Rick Boss: go behind-the-scenes with the leader of Sky Elements


Rick Boss is the leader of Sky Elements Drones, the leading company of drone light reveals around the U.S. He just recently welcomed me behind-the-scenes of his business’s Star Wars drone light reveal at the Oakland Coliseum as part of the group’s Star Wars Night.

I’ve got a big recap of the event here, consisting of lots of pictures, which you can check out and see here. There’s likewise a video on my YouTube channel including a few of the highlights, right listed below:

But while that video has a couple of bits of our Q&A, it does not consist of all of it. Therefore, I’ve chosen to share our complete Q&A in text kind. In our behind-the-scenes interview, he shares how they handle to take a trip with all those drones, what the setup involves and more. Without additional adios, here’s that interview with Rick Boss!

Sky Elements drone light show Oakland A's Coliseum
Rick Boss of Sky Elements Drones

Drone Girl: What are we taking a look at behind us?

Rick Boss: Tonight we’re taking a look at 500 drones for a program that’s going to be Star Wars themed. What’s going on today is the team is establishing all the drones, adjusting the drones, and ensuring we’re all set to opt for tonight.

DG: And there’s really a quite decently sized team. The number of individuals do you have placing on this entire venture?

RB: Typically for a program the size we have about 15 to 18 individuals to get all the drones established, however simply a single person flying the program.

DG: So these folks have actually been doing a great deal of work adjusting the drones. Inform me, what all enters into the setup ahead of time?

RB: A great deal of the work, well, the majority of the work, takes place in advance. Our imaginative group has actually invested most likely about a hundred and fifty hours of programs simply for this program. Much work goes on ahead of the program, and tonight it’s simply setting up the drones to make sure whatever works well today.

DG: As far as programs, what are we visiting?

RB: You’re visiting a great deal of Star Wars.

DG: Do you believe we’ll see Baby Yoda?

RB: There’s a great chance that Grogu is up there.

DG: Yes! Incredible! Therefore you do a lot of these programs. Right before this you were at the Dodger’s Game. I hear you likewise did the Serena Williams baby gender reveal show.

RB: We did. We did the Serena Williams child gender. We likewise did the Dodger’s program, which was 1,000 drones. For context, we’re doing 500 tonight. We have another Star Wars reveal turning up for FC Dallas with 1,000 drones.

DG: Oh my gosh, so you’re hectic! The number of programs are you doing each week or each month?

RB: We fly 5-6 programs weekly, all over the nation. Yes, we’re quite hectic. From Key West to Seattle, Washington to the Caribbean in addition to Hawaii. We’re all over.

DG: So do you have a truck? How do you get drones to all these locations?

RB: So best behind me is a truck trailer there. The trailer is the most typical method we transfer our drones. Since of all those lithium batteries, the main factor for that is. It is otherwise simply a discomfort to fly jerk them all over the nation.

DG: Flying with drones— and possibly more seriously, flying with LiPo batteries— is made complex, so I’m not amazed to hear you state that.

RB: It’s specifically hard when your programs are huge.

DG: So on that note, how does the size of this program compare to most drone light programs?

RB: This is a medium-to-large program. Our typical drone has to do with 300 drones. With 500 drones, that’s a good sized program.

DG: How do I get my own individual drone light program, like what Serena got?

RB: * Laughs * You can call us, or visit our site at SkyElementsDrones.com, struck the demand button and we’ll get you a quote.

DG: And I most likely require to win the lottery game to get some cash to do that?

RB: The cost of a drone show is pricey still. It’s more than fireworks, that’s for sure. That stated, the costs are constantly improving. I suggest, the rate today is half what it was a half and a year earlier.

DG: It’s ending up being more cost effective, and it’s likewise more ecologically friendly– which I do like that element.

RB: No doubt about it. Especially in some states where there is fire threat, that is a terrific advantage. There’s the truth that these are low sound. We’re not affecting the next-door neighbors, we’re not affecting the family pets, and it’s definitely we’re leaving no particles behind.


And, we get even more custom-made, precise styles. I’m personally thrilled to see Baby Grogu tonight.

You satisfied Rick Boss, however among the other geniuses powering Sky Elements is Preston Ward, who functions as the business’s chief pilot. Return to The Drone Girl next week to check out a comparable Q&A, however with Preston!(*) Related(*)


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