How To Become A CIA


How to Become a CIA Many people who hear the term CIA instantly picture sneaky, overworked and rich federal government representatives.

The other variation of the CIA is a little less amazing, however simply as important to the accounting neighborhood.

What is a CIA?

CIA represents Certified Internal Auditor. Generally, a CIA is an accounting professional who carries out internal audits and is licensed.

The CIA accreditation is the greatest classification provided by the Institute of Internal Auditors. This accreditation is acknowledged worldwide, which is why there are numerous requirements that need to be finished ahead of time.

Achieving the CIA difference is a method of showing your substantial expert understanding of the internal audit occupation.

How to Become a CIA

As discussed previously, ending up being a CIA includesmany prerequisites To be sure you are prepared to sit for the CIA test, you ought to determine that you have both the needed instructional and work certifications.


Foremost and very first, prospective CIAs need to finish a 4-year (or greater) post-secondary degree. This degree needs to be from a recognized university.

To show your instructional experience, you will be asked to reveal a copy of your degree or records, a letter from your university that validates your degree, or a letter from assessment services that confirm the level of your degree.

Until just recently, there was no option to finishing the 4-year post-secondary degree. Now, the Global Board of Directors will permit an alternate course.

Those who want to end up being a CIA without having actually obtained a 4-year degree are qualified if they:

  • Complete 2 years of post-secondary education and total 5 years of confirmed work experience in internal auditing or its comparable, or
  • Complete 7 years of work experience in internal auditing or its comparable.

Work Experience

Those prospects who have actually finished a post-secondary degree needs to likewise get 2 years of internal audit experience. Ought to you select to stay in school and finish a Master’s Degree, this will count for 12 of the 24 months of experience that is needed.

Although you have the ability to sit and use for the test without finishing your work experience, you will not end up being licensed till all elements of the program have actually been sufficiently finished.

Character Reference

The CIA accreditation procedure likewise needs you to send a character recommendation. This character recommendation need to be signed by a CIA, CGAP, CCSA, CFSA, CRMA, or your manager.

This requirement serves to assist develop that you are an expert of high ethical stability.

Taking the CIA test

The last action to ending up being a licensed internal auditor includes taking the CIA test. The Certified Internal Auditor test is a 3-part test that evaluates prospects’ understanding of internal auditing practices and their understanding of associated problems, dangers, and solutions.

Part 1

Part 1 of the CIA test concentrates on obligations of the internal audit activity, neutrality, principles of governance, determining dangers, management and preparation.

Part 2

Part 2 tests prospects on the actions utilized to perform audit engagements, aspects of scams, how to report and record audits, in addition to follow-up treatments.

Part 3

This part is everything about service analysis and infotech. Throughout part 3 of the CIA test, prospects are evaluated on quality management, supervisory and monetary accounting, regulative and financial effects, and principles connecting to infotech.

These 3 parts of the test integrated are thought about the core worldwide curriculum that is lined up with the Institute of Internal Auditors International (IIA) Professional Practices Framework.

Part 4

In previous years there was a 4th area of the CIA test that concentrated on service management abilities. Prospects had the ability to obtain exemption from this area through Professional Recognition Credit based upon their location of knowledge and experience. As of June 2013, this area has actually been incorporated into part 3 of CIA test.

CIA Exam Fees

Now that you understand what you’re being evaluated on, you might would like to know what it will cost you.

The overall expense of the Certified Internal Auditor test is comprised of numerous costs. Just how much you will spend for the test depends upon whether you are an IIA member, a non-member, or a student/professor.

IIA Member

Non Member


Application Fee (per program)

$ 100

$ 200

$ 50

Part 1

$ 250

$ 350

$ 205

Part 2

$ 200

$ 300

$ 155

Part 3

$ 200

$ 300

$ 155

Cancellation/Rescheduling Fee

$ 50

$ 50

$ 50

If you thinking about making this classification, make sure tocomplete all of the requirements When these remain in order, make sure to enlist in a quality CIA test evaluation course to increase your chances of passing each area of this difficult test on the very first shot.


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