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I just recently had the chance to examine the SpeedyBee Bee35 Cinewhoop, an 3.5 ″ FPV Drone that captured my attention for its style and remarkably budget friendly cost. In this evaluation, I’ll share my experience and insights about the Bee35, exploring its functions and efficiency.

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Learn about what cinewhoops remain in our purchaser’s guide, and what the popular options are:

Where To Buy?

Get the Speedybee Bee35 cinewhoop from:

I am examining the BNF variation of Bee35 (analog ELRS variation), which features the following devices:

  • HQD90-3 Propellers (2 CW, 2 CCW) x1
  • Spare Screw Pack x1
  • Battery Strap (220mm) x1
  • Hex Wrench (1.5 mm and 2.0 mm) x1
  • TinyBee V2 Antenna (SMA) x1

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Unbox Accessories Parts

Bee35 Frame Kit

You can likewise get simply the frame and develop it yourself (from US$ 40.99):

The frames are readily available in various colors.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Frames Colors Replacement

Easy Assembly: The Bee35’s assembly is simple, including just 4 screws for fast disassembly and access to internal parts.

Video Transmitter (VTX) Mount: For the O3 variation, the CNC bracket at the bottom is created for the O3 Air Unit, boosts sturdiness and help heat dissipation. The versatility to install various VTXs is a plus.

Flight Controller Mounting Options: The Bee35 provides adaptability with several installing alternatives, accommodating different flight controller sizes and orientations.

Motor and Propeller Specs: The frame supports 12 × 12 mm motor installs and works with 3.5-inch props, supplying a strong structure for steady and effective flight attributes.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Motor Props 2006


Here are the specifications for the various variations of the Bee35. The HD Power variation is essentially the O3 variation without the O3 air system and radio receiver.

Models O3 Version Analog Version HD Power Version
Frame Speedybee Bee35 Pro Speedybee Bee35 Speedybee Bee35 Pro
Carbon Plate Thickness 3.5 mm
Gyroscope ICM42688P
Bluetooth Supported
AT7456E Chip Yes (for analog OSD)
Blackbox 8MB
ESC BLS 35A 4in1 (BlueJay)
Motor SpeedyBee 2006-1950KV( SIX)
Propellers HQ-T90MM-3-blade
Camera O3 Air Unit Camera RunCam Phonix SE None
VTX O3 Air Unit VTX SpeedyBee TX800 None
VTX Heat Dissipation Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy Cooling Baseplate Carbon Fiber Baseplate Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy Cooling Baseplate
Receiver None/TBS Nano/ ELRS 2.4 GHz TBS Nano/ ELRS 2.4 GHz None
Recording Support Support 4K120 (Mountable Sports Camera) Not Support (Mountable Sports Camera) None (Mountable Sports Camera)
Voltage Input Six LiPo 25.2 V (Recommend: 1050mAh-1300mAh)
Weight 320 ± 10g 300 ± 10g 276 ± 10g

The real drone( analog variation) is a little much heavier than defined, weighing in at 305g without battery.

Closer Look at the Bee35

At very first glimpse, the Bee35 stands apart with its robust style and has a lot of space for setting up electronic devices. It’s a reasonably big cinewhoop, effective enough to bring a full-size GoPro Hero 12 orDJI Action 4 It features a 3D printed install for protecting an action video camera.

It’s substantially bigger than little cinewhoops I’ve been examining just recently such as the BetaFPV Pavo20 (on the right). Unlike the Bee35, the Pavo20 isn’t truly created to bring anything at all apart from the O3, that’s why they are so compact.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Size Comparison Pavo20 2inch

You can install the LiPo battery side method (toilet tank installing), or the conventional method (front to back) with this frame. You can loosen the leading plate and turn it around, which enables you to twist around the battery strap in a various orientation.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Fpv Drone

The frame’s structure is created for ease of gain access to and upkeep, a particular I especially value. To access the FC and VTX inside the frame, you simply require to eliminate 4 screws on the bottom.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Bottom

I have the Analog variation, however the Bee35 is likewise suitable with the DJI O3 Air Unit (simply needs various 3D printed video camera spacers).

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Fpv Camera

External USB Access

The Bee35 masters easy to use style. A standout function is the external USB port, enabling simple connection to the flight controller. This thoughtful style conserves time and inconvenience throughout setup and changes.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Usb C Port Rear

The external USB port is in fact an extension from the USB port on the FC. This is the very first time I’ve seen this style in a BNF, an extremely ingenious concept.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Usb C Extension Cable

Design and Build

They are utilizing their latest budget F405 Mini Stack, which is uncommon for a cinewhoop. The majority of cinewhoops nowadays would utilize an AIO board due to the minimal area (ESC and FC constructed on the very same PCB). By utilizing their own different FC and ESC boards, it ought to provide much better dependability also keeping expense to a minimum.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Side

As you can see, the frame supports a wide variety of parts and provides a lot of area for different setups. The installing alternatives for the flight controller are flexible, accommodating stacks of various sizes. The battery strap is extending for battery sizes they advise, it would be much better if it was 25cm long rather of 22cm.

3D Printed Accessories

The 3D printed antenna install at the back is flexible, it can be utilized for various setup consisting of 2.4 GHz and 900Mhz T-style antennas, along with analog VTX and DJI Air Unit. While these 3D printed parts are completely practical, their print quality has space for enhancement.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Vtx Rx Antenna Rear 3d Printed Mount

GPS install is likewise consisted of. It’s detachable with the ability for tilt angle change. It just supports micro size GPS modules that determine around 12.5 × 16.0 mm. I think they provide various sizes however you may require to ask their assistance for the style files and print them yourself.

Meteor LED Kit

SpeedyBee likewise sent me their Meteor LED Kit with the Bee35. It’s a great addition for drone lovers wanting to include a dash of design and performance to their flights. Its ease of setup, vast array of supported voltages, and the capability to wirelessly configure it by means of the SpeedyBee app make it an important device for any suitable drone.

The Meteor LED set is not consisted of with the Bee35, it requires to be bought independently from these suppliers:

Beyond lighting, it functions as a Bluetooth module, enabling cordless setup of your flight controller, a function especially convenient if your controller does not have an integrated Bluetooth module.

The RGB LED strip can be customized to fit as much as 3.5-inch frames like the Bee35. It likewise includes a boot button for going into DFU mode on your flight controller, a hassle-free function when the controller is not quickly available.

The Meteor LED Kit comes nicely packaged, including the RGB LED strip pre-soldered to a controller board, a 3D printed TPU cover, screws for installing, extra wires and port.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Meteor Led Upgrade Kit

Meteor LED Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 7.4V-25.2 V (TWO to SIX)
  • Bluetooth: Supported
  • WiFi: Supported, triggers immediately just for firmware updates
  • Communication Interface: Serial (UART)
  • Baudrate: 115200
  • Power Indicator: Red light remain on, showing power
  • Button Function: Power on/off, switch impacts
  • Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 6.3 mm (leaving out fittings and screws)
  • Controller board weight: 2g
  • RGB LED Strip (complete length): 13g


The setup procedure is rather simple. There’s a plug currently soldered to the Bee35 at the back, and you simply require to link it straight to the LED controller board. The consisted of 3D printed TPU part is a thoughtful addition, guaranteeing the LED board is firmly placed and safeguarded.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Meteor Led Upgrade Kit Install Wire Connection

Peel off the paper on the LED strip and stick it to the beyond the prop guard.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Meteor Led Upgrade Kit Install Double Tape Frame

After assembly and powering up, the Meteor LED set came to life. You can change to various modes by pushing the button on the LED controller board. The LED impacts are remarkable, specifically in low-light. From the halo and twinkling impacts to the enchanting rainbow and flame animations, the Meteor set includes a substantial wow element to the drone.

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Meteor Led Upgrade Kit Demo 1

Customization and Control

For those who choose handbook control, a brief press on the LED controller’s button cycles through the readily available LED modes.

You can likewise utilize the SpeedyBee app for setup. The app spots the Meteor set upon drone power-up, permitting simple changing in between different lighting modes.

Power Consumption

The LED strip takes in around 3W of power (about 0.12 A for a six battery), which indicates it will not have a visible impact on flight efficiency or flight time.

Flight Performance

The PID and filters are currently established at the factory. The tune is set up by going into the numbers straight, instead of utilizing sliders, which is a fascinating method. The flight efficiency is rather great for a pre-built design; there’s truly absolutely nothing to grumble about.

When flying without the GoPro, the Bee35 hovers at around 27% throttle, which feels effective for a big cinewhoop of this size. There’s no obvious bounce-back or prop wash when carrying out rolls and turns, showing the efficiency of the stock tune.

Using a six 1100mAh LiPo battery, you can anticipate around 6 to 7 minutes of flight time (travelling without GoPro), which is longer than the average for cinewhoops in this class.

How to Setup

The Speedybee Bee35 features Betaflight 4.4.2. FC Board target is SPEEDYBEEF405MINI. Stock CLI diff can be discovered here:

Before my first flight, I had to bind the receiver.

It’s an ExpressLRS (ELRS) receiver, so to put it in bind mode, you might just plug in battery and disconnect 2 times, the 3rd time you plug it in, it ought to remain in bind mode.
It binds great with my ELRS Radio which has V3.3 firmware, which recommends the receiver likewise has V3 firmware.

You can likewise re-flash the receiver firmware with your own bind expression.

See my tutorial for more information how to bind ExpressLRS receivers: 

Next, setup modes/switches for equipping and flight modes. See my tutorial for how:

That’s it, you are great to opt for your very first flight.

ConclusionCinelog35 The SpeedyBee Bee35 Cinewhoop impresses with its thoughtful style, adaptability, and efficiency. Information like the external USB gain access to and several setup alternatives include benefit and functionality. It’s affordable cost point makes it a strong competitor to other popular designs such as the


Get the Speedybee Bee35 cinewhoop from: (*).


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