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CIA Salary Does it seem like your accounting career is at a grinding halt? Possibly you’ve operated in the exact same mid-level position for many years and can’t appear to take advantage of yourself into getting that much-deserved raise.

You may simply require a basic increase in your qualifications.

If you are currently a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), why not take the next action and become a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)?

This additional difference can provide your profession the additional push it requires to move the pay scale in your favor. Not sure if it’s worth the effort? Enable us to simplify for you:

Internal Auditor Job Description and Salaries

As you understand, CIAs are a specialized department of the accounting occupation. Normally, accounting professionals direct the motion of cash within a service, whereas the function of internal auditors is to evaluate and establish treatments. Internal auditors likewise make sure that cash is not being misused in any capability.

Your income as a licensed internal auditor will depend upon your level of experience. Usually, there is a vast array of wages in between junior auditors, senior auditors and audit supervisors.

Junior Auditor

Junior auditors are more just recently licensed internal auditors with about one to 3 years experience in auditing.

The typical internal auditor income at the junior level varies in between $38,500-$ 52,000, according to information collected by Salary.com.

Some of the obligations of a junior auditor consist of dealing with more senior auditors to prepare audits. Throughout the audit, junior CIAs would be accountable for examining expenses, profits and any other monetary records to make sure that all the numbers built up properly.

Senior Auditor

After a couple of years of experience, you might get approved for senior auditor positions. Usually, Salary.com reports that the income of a senior internal auditor varieties from $81,000-$ 98,000.

Senior auditors are accountable for keeping an eye on the everyday operations of customers in an accounting company. This can vary from a range of jobs that might consist of preparing bank reconciliations or audits, creating tax reports, examining wages and properties, and preparing monetary declarations and suggestions.

Having the understanding to be an accounting company’s go-to individual is an important action in ending up being a senior auditor.

Audit Manager

Audit supervisors are at the top of the food cycle in the CIA world. According to Salary.com, these people make a typical income of $114,000-$ 152,000.

Some of the primary obligations of audit supervisors consist of arranging and supervising internal audits, (which typically consists of handling a group of auditors), supervising the evaluation procedure, and making suggestions to alter policies as essential. Eventually, audit supervisors assist business abide by worldwide and federal government responsibilities.

While the wages above show the typical income variety for each position, there is one more difference.

If you are utilized by a business that takes in more than $250 million in profits, your typical income per position will differ. In this kind of business, junior auditors typically make in between $53,250-$ 70,750, senior licensed internal auditors might draw in between $69,750-$ 90,250 and audit supervisors usually make a typical income of $87,750-$ 121,000.

Salary Comparison

To assist you choose whether a profession as qualified internal auditor is for you, you might wish to compare the typical income of CIAs with that of other accounting specialists.

Two typical accounting positions are Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents.


The typical income for a CIA in the United States is roughly $64,000, as compared to the typical income of a CPA, which is roughly $62,000.


There is a fairly big distinction in between the income of a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) which of an Enrolled Agent (EA).

CIAs usually make $64,000 annually, whereas EAs just balance around $48,000.

This huge distinction in wages is most likely associated to the functions and obligations of each position. While Enrolled Agents are thought about tax experts, their series of know-how is restricted. CIAs are distinctively placed to analyze economics and make modifications to policy.

Internal Auditor Salary Across The States

Location has a strong influence on what CIAs are paid throughout the country. The typical income of a CIA can differ significantly, depending upon the state in which you are utilized.

For example, there is a $17,000 distinction in between the typical income of a licensed internal auditor who is operating in California compared to a CIA working in the state of Alabama. Naturally, variables in the expense of living in various states should likewise be factored into the formula.

Alabama and California are not the only states with disparities. Usually, New York-based CIAs make $75,000 while their equivalents in Ohio just make $61,000. That is a $14,000 distinction, although it should be born in mind that the expense of living in lots of parts of New York is considerably greater than in Ohio.

If you are wanting to develop your accounting profession and increase your typical income annually, you ought to check out including an internal audit certificate to your portfolio.

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