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PDWs C100 Heavy Lift Blue sUAS Approved


PDW C100 heavy lift Blue sUAS The C100’s Approval Streamlines Military Drone Procurement and Operation

US-based hardware maker PDW as revealed that its C100 quadcopter has actually been authorized for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Blue UAS program. This approval will improve the procedure for military applications of the drone.

The Blue sUAS list is a program established by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) of the Department of Defense (DoD), created to veterinarian business unmanned aerial systems (UAS) innovation. The drones contributed to the DIU “Blue UAS Cleared List” have actually gone through a cybersecurity examination, an NDAA compliance check, and were provided the required administrative documents so that it does not need a DoD exception to policy to run or acquire. This makes the Blue sUAS list a considerable criteria in the drone market, supplying guarantee of security and dependability for users.

Heavy Lift, Blue sUAS Compliant, Tactical Drone

The C100, a portable, long-endurance drone, can approximately 74 minutes of flight and can bring a payload of approximately 15 pounds. It provides a wide variety of sophisticated objective abilities, consisting of targeting, signals intelligence, direct impacts, and last-mile resupply in objected to environments.

heavy lift Blue sUAS PDW C100

” We are greatly happy to reveal the C100 platform’s addition on heaven UAS list,” stated PDW CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Gury. “PDW is securely devoted to DIU’s objective of providing protected technologyfor our operators and the addition of the C100 to heaven UAS list represents a relied on, safe, and steady platform, offering our consumers guarantee when they require it most.”

The C100 was created to line up with vibrant military targeting approach and support the tactical blend of operations and intelligence on the battleground. The platform is the outcome of years of research study and advancement by PDW’s group of veterans, sUAS professionals, and market leaders.

The C100 boasts several payload bays, an open and modular architecture, and an overall payload capability of approximately 15 pounds, dealing with a broad variety of objective sets and payloads. PDW’s approval for the DIU Blue UAS list is a testimony to cross-department coordination with DIU, Navy PMA-263, and Dark Wolf to supply ingenious and safe options for the United States Government.

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