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How to Backup Flight Controller Using STM32CubeProgrammer (Saving Firmware and Config)


A huge thank you to @John_Gardi on X for the suggestion on how to support and bring back flight controllers utilizing STM32CubeProgrammer. This tool checks out the processor’s memory, making a total backup of the firmware and setups in a file, which you can later on bring back.

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I’ve just quickly checked this approach. While it appears to work well, I recommend care. I am not accountable for any damage or setup loss to your FC triggered by following these guidelines. Constantly back up your flight controller utilizing traditional techniques before attempting this one.

For a safe backup/restore approach, see this guide: https://oscarliang.com/backup-restore-betaflight-config/

Why It Matters?

In my restricted screening, I effectively changed in between 2 various Betaflight variations, keeping all personalized settings. The backup and bring back procedure took just about 30 seconds, making it a effective and reliable approach.

You can even change in between Betaflight and iNav firmware rapidly.

This approach needs to deal with any flight controller utilizing STM32 processors, however I’ve just checked F405 up until now. It needs to deal with both Betaflight and iNav flight controllers.


Get STM32CubeProg here: https://www.st.com/en/development-tools/stm32cubeprog.html

Enter DFU Mode

Betaflight Configurator Ports Dfu Mode

Follow this guide to put your flight controller in DFU mode: https://oscarliang.com/dfu-mode/

Close Betaflight Configurator, however leave the FC linked to your computer system (still in DFU mode).

Connecting STM32CubeProg

Cubeprogrommer Connect Usb Flight Controller

Run STM32CubeProgrammer.

In the dropdown list beside ‘link’, choose “USB”, then click ‘Connect’.

Reading Flight Controller

Cubeprogrommer Read All Flight Controller

After linking, pick ‘Read all’. This checks out the whole processor memory which can then be conserved.

Backing Up Data

Stm32cubeprogrommer Flight Controller Save As

To conserve the information, choose “Save As”.

This will conserve both the firmware and all the settings in a file. The size of the conserved file needs to match the processor memory– either 512KB or 1MB depending upon the kind of FC processor. Discover more about FC processor here: https://oscarliang.com/f1-f3-f4-flight-controller/

Restoring Data

Stm32cubeprogrommer Flight Controller Open File

To bring back a flight controller, click “Open file” to open the conserved file.

Then click “Download” choice (in the leading right blue box) to compose the information to the flight controller. The procedure takes about 30 seconds.



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