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Vilde Wettergreen entered into drones the exact same method her business did: by pure happenstance.

But Vilde and her business, Immerse Optics, are making a strong impression on the drone market. Vilde Wettergreen is the C.E.O. of Immerse Optics, a Norwegian business that began by making masks to produce an immersive movie-watching experience from your phone. After getting consumer feedback and motivation– consisting of finding out that drone pilots were utilizing their item as an FPV tool– the business got in the drone sector.

Vilde Wettergreen signed up with Immerse Optics right after.

Vilde Wettergreen
Vilde Wttergreen, CEO of Immerse Optics

In 2021, the business presented the DroneMask and has actually just recently developed by including the DroneMask 2 into their lineup of items. We examined the DroneMask 2, which you cancheck out here

Vilde stated that this close consumer feedback loop is her preferred part of the task.” I enjoy sending our item to various individuals in the drone market and hearing their ideas about it,” she stated.” We got a great deal of excellent actions and I do think we are the only FPV option for cam drones which is truly, truly cool.”

Vilde Wettergreen went to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where she made a bachelor’s in psychology and a Master’s of Science from the School of Entrepreneurship. And while she is brand-new to the drone market, she is no complete stranger to the world of VR and running a service.

Vilde Wettergreen shares more about Immerse Optics, DroneMask, and how she ended up being a CEO (note this interview has actually been modified for clearness and design).

Caroline Dobrez: Becoming a CEO is no simple task. Can you inform me a little about your background and what led you to Immerse Optics?

Vilde Wettergreen: I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Before I began my master’s degree, I began a business, called Fornix, which is committed to utilizing the capacity of virtual truth direct exposure treatment to attend to psychological health difficulties.

I believe it’s so interesting to be a part of the journey and develop something as a business owner and see how far we can take it. I seem like, both the entrepreneurship and the spirit around operating in such a versatile and little business and scaling it up with immersive innovation. This kind of work has actually prevailed throughout my profession.

Caroline Dobrez: That’s really cool. Can you stroll us through a day in the life as CEO of Immerse Optics?

Vilde Wettergreen: Immerse Optics, began in 2016 and after that they worked within the film market and after that the VR market, and I began in 2021 and released the item within the drone market, which is a drone mask. Presently, my day is differed. I do a great deal of follow-up with my experts and sign in with my 2 staff member. We are an actually little group.

Also, it’s a great deal of technique preparation and a great deal of speaking with clients and influencers in the drone market. Due to the fact that they provide us fantastic feedback on our item for other updates, we have actually utilized it a lot. We remain ahead of what individuals desire and where the market is heading.

A DJI Mini 3 drone with the DroneMask 2.

Caroline Dobrez: Can you talk a bit about your item, The DroneMask? I understand it has a fascinating backstory …

Vilde Wettergreen: After going to the theater in 2016, the creators were motivated to recreate the experience on smart devices so they might have the exact same cinematic experience anywhere at any time. That was the MovieMask.

But then some YouTubers bought the MagiMask. They utilized it for drone flying and they published their evaluations on YouTube. And all of a sudden in one month, we had $70,000 in our web shop and we resembled, where is this originating from? And it was really from the YouTube evaluations. It was really the clients who found us and assisted us get in the drone market.

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Caroline Dobrez: Talk about listening to clients’ feedback. That is unbelievable. Are you into drones? Do you fly drones at all?

Vilde Wettergreen: I had not flown a drone till I began at Immerse Optics, today I have actually attempted and I believe it’s truly enjoyable. When I’m on trip, I bring a drone. I’m going to Rondane, which is a nationwide nature park, in Norway. I plan to bring my drone. I have the DJI Mini 2 and the DroneMask, obviously. The DroneMask deals with practically all cam drones, as long as you have the RC and one controller that utilizes your phone.

Caroline Dobrez: So, is it safe to state the DJI Mini 2 is your preferred drone?

Vilde Wettergreen: Up until now, yes. I truly wish to attempt the brand-new drones like theMavic 3 The DJI Mini 2 is my preferred drone because it’s simple to bring around and travel and to get it with the drama.

Caroline Dobrez: If you could fly your Mini throughout the world, where would you fly it?

Vilde Wettergreen: I believe among my preferred locations worldwide remains in Norway. I would enjoy to see the Northern lights. I believe that would be wonderful. That is my dream and I believe I will be able to recognize it quickly.

Caroline Dobrez: Do you have any recommendations for somebody who wishes to enter into the drone market or begin their own company?

Vilde Wettergreen

: The most essential is constantly to understand your clients and to understand which market you are targeting. Truly, comprehend their discomfort points and focus on either. , if you’re going to be in a B2C company you require to focus on the market.. When beginning something and then you can broaden even more, I feel it is essential. I feel like the deep understanding of your consumer is the most essential. And do not hesitate to talk with individuals in the market to share your concepts and get feedback on it. I feel that’s so important and likewise it is necessary simply to trust yourself.

Vilde WettergreenLinkedIn

: And I seem like everybody in the drone neighborhood is really inviting. I feel simply like reaching out whether it’s an Influencer, YouTuber, or someone in the neighborhood, they are truly us here. You can get in touch with Vilde Wttergreen through e-mail at and through

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