Kelluu Hydrogen Airships on Drone Radio Show


Kelluu hydrogen powered airships drone radio show Hydrogen airships, today on the Drone Radio Show! Janne Hietala, CEO of Kelluu, talks with host Randy Goers about how the business’s hydrogen-powered airships are transforming aerial information collection. Listen here:

Janne Hietala is an innovation lover and CEO of Finland based, Kelluu. Kelluu styles, makes and runs smart airships for relentless aerial tracking. Kelluu’s fleet of hydrogen powered automobiles, efficient in remaining air-borne for 12-hours, is geared up with a range of spectral video cameras, sensing units, and scanners. These instruments can collect real-time information on a varied series of topics, consisting of plant life, facilities, and surface.

Janne’s journey in entrepreneurship is notable, with accomplishments such as bootstrapping a software application business to an impressive 15 million EUR in earnings, handling a group of 250 experts throughout 7 nations, and eventually leaving the endeavor in 2021. His accomplishments were acknowledged in 2012 when he was bestowed the distinguished Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Established in 2018, under Janne’s management, Kelluu has actually promptly developed itself as an essential gamer in the development of digital twins, dealing with numerous applications and markets.

In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Janne shares his insights on how Kelluu’s ingenious hydrogen-powered airships are poised to transform the method we approach aerial information collection, providing scalability and effectiveness throughout various sectors.

Missed an episode? Capture up here:



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