucía contradijo a su hermano. (Lucían opposed her bro.)

This verb can likewise be a reflexive verb– to oppose oneself– contradecirse. An instance of this is:

Me contradigo todo el tiempo. ( I am constantly opposing myself.)

5. Chiflar
— To whistle/ be delighted concerning/ love

Man whistling

Chiflar implies to whistle, yet it’s in fact more frequently utilized to indicate being delighted or fascinated something. Chiflar can likewise indicate to boo or hiss at a person.

Right here’s a pair instances:

Me chifla el delicious chocolate. ( I love delicious chocolate.)

Caminando por el bosque, chiflo para imitar el canto de los pájaros. ( While going through the woodland, I whistle to copy the track of the birds.)

6. Desmayarse
— To pale

Woman fainting

This set method ” to pale.” Probably valuable on a warm day when you’re not effectively moistened (which frequently takes place to travelers in Latin America).

It’s an additional reflexive verb as well as is routine.

Right here’s an instance:

¡ Me desmayé! ( I passed out!)

7. Estornudar
— To sneeze

Man sneezing

While we get on physical features, an additional valuable verb is estornudar, which implies to sneeze.

Relevant vocabulary is: pañuelo ( cells or bandana.)

This word likewise has a wonderful expression related to it: el mundo es un pañuelo ( the globe is a bandana), which resembles the expression “it’s a tiny globe.”

Right here’s an instance sentence utilizing this verb:

Necesito estornudar pero no puedo. ( I require to sneeze yet I can not.)

8. Ladrar
— To bark

Dog barking

Did you recognize that pets in Spanish alter sounds than they carry out in English?

That’s right. Spanish pets do not woof, they guau guau. Pet Cats ronronean when they purr as well as fowls go quiquiriquí.

Yet the real verb for “barking” is ladrar ( as well as indeed, an individual can bark, also).

For instance:

¡ El perro está ladrando muy fuerte! ( The canine is barking truly noisally.)

9. Porfiar
— To insist/persevere

Cacti growing through wooden planks

Porfiar in fact implies to firmly insist or be determined with something.

It’s an uneven verb, considering that in the very first individual there’s an accent on the i in some types, it goes: porfío, porfías, porfía, porfiamos, porfiáis, porfían

Right here’s an instance sentence:

Porfió y al last solucionó el problema. (He continued as well as at some point resolved the trouble.)

10. Quejarse
— To complain/groan/moan

A crowd protesting unfair conditions

An additional reflexive verb, quejarse implies to grumble, moan or groan.

It’s an especially valuable one when taking a trip, considering that bad-tempered, jet-lagged individuals have the propensity to grumble concerning missed out on trips, negative solution as well as shed travel luggage.

Right here’s an instance:

Me quejé porque no me gustó la comida. (I whined since I really did not such as the food.)

You can likewise make use of quejarse de to grumble concerning something:

Mi tía siempre se queja de todo. (My auntie is constantly grumbling concerning whatever.)

Why Learn Advanced Spanish Verbs?

A verb resembles the foundation of a sentence. Not just does it communicate a great deal of the definition, it likewise informs us what time period we’re talking about.

At an intermediate or sophisticated Spanish degree, it’s an excellent concept to switch your fundamental verbs for those of a much more innovative quality. Similar to one proceeds to finer red wines with age, or carry on from talking like a two-year-old.

While we’re not recommending you remove fundamental verbs like ser, estar tener as well as haber, it’s great to have a couple of various other alternatives up your sleeve for when you intend to thrill– or merely talk usually, normally as well as with complete confidence.

One excellent choice for listening to sophisticated Spanish verbs in context isFluentU This language discovering program utilizes the power of genuine video clips (made by as well as for indigenous audio speakers) to assist you discover a language. Consider it. You’re currently viewing video, traveling vlogs, social clips as well as film trailers, so why not discover Spanish while you view?

FluentU is likewise offered as iOS as well as Android applications.

So there you have it, 10 brand-new sophisticated Spanish verbs to include some deepness to your language researches. What’s following? We test you to utilize them all today, or perhaps to create a narrative including them all.

All the best, remember you require to porfiar as well as we wish that you’re able to acostumbrarse to utilizing them quickly.


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