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How to Enter DFU Mode on Flight Controller for Betaflight and iNav Firmware


Entering DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode on a flight controller is necessary for flashing brand-new firmware like Betaflight or iNav. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it utilizing CLI commands or the boot button.

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Using Boot Button

flight controller fc boot bootloader button pads solder bridge

Nearly all flight controllers have an onboard push button, called the “Boot Button.” Holding down the boot button while linking the USB cable television will put the FC into DFU mode.

  1. Locate the Boot Button: Find the boot button on your flight controller. It’s typically little and identified as ‘Boot’ or ‘DFU’.
  2. Press and Hold the Button: Press and hold the boot button.
  3. Connect to PC: While holding the button, link the flight controller to your computer system through USB.
  4. Release the Button: Once linked, you can launch the boot button. The flight controller must now remain in DFU mode.
  5. Firmware Flashing: Proceed with flashing the brand-new firmware through the Betaflight or iNav Configurator.

Using CLI Commands

betaflight cli version flight controller fc firmware target

If your FC is set up inside the FPV drone’s frame, accessing the boot button might not constantly be possible. In such cases, you can go into a command in Betaflight or iNav CLI to go into DFU mode.

  1. Connect to Betaflight Configurator: Plug your flight controller into the computer system and open the Betaflight Configurator.
  2. Open CLI Tab: Navigate to the CLI (Command Line Interface) tab in the configurator.
  3. Enter DFU Command: Type bl in the CLI and press go into. This command must reboot the flight controller into DFU mode. bl represents bootloader.
  4. Firmware Flashing: Your flight controller is now in DFU mode and all set for firmware flashing.

Note: for iNav, the command to go into DFU mode is merely dfu

How to Know If You Are in DFU Mode?

If your flight controller remains in DFU mode, you must see “DFU” in the Ports dropdown box.

betaflight gui firmware flasher dfu com port



Entering DFU mode can differ a little depending upon the flight controller design, so describe your particular design’s handbook for any extra actions or variations.



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