CIA CPE Requirements & Course Recommendations


You’ve worked difficult to end up being a Certified Internal Auditor, however do not put your research study books away simply. To preserve your CIA classification, you are needed to meet particular CIA CPE requirements

( Continuing Professional Education).


  • There are 2 reasons you should finish CIA CPE to remain in great standing with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA):
  • Maintenance of your understanding and abilities

Updating your understanding and abilities to show any enhancements and advancements that have actually been made to the internal auditing methods, requirements, and treatments


If you are currently a CIA, it is your obligation to license that your CPE hours are total which they stick to the IIA developed standards. You can do this by sending a type on a yearly basis that works as evidence that your Continuing Education requirements have actually been fulfilled.

The yearly submission of your CPE requirements is due by December 31st of each year and can be done on the IIA’s Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS).

Once you send your finished CPE type, the IIA will send you a letter of recognition that they have actually gotten, examined and seen your CPE as remaining in accordance with their requirements. This procedure enables them to monitor non-active and active CIAs.


  • Making sure you understand how to appropriately report your CIA continuing education will make preserving your classification much easier. To do so, make certain your report consists of the following details:
  • Title of CPE courses and/or the description of material covered
  • All dates you went to
  • List the place of your course or program
  • If there was a sponsoring company, include their name
  • Contact hours of credit as suggested by your course sponsor
  • Include confirmation of conclusion by means of certificate, letter or other composed attestation

Document any supporting publications, discussions, or involvement you might have had

Each CIA who sends a report needs to keep all of this documents on apply for a minimum of 3 years. This will cover you in case the IIA (or its designee) demands this details.


There are 5 various reporting classifications for CIA continuing education. Here are their requirements and descriptions:

1. Practicing CIAs

A CIA who is presently carrying out auditing functions is needed to finish 40 hours of CPE each year.

2. Non-Practicing CIAs

A CIA who is not presently practicing might alter their accreditation status on their CCMS profile, however is still needed to finish 20 hours of CPE each year.

Maintaining 20 hours of CIA CPE enables CIAs to preserve their classification, however they are unable to practice internal auditing functions.

3. Due to the fact that of retirement should alter their status in the CCMS, retired CIAs

CIAs who are not carrying out internal auditing functions. They are not needed to finish any CPE, however they are likewise not enabled to carry out any internal auditing functions.

4. Non-active (Grace Period) Status

CIAs who stop working to fulfill the IIA’s CPE requirements will instantly be positioned in non-active status and might not utilize their CIA classification. This stays the case up until they have actually sent the previous year’s CPE report. Any wrongful usage of their classification will be reported to the IIA for disciplinary action.

5. Reinstatement to Active Status

CIAs who have actually been non-active for longer than 12 months are needed to report CPE hours at the status level that uses to their scenario. When they finish their reporting, they will likewise be needed to pay a reinstatement charge.

  • The following requirements are utilized to figure out whether possible CPE courses are appropriate for CIA’s:
  • The course needs to be an official program of discovering that contributes straight to the expert skills of a CIA. Appropriate programs need to:
  • Contribute to expert skills.
  • Specify the level of understanding or skills that the individuals need to have the ability to show upon conclusion of the program.
  • State education or experience pre-requisites, if appropriate.
  • Be established by certified people.

Provide material that depends on date.

Illumeo Be expert.


BEST CPE COURSES FOR CIASGleim CIA Review is an online platform for continuing education that we extremely advise for CIA’s thinking about CPE credits. It includes a big brochure of webinars and courses covering detailed elements of internal auditing, in addition to other financing and accounting based disciplines. To find out more on this platform, have a look at our evaluation listed below.

The most extensively utilized CIA CPE courses are used by

They provides a range of various classes that will meet all of the required requirements. According to our research study, this business has a larger choice naturally than any other business in the CIA test market.

When you are very first provided your CIA classification, you will be granted CPE hours. In the year you initially make your classification, you will get 40 hours of CPE and an extra 40 hours for the next year. These 80 hours are based upon making your classification, not on NASBA sponsorship.

In the following years, you can be granted CPE hours in numerous various classifications, however each is topped at a particular variety of hours:


Maximum Hours Awarded







Oral Presentations




External Quality Assessments

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