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Looking for a method to turn practically any drone you currently own into an FPV drone? Among the simplest and most budget friendly methods to do that may be with the DroneMask 2. Made by a Norwegian business called Immerse Optics, the 2nd edition of its flagship item, the DroneMask 2, permits you to take your electronic camera drone and turn it into an immersive flying experience.

Immerse Optics began having absolutely nothing to do with drones at all, however rather by making masks to develop an immersive movie-watching experience from your phone. After getting consumer feedback and motivation– consisting of getting wind that drone pilots were ‘hacking’ their item into an FPV tool– the business rotated to the drone sector. In 2021, they presented the DroneMask and have actually just recently progressed by including the DroneMask 2 into their lineup of items.

And for folks like me who have actually constantly wondered about the world of FPV (first-person watching) drones however weren’t prepared to devote to the price that features buying an FPV drone, then the DroneMask 2 is an excellent alternative and a more affordable choice. The itemstarts at $179 When flying with my


DroneMask 2 with DJI Mini 3
I had the possibility to utilize the DroneMask 2. Here’s an evaluation of what occurred:

Purchase the DroneMask 2 for $179:

Photo thanks to DroneMask

What you require to utilize the DroneMask 2 RC-N1 The DroneMask 2 works with any kind of drone from any drone business– as long as that drone consists of a controller that interfaces with a phone that shows the drone video.DJI RC In my case, I utilized the

with a DJI Mini 3 drone. That stated, if you have a controller that has the screen currently integrated in, like how to turn your DJI drone into an FPV drone using DJI’s products, then regrettably the DroneMask 2 will not work.

And here lies what’s most likely the most significant failure of the DroneMask 2. I would not advise buying a controller that links to your phone merely utilizing the DroneMask 2, as it typically makes more monetary sense to think about other choices. For DJI users, that consists of investigating

  • by buying DJI FPV safety glasses.
  • Lastly, you’ll require a smart device– which’s it. Whatever else you’ll require is consisted of in your DroneMask 2 package. The DroneMask 2 features:
  • 1 mask
  • 1 linen bag
  • 1 fabric (to clean up the lens or your phone with)
  • 1 USB-C to USB-C cable television
Copy of MagiMask lens 2
1 USB-C to lighting cable television

1 micro USB to USB-C adapter

Photo thanks to DroneMask

Getting prepared to fly with the DroneMask 2

I live my life with 15% battery life on my iPhone and have a couple of times prepared to go out with my drone for the day then remembered I had actually forgotten to charge the batteries. I was pleased to discover that DroneMask 2 is not electronic, so no charging is needed.

I went out with my DJI Mini 3, my RC-N1 controller, and my DroneMask 2. The DroneMask 2 itself is rather large, so I needed to alter out my regular ‘drone knapsack’ for a bigger one.

Setting up the mask was rather basic. You link your phone to the controller as regular, nevertheless, rather of installing the phone on the top of the controller, you put it inside the DroneMask 2 (utilizing the longer cable supplied). Simply zip it right up.

The DroneMask 2 fits most phones, consisting of, however not restricted to, all designs of iPhone, Samsung S6-8 edge, and the Samsung Galaxy S21.

The safety glasses are roomy and rather comfy. I do not use glasses, however I attempted the safety glasses on while using sunglasses and they fit simply great. No requirement to get prescription lenses or use contacts.

The DroneMask 2 likewise has an adjustable side strap and one that discusses your head. These straps are rather thick and once again, extremely comfy.

DroneMask 2 kit

Another thoughtful function was the 2 holes at the bottom of the mask. These enable you to have access to your phone without generating any light. The holes are covered with a light-proof neoprene cover. This is an upgrade from the DroneMask to DroneMask 2.

Flying your drone with the DroneMask 2

Similar to your very first couple of times flying a drone, I would extremely advise flying with the DroneMask 2 in a location with restricted to no individuals and challenges, specifically if you have actually never ever flown an FPV drone. And considering that you’ll have the safety glasses on your face, bring a good friend or co-pilot to work as your visual observer.

For me, flying with the DroneMask took a little getting utilized to.

When flying, you can utilize gimbal mode or FPV mode (if your drone has these modes). I felt I was more comfy in FPV mode. An adjustable focus length permits you to additional ideal the seeing experience.

Visuals from the phone through the mask were extremely high quality. An unique lens on DroneMask 2 permits you to see the entire screen. That’s a sharp contrast from stereotyped VR safety glasses where the screen on the smart device needs to divide down the middle when revealing the drone video– one screen on each eye.

The DroneMask 2 utilizes a various optical service, which indicates that the screen does not require to be divided, supplied you have a strong screen resolution and will deal with any mobile app. This indicates that you can likewise utilize the DroneMask 2 for an immersive movie-watching experience through apps like YouTube and Netflix.

DroneMask 2

I flew my drone with the DroneMask 2 on an extremely bright day in New Orleans and essentially no light came through the mask as I flew the drone. When utilizing an RC-N1 controller, this was a big enhancement from the glare on the phone. The lens did mist up in the heat. Fortunately, I did have the linen fabric with me.

Eventually, I ended up being more comfy flying with the DroneMask 2 and was astonished by the immersive experience it provided.

Who is the DroneMask 2 for?the DJI FPV Goggles V2 If you wonder at all about the world of FPV flying, however an FPV drone or safety glasses are not in your budget plan, then think about the DroneMask 2. $342 Starting at $179, it’s a more affordable option to its rivals. the Google Daydream View is $27 begins at

, making the DroneMask 47% less expensive. A real FPV drone is most likely a lot more pricey (for instance, the

).purchasing an FPV drone There are more affordable options on the planet of VR headsets.

. The lenses on the DroneMask 2 use a far remarkable seeing experience. Plus many VR headsets, consisting of the Google ones, are not suitable with flying drones.

If you just fly drones on the go, the DroneMask 2 may not be the very best choice for you as it is rather large (however still relatively light-weight). Or if you are more severe about FPV drones or racing you might wish to check out (*).(*) The DroneMask 2 permits you to have an immersive flying experience, without the large price of other rivals. (*) Purchase the DroneMask 2 for $179: (*) Related(*)


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