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How to Improve FPV Drone Efficiency and Get Longer Flight Time


Are you tired of the early low voltage alarm? If you’re looking for methods to enhance performance and make the most of flight time of your FPV drone, whether for racing, freestyle, or long-range flying, this short article is for you. Quadcopters (or multirotors in basic) aren’t the most effective airplane compared to aircrafts and repaired wings, for that reason they tend to have reasonably brief flight time. Here are some pointers to assist your FPV drone remain in the air longer.

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If you have an interest in long variety flying, have a look at my long variety FPV guide: https://oscarliang.com/long-range-fpv-flying-mini-quad/

Flight Time vs. Hover Time

There’s a difference in between flight time and hover time. You can often get the exact same hover time on the exact same quadcopter and battery under the exact same conditions by hovering at the exact same area. Flight time can differ considerably depending on how quick you fly and how active you are on the throttle.

Lighten the Drone

The more a drone weighs, the more thrust and power it requires to remain in the air. Minimizing the weight of your FPV drone can considerably boost not just its flight time however likewise its general dexterity. Every gram you conserve is a couple of additional seconds in the air.

Make Fpv Drone Fly Better Lighter Armor 5c After Weight

Consider eliminating any unneeded devices like LED strips, TPU parts, and prop guards. Change to lighter parts, such as frames and motors, to slash off additional grams. I’ve detailed how I lowered the weight of my drone in this tutorial: https://oscarliang.com/how-to-make-fpv-drone-lighter/.

Make Fpv Drone Fly Better Lighter Armor 5c Frame Screws Titanium

Even the small parts can accumulate. Switching out steel bolts and nuts for titanium and aluminum ones can cut weight by almost half. Have a look at details about drone screws in this short article: https://oscarliang.com/screws/.

Bigger Battery

Every battery includes a capability ranking in mAh. It appears simple to simply get a bigger battery for longer flight times. There’s a balance to strike. An extra-large battery might prevent efficiency, leaving your drone sensation under-powered and slow. When it’s too heavy it can really lower flight time.


To discover your drone’s ideal battery weight limitation, test fly it with extra payloads. Then you understand it’s too heavy when you feel it flies hard and dreadful to manage. The overall weight of the payload and existing battery would be the weight limitation of the greatest battery your drone can manage.

When comparing a number of batteries for ideal flight time, energy density is a crucial factor to consider. Energy density is determined by increasing the voltage and capability of the battery, divided by the weight. The greater the energy density, the more energy the battery shops per gram.


For objectives where long flight times are important, I usually go with batteries with a moderate C-rating.

4s 650mah lipo battery same capaicty different c rating size larger smaller discharge rate

Both exact same capability however significantly various in size/weight due to the various C ranking

Batteries with the exact same capability can differ considerably in size and weight due to their C-ratings.

While a C-rating that’s too low might cause ineffectiveness from voltage droop, an exceedingly high C-rating developed for racing, likewise presents ineffectiveness due to the increased usage of metal to lower internal resistance for high-current needs. This additional metal, obviously, contributes to the battery’s weight. There’s a sweet area in C-ratings that depend upon your drone’s particular setup for optimal performance.

Battery Health and Maintenance

Battery upkeep is a complicated subject deserving its own conversation. Gradually, batteries deteriorate and their capability reduces. It’s important to keep them appropriately, preventing overcharging and over-discharging to lengthen their life expectancy. For a detailed guide on battery care, go to: https://oscarliang.com/lipo-battery-guide/

Li-Ion Batteries

One popular method is to utilize Li-ion batteries rather of LiPo.

flywoo explorer lr long range 4 inch quad 18650 battery

That’s due to the fact that Li-ion batteries have much greater energy density than LiPo, however lower in discharge rate. They can usually use around double the capability for the exact same weight. You can discover more here: https://oscarliang.com/li-ion-battery-long-range/

Pace Your Flight

Nothing drains pipes a drone’s battery quicker than going complete throttle all the time. Flying at leading speeds sure is a need often, nevertheless, if your primary top priority is attempting to make the most of flight time, then maybe going simple on the throttle would be a great concept.

Fly your drone forward at a constant speed, attempt to keep your throttle at a continuous level without moving it up and down, since that would accelerate and decrease the motors continuously and it loses energy.

Accelerate efficiently and keep whatever in the down-low. Prevent making abrupt modifications of speed or instructions. By doing so, you will certainly extend the flight time of your drone!

Keeping your throttle at the exact same level while preserving the desire elevation and speed takes some practice, once you master it you will see your flight time extended visibly.

Minimal Stick Movement

Jumper T20 T20s Radio Transmitter Hold Finger Pinch

Every input on your radio sticks translates to motor speed modifications, which in turn creates motor heat and diminishes the battery quicker. For those wanting to make the most of flight time, mild flying with very little stick motions is essential. Comparable to having stable throttle management, less is more.

Pick the Right Weather Conditions

To make the most of flight time, choosing a calm day to fly is essential. Prevent flying in windy conditions as the wind resistance can considerably reduce flight time.

Cold weather condition is likewise difficult on batteries and lowers your flight time considerably. LiPo batteries work best at 77-95 ° F( 25-35 ° C ). Listed below this temperature level, batteries may seem less “punchy” and have even worse voltage droop, which can lead to much shorter flight time. It’s a great concept to warm up your batteries before flight, for example, putting it in your pocket. Find out more about flying in the winter season here: https://oscarliang.com/fly-fpv-winter/#LiPo-Performance-in-Winter

Efficient Motors and Propellers

Motor and prop performance can be evaluated on a thrust stand or investigated online. Effective motors supply more thrust per watt and run finest within specific throttle varieties. You need to consider your flying requirements and routines, so that you pick one that fits your flying design.

Speedybee Master 5 V2 Bnf Fpv Drone Motor Props

Motor size and weight likewise matter. If a smaller sized, lighter motor satisfies your requirement, it’s less effective to utilize a larger, much heavier motor. If you simply desire to have unwind travelling, reasonably lower KV is likewise chosen for lower amp draw. You can discover more about FPV drone motors in this post: https://oscarliang.com/motors/

Gemfan Moonlight Propellers markers led scatter light deflect

Propellers with less blades are usually more effective, i.e. 3-blade and 2-blade props. Props with a lower pitch can likewise lower amp draw, as long as your drone is for unwind travelling. If you desire greater leading speed, it frequently makes more sense to have a prop with a minimum of 3 blades, and a greater pitch. See my prop suggestions here: https://oscarliang.com/propellers/

Darwinfpv Darwin129 7 Inch Fpv Drone

Larger props tend to be more effective than smaller sized ones. They likewise produce more thrust, allowing the drone to bring a larger battery. It’s crucial to match the best prop with the best motor size and KV. If you desire to accomplish ideal performance, under-prop or never ever over-prop. Discover the perfect motor and prop mix with this resource: https://oscarliang.com/table-prop-motor-lipo-weight/

Optimize Center of Gravity

build fpv quadcopter mini quad racing drone check cog battery

If your drone’s center of mass (COG) is not appropriately stabilized, some motors may be working more difficult than the others. Having 4 motors operating at comparable level would be perfect for performance. When they are hot,


Brushless motors end up being less effective. By tuning your PID and filters, you can reduce vibration and motor getting too hot, causing more effective flight.https://oscarliang.com/best-blheli-32-settings/

Optimize ESC Settings

Certain ESC settings can enhance performance, such as greater PWM frequency. There’s no complimentary lunch, it may lower the raw power of your drone, however if flight time is your top priority these settings deserve taking a look at. Discover BLHeli settings here:

Conclusion(*) To get the longest possible flight time, the basic guideline needs to constantly be “less is more.” Less fancy TPU parts, less weight, less rolls and turns, less throttle motions, would mainly, if not constantly, lead to more flight time. By following each of the above actions, I make certain that you will have the ability to get numerous more minutes in the air.(*)



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