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If you’re here, it’s due to the fact that you’re pondering acquiring the Holy Stone HS720G or DJI Mini 2 SE, maybe as a very first drone, a 2nd design, and even a present for a kid or relative.

Holy Stone HS720G vs DJI Mini 2 SE

I’ve had the satisfaction of flying both these drones, and with this experience under my belt, I can state with self-confidence which one is the much better drone.

This guide will explore the commonalities shared in between the Holy Stone HS720G and the DJI Mini 2 SE and how they vary. I’ll likewise share my experience with these drones to discuss why the Mini 2 SE is by far the more effective drone of the 2.

Are you prepared for more information? Join me in this contrast of these 2 terrific drones so you do not lose a cent on a drone you do not require.


Holy Stone HS720G

Declared Holy Stone’s flagship drone, the HS720G was launched in 2022. As a flagship, it has the expert appeal you ‘d see in an Autel or Yuneec drone, perhaps even a lower DJI design.

Its cost is flagship to match.

In other words, this isn’t your granny’s Holy Stone drone.

It’s constructed more rugged and packed with more functions to make it a competitor versus the DJI Mini 2 SE, yet it does not endeavor too far outside the world of what makes Holy Stone a preferred.

It’s portable and still beginner-friendly however with remarkably cool functions like:

  • Brushless motors for remarkable sturdiness and terrific speed. You can zip around like a daredevil and take remarkable drone video (within legal criteria, obviously).
  • A two-axis supporting gimbal, so you do not need to tension about your social networks video coming out blurred like you’re attempting to record the Loch Ness Monster.
  • A 4K cam, which might not be that much to compose home about from other drone brand names, however is rather the top quality addition for a Holy Stone.
  • A transmission range of over 3,000 feet, so you never ever need to avoid a beat when taking drone videos. You can live-stream them or publish them to your social media feed pronto.

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DJI Mini 2 SE

Drones in DJI’s Mini line come atcha quick. The Mini SE was launched in July 2021, followed rapidly by the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro in 2022 and the Mini 4 Pro in 2023.

The Mini 2 SE is someplace in between, coming out in 2023.

So why think about the Mini 2 SE over the other DJI Mini drone choices? For a lot of factors!

  • This drone is beginner-friendly as all go out. Young kids can quickly browse this portable and light-weight drone, while grownups and teenagers ought to discover it simple to master as their very first drone.
  • It’s suitable with 360-degree Propeller Guards for a safe flying experience. As a novice, you’re a lot likelier to dent your drone into whatever up until you discover the ropes. The prop guards avoid drone damage after your very first mishap and extra your fingers from agonizing lacerations!
  • You can make incredible-looking video utilizing the Creator Templates in the DJI Fly app. Social network innovators, influencers, and material developers can up their video game with a drone like the Mini 2 SE.
  • It shoots videos in 2.7 K HD quality and 12 MP image quality with its three-axis motorized gimbal. This isn’t the very best quality on the block, however for newbies, it will appear immaculately top quality.

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Quick Verdict

In our effort to provide the very best drones to you on Droneblog, all suggestions are made after substantial flight efficiencies and screening.

You can rely on this decision as you buy choice.

In the fight of the Holy Stone HS720G and the DJI Mini 2 SE, the Mini 2 SE triumphes. It weighs less, uses more wise and user-friendly flight functions, has a somewhat longer flight time, and makes it possible for newbies to record cinematic video with ease, even if the quality isn’t as great.

And yes, I understand that cam quality is the end-all, be-all for some drone pilots.

While I can comprehend that, the somewhat lower video quality of the Mini 2 SE, integrated with its state-of-the-art three-axis gimbal, offers more dependable video than the Holy Stone HS720G’s two-axis gimbal and 4K cam.

This is DJI we’re discussing here. They’re a leader in the drone world for a factor: top quality, long-lasting parts.

That stated, the HS720G is a remarkably deserving competitor. The majority of fights versus Holy Stone and DJI are a no-brainer, with DJI the winner whenever.

This one provided me stop briefly in a great deal of locations, which shows how far Holy Stone has actually advanced with its drones.

It might just refer time before they’re a drone leader of the caliber of Autel or DJI!

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What are the primary distinctions?

DJI Mini 2 SE Drone and Controller.jpg

Holding these 2 drones up side by side, they could not be more various. That’s not a bad thing by any stretch of the creativity. Range is the spice of life.

Instead, it just implies that your option will differ depending upon what you’re searching for in a drone.

Comparisons will assist you feel great about your choice.

Even acquiring a low-cost drone under $500, such as both of these, warrants making the effort to weigh your choices, which is precisely what I’ll assist you do.

Let’s begin with the Holy Stone HS720G, mentioning some aspects that separate it from its high competitors.

  • The 4K cam is certainly among the functions that sets the HS720G apart, not just from the Mini 2 SE howeverother Holy Stone drones The majority of Holy Stone designs have a 2K cam at best, so the HS720G’s cam is two times as great, appealing clearness and information when videoing video. You may not wish to count on it for many commercial projects (maybe if you’re simply beginning your drone profession), however it’s more than capable for daily activities where you wish to produce enduring video memories.
  • The two-axis gimbal is another function you do not constantly see in Holy Stone drones or other entry-level drones like it. Getting rid of the gimbal keeps production expenses workable, so you can buy a drone for under $200. The HS702G is more pricey than your typical Holy Stone, it has more stabilization. Holy Stone even went above and beyond and included Electronic Image Stabilization or EIS.
  • Its GPS-enabled modes, although not as lots of as a DJI drone, are thought about a standout in a Holy Stone drone. GPS is another pricey function to carry out, however it permits the HS720G to use follow-me, Point of Interest, and Tap Fly modes. Newbies can seem like drone specialists with enjoyable automated modes, experiencing the capacity of their drone as they discover it. You can likewise begin uploading high-quality footage to your YouTube channel instantly, even if you purchased the drone the other day.

I informed you, the HS720G is rather the competitor! Okay, so that’s the HS720G.

Now, it’s time to look and change equipments at the DJI Mini 2 SE.

  • The size and weight of the Mini 2 SE are exceptional. This drone weighs as low as a mobile phone,making it travel-ready When flying, you can bring it in an examined baggage or carry-on. For daily taking a trip, it suits a day bag, a knapsack, a handbag, a brief-case, you call it! It folds, so it will not use up important area you may not have. When the Mini 2 SE boasts a
  • three-axis gimbal,DJI Fly app You can forget about two-axis gimbals and EIS. Now, approved, these gimbals are basic in drones, however this function still outmatches what the HS270G gives the table.

It’s prepared for cinematics in spite of the truth that it may not have the most high-end cam in the Mini series. You can utilize the DJI Fly App (Everything You Need to Know)

to produce the type of spectacular video that goes viral, and it just takes you a number of clicks to do it. You’ll acquire the likes and remarks faster than you can state DJI Fly!

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Holy Stone HS720G

The HS702G belongs to Holy Stone’s innovative GPS drone collection with other leading sellers like the HS702R and

It’s remarkably rugged, with a cost that shows its mindful style factors to consider and function application.

Does that indicate it’s more pricey than your typical Holy Stone drone? You betcha! It costs about two times as much.Holy Stone drone you’re flying However, I believe it’s worth every cent, as the HS720G is Holy Stone’s response to the significantly more competitive customer drone market and leading designs produced by DJI and Autel.

Besides, the extra expenditure gets you a great deal of wonderful functions you typically can’t discover in a Holy Stone drone, or a minimum of not as adequately as they’re packaged in the HS720G.if you visit a park It has anti-shake functions, mainly in the type of a gimbal, and its 4K cam is another function that will make you do a double-take to validate that, yes, this is truly a

.into smart features If you appreciate cool points, which I understand I do, this drone looks legendary flying in the sky. You will not hesitate

or drone airfield and share the skies with other pilots. You’ll fly this child with pride, and truly so!

Are you

? The HS720G might have more, undoubtedly, and if you put it to the test versus the Mini 2 SE, it’s a simple no-contest. That stated, you should consider who this drone is catered towards: newbies. Yes, that’s right, the HS720G is a novice drone through and through. It does not appear like it, which I personally value a lot, however it is certainly developed for first-timers.Do Holy Stone Drones Have Geofencing (And How to Unlock)?

Perhaps you’re in those shoes. A brand-new pilot does not require a suite of wise functions. It’s too frustrating. A couple suffice up until you get tired of the drone or outgrow it and proceed to a more total design.

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