What you need to know about the CIA Challenge exam


How numerous concerns are on the CIA Challenge Exam?

The CIA Challenge Exam has actually 150 concerns based upon the exam syllabusOpens in new window and the evaluation time depends on 180 minutes. Concerns are divided into 2 classifications based upon efficiency:

  • Basic, marked with a B on the curriculum, just need that prospects know these subjects.
  • Proficient, marked with a P on the curriculum, need that prospects have a deep understanding of, and the capability to use, these ideas.

The curriculum notes all 3 test parts, their domains, and the subjects within those domains that are testable. CIA Part 1– Essentials of Internal Auditing, Domain 5– Governance, Risk Management, and Control, consists of 6 testable subjects (rather of the typical 11 for CIA Part 1).

The CIA Challenge Exam curriculum likewise notes the portion of concerns pulled from each part, noted below.

  • CIA Part 1|Fundamentals of Internal Auditing– 35%
  • CIA Part 2|Practice of Internal Auditing– 43%
  • CIA Part 3|Company Knowledge for Internal Auditing– 22%

The CIA Challenge Exam still has scaled scoringOpens in new window, and prospects should make 600 mention of a possible 750 to pass.

For more in-depth details, have a look at the CIA Challenge Exam syllabusOpens in new window or the Gleim cross-reference.


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