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Lambers CIA Review Course Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Lambers has actually been active in the test preparation market because 1966 and provides evaluation courses for a range of accounting courses.

Lambers CIA Review utilizes case research studies and examples to assist trainees comprehend, keep in mind, and use what they find out. Their course intends to make studying more effective by just consisting of topic that is the most most likely and appropriate to appear on the CIA test. Hectic experts today have no time at all to lose studying product that is not likely to be evaluated on, so Lambers assists you study just what you require to understand to pass.


1. Course DVDs

Lambers CIA evaluation consists of over 60 hours of training videos that cover details for all 3 parts of the test. The evaluation product for each part of the test comes either as a video series or as downloadable iPod DVD lessons, and an associated workbook. When, each lesson lasts around one hour in an effort to prevent frustrating trainees with too much product at. The video lessons are taught by knowledgeable trainers and shot inside a class.

The taped lectures provide a benefit over courses that offer trainees with books and anticipate trainees to teach themselves the product. Trainees can enjoy numerous issues being fixed action by action, and can stop briefly the recording to keep in mind or rewind and replay particular areas as required.

2. Workbook Set

A set of books consisting of numerous test concerns, examples, and lays out accompanies the Video/DVD lectures. Each workbook is developed to be simple and to assist trainees optimize retention of the most crucial details that is most likely to appear on the test.

3. When you are out and about, Supplemental Audio Review

Lambers Audio Courseware can be utilized as a hassle-free research study supplement. Created for MP3 suitable gamers, it consists of CDs to download to your computer system to be synced with iPods or MP3 portable gamers, training workbooks, practice concerns exercised by teachers, and existing, updated courseware. An audio sample is offered on the Lambers site.

4. 3 Adaptive Test Modes The Test Prep Software consists of 3 different screening modes that adjust to your existing level of efficiency. The Pretest Mode

provides test prospects a much better understanding of just how much they currently understand and which locations they will require to review. This prevents needing to examine product you currently understand and enables you to concentrate on your weaker locations. The Adaptive Drill Mode

assists trainees drill the product and focus till it sticks. If you encounter a principle or concern you do not comprehend, this mode provides you access to more comprehensive descriptions and offers links to more details that will assist you find out and comprehend them much better. Once you’ve mastered your weak points, it’s time to deal with your test-taking abilities and construct self-confidence with the Simulated Mode

The simulated test mode dials up the pressure by offering trainees harder concerns in a format that appears more comparable to what they will experience on the real CIA test.

5. Cash Back Guarantee

Lambers provides a “No Pass No Pay Guarantee” that guarantees a refund for those who stop working the test two times after utilizing their items. Please see the Lambers site for the particular requirements that should be satisfied in order to get approved for a refund.


1. Cost

The greatest disadvantage of Lambers’ CIA Review is its outrageous cost. At $1,800 for simply the DVDs and the Test Prep Software for all 3 parts of the test, this evaluation course expenses 3 to 4 times as much as rivals’ alternatives, and there is no discount rate for acquiring research study products for all 3 parts of the test as a package.

Each extra function is priced individually, and is fairly costly. The audio evaluation course for all 3 parts of the test will set you back by $700, the flashcards cost an extra $500, and the “Ask The Expert” Service is overpriced at $300, offered that it is generally a method to get your concerns responded to by emailing personnel. Constructing a detailed course in order to have access to all and even the majority of the functions ends up being a pricey proposal.

2. Dated Website

Information on the Lambers site goes back to the CIA test’s modification in 2013, offering the impression that Lambers does not upgrade its business site with the most appropriate and current details relating to the CIA test. The course control panel is likewise obsoleted and might gain from a more recent and more structured style.

Ideal User

Lambers DVD lessons are best matched for audio-visual students who choose not to teach themselves the product from a book. Couple of other evaluation courses provide lectures or show how to exercise issues, so trainees who require extra assistance will benefit the majority of. Since they reveal you where you must focus your time and energy,

The techniques and pointers provided in this course are a great perk. Lambers prides itself on adhering to the most typically evaluated principles and guiding trainees far from unimportant product to conserve time by remembering just the most significant details for the test.

My Suggestion


The most engaging factor to opt for Lambers CIA Review is the access to the training DVDs. Most of online evaluation courses offer trainees with books, workbooks and online practice concerns, however fail when it concerns providing the product in lecture format.

  • On the other hand, Lambers’ course just does not provide adequate worth or functions to validate their incredibly high cost. Trainees who do not require the DVD lectures to be successful would succeed to examine other CIA course alternatives before investing this much cash on an evaluation course.
  • Summary naturally Features
  • DVD class lectures in MP4 Format
  • Online or CD-Based class lectures
  • Adaptive Test Prep Software with 3,100+ practice descriptions, responses and concerns
  • Electronic Flashcards
  • Supplementary Audio course product for MP3 gamers

Reference Workbooks for research study and practice

” Ask The Expert” Service for extra assistance through e-mail

Pricing Lambers DVD iPod Course
Price: $299.95 for Part 1 or Part 2; $599.95 for Part 3


Set of taped class lectures in MP4 format taught by teacher Garland Granger, MBA, CPA, CIA. Lambers Video Courseware CIA
Price: $299.95 for Part 1 or Part 2; $599.95 for Part 3


Set of taped class lectures offered online or in CD-based format taught by teacher Garland Granger, MBA, CPA, CIA. Lambers Test Prep Software
Price: $149.95 for Part 1 or Part 2; $299.95 for Part 3


Online or CD-based test preparation software application consisting of more than 3,100 practice descriptions, responses and concerns, links to the Wiley CIA Review book, and totally free updates. Lambers Flash Cards
Price: $124.95 for Part 1 or Part 2 Flash Trainer; $249.95 for Part 3


: Electronic flashcards including of 169 crucial terms, meanings and solutions, consisting of tracking and feedback of your efficiency. Flash cards might likewise be printed out. Lambers Audio CIA
Price: $199.95 for Part 1 or Part 2; $299.95 for Part 3


Supplemental audio courseware developed for any MP3 suitable gamer that consists of downloadable CDs to sync with iPod or MP3 gamer, workbooks utilized by course teachers throughout training, and recordings of teachers exercising numerous concerns and issues. Lambers “Ask The Expert” Service for CIA




Individual assistance through e-mail from a Lambers topic specialist to address your particular concerns and offer assistance.

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Lambers CIA Review Strengths
1. Course DVDs
2. Workbook Set
3. Supplemental Audio Review
4. Three Adaptive Test Modes

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