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I’m a huge follower of diffusing essential oils in our house. And also as a matter of fact, I have actually attempted plenty of various diffusers for many years to make our house odor fantastic. A do it yourself reed diffuser is one means to obtain the mild aroma and also aromatherapy advantages in a trendy means.

Why Make Use Of a Vital Oil Reed Diffuser?

I have actually spoken prior to regarding the dangers of fragrance oils, plug-in air fresheners, and also various other fabricated aromas. They can trigger troubles varying from frustrations and also skin problems to breathing troubles. And also while they might scent the area, there are much better means to finish the job. I have actually discovered I no more also like the fabricated aromas and also I like just how my home scents with vital oil blends.

I like my nebulizing diffusers and also ultrasonic diffusers and also we have numerous in various areas. They can truly load a strike when it involves scenting the air, plus there’s the included health and wellness advantages. A homemade reed diffuser though is a much more refined however sophisticated means to diffuse your favored vital oils. A good, fragrant glass container improves your house style.


Exactly How to Make a Do It Yourself Reed Diffuser

To make a homemade reed diffuser you’ll require reed diffuser sticks, a glass container, base oil, and also vital oils. You can likewise make use of alcohol rather than service provider oil. It can fit any type of design you desire relying on which diffuser container you pick. Simply make certain to pick one with a slim opening. You can discover containers at second hand shops, craft shops, and also also

For the reeds you can make use of rattan reeds or bamboo skewers likewise function. If making use of skewers just remove the sharp end.

Selecting a Provider Oil

I make use of 40-50 declines of vital oil per 1/2 mug of service provider oil. Because this homemade diffuser depends on dissipation to function the oil blend requires to be solid. The service provider oil likewise requires to be slim or it will not diffuse out of the reeds extremely well and also they’ll obtain blocked. So larger alternatives like olive oil, jojoba, and also virgin coconut oil will not function.

Below are a couple of excellent alternatives when making your very own reed diffuser.

  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Pleasant almond oil
  • Safflower oil (although I do not advise eating this one)

If you like not to make use of a provider oil, after that vodka or massaging alcohol will certainly likewise function. Mix 1 Tbsp of alcohol with 1/2 mug pure water for the diffuser fluid.

Do It Yourself Important Oil Blends

I obtain a great deal of my vital oils from Plant Treatment and also they have some truly scrumptious scenting blends. Make certain to obtain Youngster Safe ones if your children will certainly be around your do it yourself reed diffuser! Some vital oils are alright for children to scent, however not to make use of topically, so do your very own research study. For instance, lemongrass and also ylang ylang are also severe for child’s skin, however they’re safe to diffuse.

You can discover premade blends right here, however I have actually likewise consisted of some concepts listed below if you intend to make your very own do it yourself diffuser blends.

Thinner vital oils, like citrus oils, vaporize faster and also are thought about “leading notes.” By consisting of larger, fixative vital oils (base or center notes), it aids the aroma last much longer. You can see which oils are which here. Generally, the very best blends consist of an equilibrium of all 3 notes.

Exactly How to Make Your Do It Yourself Reed Diffuser Scent Stronger

This do it yourself task will not scent as solid as an electrical diffuser, however there are a couple of pointers for just how to improve the aroma.

  • Make certain the glass container you make use of has a slim opening. As well vast and also the oils will certainly vaporize also rapidly right into the air.
  • A number of times a week turn the reeds over.
  • Change the reeds as soon as a month or as they obtain blocked
  • Include even more reeds to your do it yourself reed diffuser
  • Usage numerous reed diffusers if your room is a little bigger. Reed diffusers function best in smaller sized areas.
DIY reed diffuser

Do It Yourself Reed Diffuser

This welcoming scenting do it yourself diffuser utilizes reeds to spread a refined, vital oils aroma. Utilize it to spruce up your room and also obtain the advantages of aromatherapy!



  • 40-50 declines essential oils ( see over for dish concepts)
  • 1/2 mug sweet almond oil ( or pure water)
  • 1 TABLESPOON alcohol ( optional, otherwise making use of service provider oil)


  • Location the vital oils and also service provider oil right into your glass container. If making use of alcohol, after that put the water, vital oils, and also alcohol right into the container rather.

  • Placed the reeds right into the container opening. The number of you make use of will certainly depend upon the dimension of your container.

  • Location the diffuser in a location far from children and also animals that might knock it over.


Re-fill the container and also alter the reeds out every couple of weeks or as required.

What are your favored means to include some aroma to your room? Leave a remark and also allow us recognize!


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