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Skynode X Update from Auterion


skynode gx view 4skynode gx view 4 Auterion Announces Updated All-in-One Computing Platform for Robotics, Skynode X, Enables Advanced Reliability and Autonomous Drones

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

Auterion has actually launched an upgrade for its drone computing platform; Skynode X. The upgrade maintains the initial abilities of the innovation in addition to offering essential efficiency, dependability and accuracy improvements.

Auterion is a leading item designer for self-governing cars, and they are devoted to advancing the adoption of self-governing fleets in both the industrial and public sectors. Their os are developed to automate car habits on the ground and in the air.

The initial Skynode X, which was launched in 2020, has actually been used by a number of UAS makers for developing self-governing fleets that can carry out a range of jobs, from the recurring and ordinary to high and extremely exact threat. The item itself integrates a flight controller, objective computer system, and LTE connection into a little, compact All-in-one computing platform. Today, the 2020 variation is being used for search and rescue objectives, aerial shipment, the expedition of dangerous landscapes, and security objectives.

The essential improvements in the Skynode X boost dependability and versatility to the initial drone computing platform, and they allow self-governing habits that can react in high-risk environments. The Flight Management Unit (FMU), FMUv6, now has two times the computing power and RAM. Extra enhancements in the vision software application advancement set can be utilized to develop customized applications or coupled with third-party applications. In amount, these improvements permit the Skynode X platform to be utilized in bigger, more computing-resource requiring drones or for extremely specialized operations such as accuracy landing or challenge detection.

Additionally, the upgraded Skynode X is likewise thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Little sufficient to suit the palm of one’s hand, the computing platform is now more flexible and can be quickly geared up without compromising the efficiency abilities of a UAV.

” Skynode and AuterionOS drive the adoption of software-defined robotic fleets by using the greatest levels of combination.” stated Lorenz Meier, CEO and Founder of Auterion. “The Skynode X updates guarantee we are fulfilling the autonomy, dependability and versatility that our clients require, so big merchants can scale and use drone shipment programs and federal governments can perform their objectives more effectively and securely.”

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Walker Robinson is a 2022 Graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara with an enthusiasm for renewable resource and emerging innovations. An early profession expert skilled in both sales and advancement of utility-scale and property renewable resource systems, he is happy to be part of the drone market.



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