iNav Flight Controllers for Planes and Fixed Wings – Which is the Best for You?


Choosing the ideal flight controller (FC) for your next FPV RC airplane can be intimidating with a lot of alternatives readily available. Each FC uses distinct functions and performances, it’s vital to discover one that satisfies your particular requirements. In this post, we’ll check out all the popular FCs that work with iNav, consisting of the SpeedyBee and the Matek lineup, and disucss their cons and pros to direct you in making a notified choice for your next task.

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FC Comparison Chart

Flight Controller SpeedyBee F405 WING F405-VTOL F405-WMN F411-WTE F405-WTE H743-WLITE H743-WING
H743-MINI V3 F405-HDTE F405-miniTE NEW
Size (mm) 52x32x19 45 X 44 31 x 26 31 x 26 44 x 29 44 x 29 54 x 36 45 X 44 36 x 36 36 x 28 36 x 36 28 x 28 36 x 45
Mounting (mm) 35 X 35 30.5 x 30.5 35 X 35 30.5 x 30.5 20 x 20 30.5 x 30.5 20 x 20 30.5 x 30.5
IMU Gyro ICM42688p ICM42688p ICM42688p BMI270 ICM42688p ICM42688p ICM42688p
ICM42688p ICM42688p
ICM42688p ICM42688p ICM42688p
Baro SPL006-001 SPL06-001 SPL06-001 SPL06-001 SPL06-001 DPS310 DPS310 SPL06-001 DPS310 DPS310 SPL06-001 SPL06-001 SPL06-001
PWM 11 +1 11 +1 11 +1 6 11 +1 12 +1 12 +1 11 +1 12 +1 10 +1 11 +1 11 +1 10 +1
UARTs 6 6 5 2 +2 6 7 7 6 7 6 6 6 6
CAN bus 1 1 1 1
Plane VTOL WING series WING series WING series WING series WING series VTOL
4in1 ESC
Individual ESC
PDB builtin PDB builtin w/ PDB-HEX
PDB builtin
HD VTX adapter adapter PNP adapter PNP
ArduPilot SpeedyBeeF405WING MatekF405TE MatekF405TE MatekF405TE MatekH743 MatekH743 MatekF405TE MatekH743 MatekH743 MatekF405TE MatekF405TE MatekF405TE
INAV SpeedyBeeF405WING MatekF405TE_SD MatekF405TE MatekF411TE MatekF405TE_SD MatekH743 MatekH743 MatekF405TE_SD MatekH743 MatekH743 MatekF405TE MatekF405TE MatekF405TE_SD
Betaflight MatekF405TE MatekF405TE MatekF405TE MatekH743 MatekH743 MatekF405TE MatekH743 MatekH743 MatekF405TE MatekF405TE MatekF405TE

SpeedyBee F405 WING

Speedybee F405 Wing App Fixed Wing Flight Controller

Get your F045 Wing APP FC from the following suppliers:

The Speedybee F405 Wing is among the most affordable flight controllers developed for aircrafts. It’s suitable with iNav and Ardupilot and supports practically all the contemporary functions and carry out comparably to more costly options from Matek.

If you’re in search of a budget friendly wing flight controller that reduces soldering, offers cordless connection, and is extremely personalized, the SpeedyBee F405 Wing may be the ideal suitable for you.

Matek F405 VTOL

Matek F405 Vtol Flight Controller

Get your Matek F405 VTOL from the following suppliers:

Designed with VTOL aircrafts in mind as the name recommends.

The Matek F405 VTOL flight controller is a effective and flexible board efficient in dealing with two to six power (6.8 V to 30V), making it ideal for a vast array of applications, not just VTOL. It includes 4 ESC inputs, each with ground and favorable terminals. A noteworthy element is its switchable voltage output in between 9V and 12V, offering versatility for numerous power requirements.

A standout function is its present sensing unit, efficient in dealing with 100A continually and 220A peak. This suggests the board’s capability to handle considerable power levels, accommodating big ESCs. Another essential emphasize of the Matek F405 VTOL is the double electronic camera inputs, permitting smooth changing in between video cameras in flight. This function is especially important for redundancy or alternative electronic camera angles.

The board likewise supports ELRS, TBS Crossfire, and other RC procedures, improving its flexibility. Furthermore, it includes a USB port for simple gain access to and setup, a buzzer for notifies, and an on/off switch for the beeper.

Impressively, the flight controller supports as much as 12 PWM outputs, implying it can handle 11 servos and extra LEDs, which is more than adequate for a lot of applications.

Matek F405 WMN

Matek F405 Wmn Flight Controller

Get your Matek F405 WNN from the following suppliers:

The Matek F405-WMN flight controller is a compact, feature-rich board developed for innovative contractors who need a high degree of personalization and control in their builds. Its little size, integrated with its high output and UART abilities, makes it a flexible option, albeit with some restrictions in LED assistance and onboard storage for blackbox logging.


  1. Compact Size: The Matek F405-WMN loads the complete function set of the bigger F405 flight controllers into the size of present F411 flight controllers, making it perfect for little builds.
  2. Plenty of Outputs: Unlike the restricted variety of outputs of F411 controllers, the F405-WMN boasts as much as 12 PWM outputs and 5 complete UART serial connections, dealing with intricate setups.
  3. Advanced Components: It consists of a USB breakout board with a buzzer, USB-C adapter, and boot button for simple firmware flashing in DFU mode. The design resembles the F411 WSE, making sure user familiarity.
  4. Power Versatility: This flight controller can manage a constant current of 90A, with a peak of 132A, thanks to its robust shunt resistor.
  5. Additional Features: Dual electronic camera inputs, integrated inverter for RX SBUS input, and assistance for numerous procedures like ELRS and TBS Crossfire.
  6. Versatile for Complex Builds: Ideal for innovative setups needing numerous connections like pan-tilt systems or LED controls.
  7. Integrated Buzzer: Convenient for Inav users, removing the requirement for different setup.


  1. Limited LED Support: There’s just one LED pad, needing external power or split wires for numerous LEDs.
  2. Restricted Black Box Storage: The onboard flash memory is simply 16 MB, which can rapidly fill, doing not have an external SD card slot for broadened storage.
  3. Buzzer Durability: The onboard buzzer tends to have a much shorter life-span and might produce less trusted beeping sounds gradually.
  4. Complex Wiring: Lacks instinctive port and circuitry diagrams, making setup challenging for visual students.

Special Features:

  • Daughter Board Design: Enhances density and performance, with a USB-C port for simple gain access to.
  • Ideal for Advanced Applications: Its capability for additional UARTs and PWM outputs makes it ideal for advanced jobs.
  • Dual Camera Inputs: The capability to change in between 2 video cameras mid-flight is a standout function.
  • High Servo Support: Accommodates as much as 12 servos, making it ideal for bigger and more intricate crafts.
  • Advanced IMU: The addition of the ICM 42688P IMU and a barometer with sound decrease foam mean its ability for exact flight control.
  • Servo PDB Compatibility: Matek’s brand-new servo PDB can be straight soldered to the flight controller, permitting much more servo outputs.
  • Compact Yet Powerful: Despite its little size, it equates to the abilities of bigger controllers like the F405 Wing however in a much smaller sized bundle.

Matek F411-WTE

Matek F411 Wte Flight Controller

Get your Matek F411-WTE from the following suppliers:

The F411-WTE is updated variation of the F411-WSE and F411-WING

The Matek F411-WTE is a light-weight and little all-in-one wing flight controller for easy builds. Even 250 gram constructs can bring this FC.


  1. Compact and Familiar Design: Similar design to the popular F411-WSE, makes transitioning to this design much easier for existing users. The board is compact, it’s perfect for little, tight builds, especially wings.
  2. Improved Connectivity: Offers 2 hardware UARTs, 2 soft serials, and 4 PWM connections, offering good flexibility.
  3. USB-C Connector: A stronger and more trusted connection compared to previous designs.


  1. Limited UARTs: With just 2 hardware UARTs, it’s not ideal for intricate builds like those needing HDZero or Walksnail systems.
  2. No Major Upgrades: It’s a safe option however does not have considerable developments over its predecessor.

Matek F405-WTE

Matek F405 Wte Flight Controller

Get your Matek F405 WTE from the following suppliers:

Matek F405-WTE is the updated variation of the F405-WING and F405-WSE.

The Matek F405-WTE sticks out with its innovative style and includes customized for plane applications. Its combination of ExpressLRS receiver and Wi-Fi telemetry, integrated with its effective electrical abilities, make it an outstanding option for innovative plane constructs. The absence of

are points to think about.

  1. Pros: Innovative Design for RC aircrafts
  2. : The F405-WTE is well-known as one of the most intriguing airplane-oriented flight controllers on the marketplace. Advanced Features
  3. : Incorporates ExpressLRS receivers, Wi-Fi telemetry, OSD, black box, and MPU6000. Extensive Power Capabilities

: Capable of dealing with as much as six with a 132A present sensing unit, providing robust voltage stabilization and sufficient power for peripherals and servos.

  1. Cons: No Diversity in ExpressLRS Receiver

: Only consists of a single antenna for the internal ExpressLRS 2.4 GHz receiver, doing not have variety functions.

  • Special Features: Wi-Fi Telemetry
  • : Allows connection to objective organizers over Wi-Fi, providing hassle-free over-air telemetry without the requirement for USB connections. Dual-Antenna System

: Includes antennas for both the internal ExpressLRS receiver and Wi-Fi telemetry, improving connection alternatives.

Matek H743-WLITE

The Matek H743-WLITE is the upgrade variation of the F765-WSE.

Matek H743-WINGV3

The Matek H743-WINGV3 is the upgrade variation of the H743-WING V2.

Matek H743-SLIMV3

The Matek H743-SLIMV3 is the upgrade variation of the H743-SLIMV1.5.

Matek H743-MINI V3

The Matek H743-MINI V3 is the upgrade variation of the F743-MINI V1.5

Matek F405-HDTE

The F405-HDTE is the brand-new variation of the F722-HD.

Matek F405-miniTE

The F405-miniTE is the brand-new variation of the F405-miniSE.

Matek F405-TE

The F405-TE is the brand-new variation of the F722-SE and F405-SE.

Atomrc F405 Navi Flight Controller Wing


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Atomrc F405 Navi Mini Flight Controller Wing


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Other Supported Boards

Some flight controllers developed for Betaflight are likewise supported in iNav. Have a look at the main wiki for a list of supported boards:

3M double-sided foam tape How to Mount FC?

  • :
  • Pros: Easy to set up, protect, works well on flat surface areas and PCBs.

Cons: Hard to eliminate, does not stick well to non-flat surface areas.

  • 3D Print a Tray or FC Holder, and Double-Sided Tape It to the Plane:
  • Pros: Easy to eliminate, protect.

Cons: Requires a 3D printer.E6000 glue Hot glue or

  • :
  • Pros: Easy to set up.

Cons: Can be unpleasant and requires to be reapplied each time you eliminate the FC.

Avoid utilizing Velcro as it might trigger the FC to move exceedingly, presenting considerable vibrations.


Selecting the perfect wing flight controller is an important choice that can considerably affect the efficiency and abilities of your airplane. From the economical yet feature-rich SpeedyBee F405 Wing to the flexible and innovative Matek series, each controller has its restrictions and strengths. Comprehending these subtleties will assist you customize your option to your task’s requirements, making sure a effective and rewarding flying experience.(*)


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