KHRONOS Tethered Drone in a Box for Challenging Environments


KHRONOS Drone Flying Elistair Launches KHRONOS, a Game-Changing Tethered Drone System for Challenging Environments

Elistair, a popular leader in long-endurance, connected unmanned airplane systems, has actually formally presented KHRONOS, a totally automated connected drone system customized for monitoring, reconnaissance, and intelligence (ISR) objectives in difficult, GPS/GNSS-denied, and RF-denied environments.

” KHRONOS represents a considerable turning point for Elistair,” mentioned Guilhem de Marliave, the CEO of Elistair. “Public security firms, border patrol systems, military forces, and even automobile integrators have actually all been trying to find a basic, natural, long-endurance ISR possession that can be gone for the push of a button– and now they lastly have it.”

With a years of experience in establishing and providing connected drones to consumers in more than 70 nations, Elistair has actually leveraged its knowledge to develop the 66-pound KHRONOS. This drone can be quickly released from an easily transportable dronebox in under 2 minutes, offering a constant, day/night bird’s-eye view over a 10-kilometer radius for a remarkable 24 hours.

Elistair tethered drone in a box Designed to run from both repaired and mobile platforms with very little human input, KHRONOS provides a special service, permitting operators to have their own “pocket watchtower” without a heavy financial investment in training. “The objective behind KHRONOS was clear: we desired a connected drone that’s uncomplicated to utilize, versatile to numerous situations, incorporates flawlessly, and is robust in building and construction for requiring environments,” described Elistair CTO Timothée Penet.

One of KHRONOS’s crucial functions is its capability to work in both RF-denied and gps/gnss-denied environments, thanks to its sophisticated positioning system and protected connected interactions. In addition, the drone is ruggedized for operation off-road and in bad climate condition, making it flexible for a variety of situations.

KHRONOS DroneBox for mobile units Powered by T-Planner 2, the current variation of Elistair’s objective software application, KHRONOS gain from smart functions like target tracking, automated item classification, and cued video camera slewing to sights. This sophisticated innovation guarantees that the drone system is geared up with the current abilities for effective and efficient objective execution.

Elistair is a recognized leader, offering connected drones to consumers internationally. The business prepares to take its ingenious KHRONOS system to market in January 2024.

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