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Echodyne on Drone Radio Show Don’t miss out on Echodyne on the Drone Radio Show, as CTO and Founder Tom Driscoll talks wtih host Randy Goers about how radar is utilized to make it possible for sophisticated air movement and BVLOS drone operations. Listen here:

Tom Driscoll, CTO and Founder of Echodyne, a start-up bringing advancement radar ability to satisfy business and defense requires throughout intelligence, autonomy, and security markets. At Echodyne, Tom leads the business’s first-rate R&D efforts. Prior to Echodyne, Tom was Managing Director of the Metamaterials Commercialization Center at Intellectual Ventures, the innovation incubator which released the world’s very first metamaterials-enabled endeavors. Acknowledged as a technologist, innovator, and business owner with a drive to advance the art of the possible, Tom is a called innovator on over 100 patents, has actually co-founded 5 start-ups, and serves on the board of directors of 3. He holds a PhD in physics from University of California San Diego, a B.S. in Physics from Harvey Mudd, and is an accessory teacher at Duke University.

In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Tom discusses Echodyne’s ingenious radar sensing units and how they’re utilized in the drone market, most significantly to support advance air movement.

Missed an episode? Capture up here:


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