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All About SSC JE 2023 Exam Pattern Syllabus and Eligibility criteria


With the purpose of protecting an appealing federal government task in the general public industry domain name, hundreds and also hundreds of design grads stand for the SSC-JE exam. SSC-JE is performed by the Personnel Option Payment to satisfy the article of Junior Engineers in numerous federal government divisions.

Likewise, the Personnel Option Payment performs this employment for a great quantity of openings; for that reason, SSC-JE is one of the most picked test among design grads as it aids them use their technological abilities in addition to developing an appealing job and also general advancement.

As a result, it ends up being rather crucial that the applicants getting ready for the SSC JE 2023 recognize everything about this exam to guarantee they make the ideal choice and also take the ideal actions. Prior to we study the test pattern, curriculum, and also qualification requirements of SSC JE 2023, allow us find out the solution to several of one of the most typical inquiries.

What is the complete kind of SSC-JE?

SSC JE complete kind is Personnel Option Payment Junior Designer.

Why is SSC-JE so preferred?

SSC-JE holds remarkable possibilities for designers that wish to get ready for the SSC test. A few other factors that make the SSC-JE test preferred are as complies with:

  • The curriculum is considerably much less than that of the UPSC test.
  • One can obtain the ideal chance according to their character and also option, which might consist of the Ministry of Railways and also the Ministry of External Matters.
  • Center to obtain direct exposure to both technological and also real-world facets, in addition to an appealing income.

Exists any type of unfavorable noting in the SSC JE 2023 test?

Based On the SSC JE 2023 main notice, there will certainly be unfavorable noting equivalent to one-third of the marks allocated to the concern for every incorrect solution in Paper-I and also Paper-II.

When will the SSC JE 2023 online enrollment begin?

SSC JE 2023 online enrollment will certainly begin with July 26th up until August 16th, 2023.

What is the marks circulation pattern of SSC JE 2023?

SSC JE 2023 Test Pattern:

The Computer system Based Exam will certainly be performed in 2 documents as suggested listed below:



Documents Setting of Exam Topic No of Concerns/ Max. Marks Period
Paper-I Computer System Based Exam i) General Knowledge and also


( ii) General Recognition

( iii) Part-A: General Design (Civil & & Structural)

or Part-B: General

Design (Electric) or

Part-C: General Design( Mechanical)

50/50 2 Hrs
( 2 hrs and also(* )40 mins for the prospects that are
eligible for scribe based on Para-9.1, 9.2(* )and also 9.3)
Computer System Based Exam
& Part-A: General Design( Civil & Structural) or Part-B:
General Design( Electric) or Part-C:
General Design( Mechanical)
100/300 2 Hrs
(2 hrs and also 40 mins for the prospects that are
eligible for scribe based on Para-9.1, 9.2
and also 9.3 )(* )Note:
There will certainly be an unfavorable noting equivalent to one-third of the marks allocated to the concern for every incorrect solution in Paper-I & & Paper-II.

SSC JE 2023 Curriculum Paper-I:

General Knowledge & & R


The Curriculum for General Knowledge would certainly consist of inquiries of both spoken and also non-verbal kinds. The examination might consist of inquiries on examples, resemblances, distinctions, area visualization, analytical, evaluation, judgment, decision-making, aesthetic memory, discrimination, monitoring, connection principles, arithmetical thinking, spoken and also number category, arithmetical number collection, and so on. The examination will certainly additionally consist of inquiries created to evaluate the prospect’s capacities to take care of abstract concepts and also icons and also their partnerships, arithmetical calculations, and also various other logical features.

General Recognition: Concerns will certainly be targeted at evaluating the prospect’s basic understanding of the setting around him/her and also its application to culture. Concerns will certainly additionally be created to evaluate expertise of present occasions and also of such issues of daily monitorings and also experience in their clinical facet as might be anticipated of any type of informed individual. The examination will certainly additionally consist of inquiries connecting to India and also its nearby nations specifically referring to Background, Society, Location, Economic Scene, General Polity Scientific Research study, and so on. These inquiries will certainly be such that they do not call for an unique research of any type of technique.

General Design: Civil & & Structural, Electric, and also Mechanical:

Part-A (Civil Design):

Structure Products, Approximating, Setting You Back and also Assessment, Evaluating, Dirt Mechanics, Hydraulics, Watering Design, Transport Design, and also Environmental Design.

Structural Design:

Concept of Structures, Concrete Innovation, RCC Style, Steel Style.

Part-B( Electric Design ):(* )Fundamental principles, Circuit legislation, Magnetic Circuit, Air Conditioner Basics, Dimension and also Determining tools, Electric Equipments, Fractional Kilowatt Motors and also solitary stage induction Motors, Simultaneous Equipments, Generation, Transmission and also Circulation, Evaluation and also Setting you back, Use and also Electric Power, Fundamental Electronic Devices.

Part-C Mechanical Design ):

Concept of Machines and also Equipment Style, Design Mechanics and also Toughness of Products, Residences of Pure Substances, first Regulation of Thermodynamics, second Regulation of Thermodynamics, Air common Cycles & for IC Engines, IC Engine Efficiency, IC Engines Burning, IC Engine Air Conditioning & Lubrication, Rankine cycle of System, & Boilers, Category, Spec, Installation & Add-on, Air Compressors & their cycles, Refrigeration cycles, Concept of Refrigeration Plant, Nozzles & Heavy Steam Turbines.

Residences & Category of Liquids, Liquid Statics, Dimension of Liquid Stress, Liquid kinematics, Characteristics of Suitable liquids, Dimension of Circulation price, fundamental concepts, Hydraulic Wind turbines, Centrifugal Pumps and also Category of Steel.



Part-A( Civil & Structural Design):

Structure Products

: Physical and also Chemical residential properties, category, common examinations, makes use of, and also manufacture/quarrying of products e.g. structure rocks, silicate-based products, concrete (Rose city), asbestos items, hardwood and also wood-based items, laminates, bituminous products, paints, varnishes.

Approximating, Setting You Back and also Assessment

: Quote, reference of technological terms, evaluation of prices, approaches, and also system of dimension, Products of job– earthwork, Block job (Modular & & Conventional blocks), RCC job, Shuttering, Lumber job, Paint, Floor Covering, Plastering, Limit wall surface, Block structure, Water Storage tank, Septic System, Bar flexing routine, Centre line approach, Mid-section formula, Trapezodial formula, Simpson’s guideline, Price quote of Septic system, adaptable sidewalks, Tube well, isolates and also incorporated grounds, Steel Truss, Heaps and also pile-caps. Assessment– Worth and also price, scrap worth, salvage worth, analyzed worth, sinking fund, devaluation and also obsolescence, approaches of assessment.


: Concepts of checking, dimension of range, chain surveying, functioning of prismatic compass, compass traversing, bearings, regional destination, aircraft table checking, theodolite traversing, modification of theodolite, Levelling, Meaning of terms utilized in levelling, contouring, curvature and also refraction improvements, momentary and also irreversible changes of chubby degree, approaches of contouring, use shape map, tachometric study, contour setup, planet job computation, progressed checking devices

Dirt Technicians

: Beginning of dirt, stage representation, Definitions-void proportion, porosity, level of saturation, water material, details gravity of dirt grains, system weights, thickness index and also affiliation of various specifications, Grain dimension circulation contours and also their usages Index residential properties of dirts, Atterberg ‟ s restrictions, ISI dirt category and also plasticity graph Leaks in the structure of dirt, coefficient of leaks in the structure, resolution of coefficient of leaks in the structure, Unconfined and also restricted aquifers, efficient anxiety, fast sand, combination of dirts, Concepts of combination, level of combination, pre-consolidation stress, generally combined dirt, e- log p contour, calculation of best negotiation Shear stamina of dirts, straight shear examination, Vane shear examination, Triaxial examination Dirt compaction, Lab compaction examination, Optimum completely dry thickness and also optimal wetness material, planet stress concepts, energetic and also easy planet stress, Birthing capability of dirts, plate lots examination, common infiltration examination


: Liquid residential properties, hydrostatics, dimensions of circulation, Bernoulli’s thesis and also its application, circulation with pipelines, circulation in open networks, dams, flumes, spillways, pumps and also generators.

Watering Design

: Meaning, need, advantages, 2II results of watering, kinds and also approaches of watering, Hydrology– Dimension of rains, escape coefficient, rainfall scale, losses from rainfall– dissipation, seepage, and so on Water need of plants, task, delta and also base duration, Kharif and also Rabi Crops, Command location, Time aspect, Plant proportion, Overlap allocation, Watering effectiveness Various kind of canals, sorts of canal watering, loss of water in canals Canal cellular lining– kinds and also benefits Shallow and also deep to wells, return from a well Dam and also battery, Failing of dams and also absorptive structure, Slit and also Scour, Kennedy’s concept of crucial speed Lacey’s concept of attire circulation Meaning of flooding, domino effect, approaches of flooding control, water logging, safety net Land improvement, Attributes of influencing fertility of dirts, functions, approaches, summary of land and also improvement procedures Significant watering tasks in India.

Transport Design:

Freeway Design– cross-sectional components, geometric style, sorts of sidewalks, sidewalk products– accumulations and also asphalts, various examinations, Style of adaptable and also inflexible sidewalks– Water Bound Macadam (WBM) and also Damp Mix Macadam (WMM), Crushed Rock Roadway, Bituminous building and construction, Inflexible sidewalk joint, sidewalk upkeep, Freeway water drainage, Train Design- Elements of irreversible method– sleepers, ballast, components and also attachment, track geometry, factors and also crossings, track joint, terminals and also lawns Website traffic Design– Various web traffic study, speed-flow-density and also their affiliations, junctions and also interchanges, web traffic signals, web traffic procedure, web traffic indications and also markings, roadway security.

Environmental Design:

Top quality of water, resource of water, filtration of water, circulation of water, demand of hygiene, sewage systems, round sewage system, oblong sewage system, sewage system appurtenances, sewer therapies Surface area water drain Strong waste administration– kinds, results, crafted administration system Air contamination– toxins, creates, results, control Environmental pollution– reason, wellness results, control

Architectural Design:

Concept of frameworks:

Flexibility constants, sorts of beam of lights– determinate and also indeterminate, flexing minute and also shear pressure layouts of merely sustained, cantilever and also over hanging beam of lights Minute of location and also minute of inertia for rectangle-shaped & & round areas, flexing minute and also shear anxiety for tee, network and also substance areas, smokeshafts, dams and also keeping wall surfaces, eccentric tons, incline deflection of merely sustained and also cantilever beam of lights, crucial lots and also columns, Torsion of round area

Concrete Innovation

  • : Quality, Benefits and also uses concrete, concrete accumulations, significance of water top quality, water concrete proportion, workability, mix style, storage space, batching, blending, positioning, compaction, ending up and also treating of concrete, quality assurance of concrete, heat and also winter concreting, repair work and also upkeep of concrete frameworks RCC Style: RCC beams-flexural stamina, shear stamina, bond stamina, style of alone enhanced and also dual enhanced beam of lights, cantilever beam of lights T-beams, lintels One method and also 2 method pieces, separated grounds Enhanced block jobs, columns, stairs, keeping wall surface, water containers (RCC style inquiries might be based upon both Limitation State and also Functioning Anxiety approaches)
  • Steel Style: Steel style and also building and construction of steel columns, beam of lights roofing trusses plate girders
  • Part-B (Electric Design): Fundamental principles
  • : Principles of resistance, inductance, capacitance, and also numerous aspects influencing them Principles of present, voltage, power, power and also their devices Circuit legislation


  1. Kirchhoff’s legislation, Easy Circuit option utilizing network theories Magnetic Circuit
  2. : Principles of change, mmf, hesitation, Various sort of magnetic products, Magnetic computations for conductors of various setup e.g. directly, round, solenoidal, and so on Electro-magnetic induction, self and also common induction Air Conditioner Basics: Instantaneous, height, RMS and also ordinary worths of rotating waves, Depiction of sinusoidal wave kind, easy collection and also identical air conditioner Circuits containing RL and also C, Vibration, Container Circuit Poly Stage system– celebrity and also delta link, 3 stage power, DC and also sinusoidal action of R-Land R-Ccircuit
  3. Dimension and also gauging tools: Dimension of power (1 stage and also 3 stage, both energetic and also re-active) and also power, 2 wattmeter approach of 3 stage power dimension, Dimension of regularity and also stage angle Ammeter and also voltmeter (both relocating oil and also relocating iron kind), expansion of variety wattmeter, Multimeters, Megger, Power meter air conditioner Bridges Use CRO, Signal Generator, CT, PT and also their usages Planet Mistake discovery
  4. Electric Equipments: (a) DC Equipment– Building, Fundamental Concepts of DC electric motors and also generators, their attributes, rate control and also beginning of DC Motors Technique of stopping electric motor, Losses and also effectiveness of DC Equipments (b) 1 stage and also 3 stage transformers– Building, Concepts of procedure, comparable circuit, voltage law, OC and also SC Examinations, Losses and also effectiveness Impact of voltage, regularity and also wave kind on losses Identical procedure of 1 stage/ 3 stage transformers Vehicle transformers (c) 3 stage induction electric motors, revolving electromagnetic field, concept of procedure, comparable circuit, torque-speed attributes, beginning and also rate control of 3 stage induction electric motors Approaches of stopping, impact of voltage and also regularity variant on torque rate attributes Fractional Kilowatt Motors and also Solitary Stage Induction Motors: Attributes and also applications.
  5. Simultaneous Equipments— Generation of 3-phase emf armature response, voltage law, identical procedure of 2 generators, integrating, control of energetic and also responsive power Beginning and also applications of simultaneous electric motors.
  6. Generation, Transmission and also Circulation — Various sorts of power plant, Tons aspect, variety aspect, need aspect, price of generation, inter-connection of power plant Power aspect renovation, numerous sorts of tolls, sorts of mistakes, brief circuit present for balanced mistakes Switchgears– score of breaker, Concepts of arc termination by oil and also air, HRC Integrates, Security versus planet leak/ over present, and so on Buchholtz relay, Merz-Price system of defense of generators & & transformers, defense of feeders and also bus bars Lightning arresters, numerous transmission and also circulation system, contrast of conductor products, effectiveness of various system Wire– Various kind of wires, cable television score and also derating aspect.
  7. Evaluation and also setting you back : Evaluation of lights plan, electrical installment of makers and also appropriate IE policies Earthing methods and also IE Guidelines.
  8. Use of Electric Power : Lighting, Electric home heating, Electric welding, Electroplating, Electric drives and also electric motors.
  9. Fundamental Electronic Devices : Functioning of numerous digital tools e.g. P N Joint diodes, Transistors (NPN and also PNP kind), BJT and also JFET Easy circuits utilizing these tools
  10. Component- C (Mechanical Design): Concept of Machines and also Equipment Style:
  11. Principle of easy device, 4 bar affiliation and also web link activity, Flywheels and also change of power, Power transmission by belts– V-belts and also Apartment belts, Clutches– Plate and also Cone-shaped clutch, Gears– Kind of equipments, equipment account and also equipment proportion computation, Governors– Concepts and also category, Secured joint, Web cams, Bearings, Rubbing in collars and also pivots Design Mechanics and also Toughness of Products:

Balance of Pressures, Regulation of activity, Rubbing, Principles of anxiety and also stress, Flexible limitation and also flexible constants, Flexing minutes and also shear pressure representation, Anxiety in composite bars, Torsion of round shafts, Throwing of columns– Euler’s and also Rankin’s concepts, Slim walled stress vessels

Thermal Design:

Residences of Pure Substances

: P-V && P-T layouts of pure compound like water, Intro of heavy steam table relative to heavy steam generation procedure; interpretation of saturation, damp & & superheated standing Meaning of dry skin portion of heavy steam, level of superheat of heavy steam H-s graph of heavy steam (Mollier’s Graph)

first Regulation of Th


  • : Meaning of saved power & & interior power, first Regulation of Thermodynamics of cyclic procedure, Non Circulation Power Formula, Circulation Power & & Meaning of Enthalpy, Problems for Steady State Steady Circulation; Steady State Steady Circulation Power Formula second Regulation of T
  • hermodynamics: Meaning of Sink, Resource Storage Tank of Warm, Warm Engine, Heatpump & & Fridge; Thermal Performance of Warm Engines & & co-efficient of efficiency of Fridges, Kelvin– Planck & & Clausius Statements of second Regulation of Thermodynamics, Outright or Thermodynamic Range of temperature level, Clausius Integral, Decline, Decline modification computation of suitable gas procedures Carnot Cycle & & Carnot Performance, PMM-2; interpretation & & its unfeasibility Air common Cycles for IC engines
  • : Otto cycle; story on P-V, T-S Planes; Thermal Performance, Diesel Cycle; Story on P-V, T-S aircrafts; Thermal effectiveness. IC Engine Efficiency, IC Engine Burning, IC Engine Air Conditioning & & Lubrication Rankine cycle of heavy steam:
  • Easy Rankine cycle story on P-V, T-S, h-s aircrafts, Rankine cycle effectiveness with & & without pump job Central heating boilers; Category; Spec; Fittings & & Add-on: Fire Tube & & Water Tube Boilers Air Compressors & & their cycles; Refrigeration cycles; Concept of a Refrigeration Plant; Nozzles & & Heavy Steam Turbines Liquid Mechanics & & Equipment:
  • Residences & & Category of Liquid: suitable & & genuine liquids, Newton’s legislation of thickness, Newtonian and also Non-Newtonian liquids, compressible and also incompressible liquids

Liquid Statics

  • : Stress at a factor Dimension of Liquid Stress: Manometers, U-tube, Inclined tube
  • Liquid Kinematics: Stream line, laminar & & rough circulation, exterior & & interior circulation, connection formula
  • Characteristics of suitable liquids: Bernoulli’s formula, Complete head; Speed head; Stress head; Application of Bernoulli’s equitation
  • Dimension of Circulation price Fundamental Concepts: Venturimeter, Pilot tube, Orifice meter
  • Hydraulic Generators: Categories, Concepts
  • Centrifugal Pumps: Categories, Concepts,
  • Efficiency Manufacturing Design: Category of Steels
  • : light swipe & & alloy steel, Warm therapy of steel, Welding– Arc Welding, Gas Welding, Resistance Welding, Unique Welding Strategies i.e. TIG, MIG, and so on (Brazing & & Soldering), Welding Defects & Screening; NDT, Shop & & Spreading– approaches, problems, various spreading procedures, Forging, Extrusion, and so on, Steel reducing concepts, reducing devices, Fundamental Concepts of machining with (i) Turret (ii) Milling (iii) Boring (iv) Forming (v) Grinding, Equipments, devices & & producing procedures. SSC JE 2023 Qualification Standard
  • SSC-JE 2023 qualification requirements consist of the following: The particular prospect has to have a diploma or academic degree in the area of design from a college that is identified by the Federal government of India.

Age limitation (post-wise)


According to the most recent upgrade, the SSC JE 2023 age limitation differs with the particular placement. (For even more quality the applicants asked for to evaluate the most recent notice).


Company Age Limitation

Junior Designer (Civil, Electric, and also Mechanical)

Boundary Roadways Company (BROTHER) Upto thirty years Junior Designer (Civil and also Electric)
Central Public Functions Division (CPWD) Upto 32 years Junior Designer (Civil and also Mechanical)
Central Water Payment Upto thirty years Junior Designer (Civil)
Division of Water Resources, River Advancement & & Ganga Renewal (Brahmaputra Board) Upto thirty years
Junior Designer (Civil and also Mechnical) Farakka Battery Task (FBP)
Upto thirty years
Junior Designer (Civil, Electric, and also Mechanical)
Armed Force Designer Provider (MES) Upto thirty years Junior Designer (Civil and also Mechanical)
Ministry of Ports, Delivery & & Waterways (Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Functions) Upto thirty years
Junior Designer (Civil, Electric, and also Mechanical) National Technical Research Study Company (NTRO)
Upto thirty years
SSC JE 2023 Age Leisure :


Age-Relaxation in the top age limitation SC/ST

5 years

OBC 3 years
PwD (Unreserved) ten years
PwD (OBC) 13 years
PwD (SC/ST) 15 years
Ex-Servicemen (ESM) 3 years after the reduction of the army solution made from the
real age. Protection Employee handicapped in procedure throughout hostilities with any type of international nation or in a disrupted location and also launched as a
effect thereof. 3 years
Protection Employee handicapped in procedure throughout hostilities with any type of international nation or in a disrupted location and also launched as a
the effect thereof (SC/ST).
8 years
If you are among the prospects getting ready for the SSC JE 2023 test, after that those details can verify valuable for you. Nevertheless, we additionally ask for that you check out the SSC JE 2023 main notice provided listed below prior to taking any type of decision.
Hope you located this article valuable!
All the most effective for your forthcoming SSC-JE test!

SSC JE 2023 Official Notification 

Beloved Aspirants


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