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Boy, oh boy! What the BS is this. Here we are. After a brief, unforeseen hold-up and simply some waiting, like much of you out there, I have actually lastly gotten my hands on the Dronetag Beacon BS.

DroneTag Beacon BS Review

If you’re one of those waiting, the maker has actually ensured me that they are getting that stockpile out as quickly as possible. Need increased and due to that supply failed.

That’s an excellent issue to have. ?

If you’re the Manufacturer it is, however as the drone pilot waiting, eh, not a lot. Thankfully for everybody, the FAA has actually positioned a sort of moratorium on RID enforcement till March 16th, 2024.

As you might or might not understand, we here at Droneblog have actually been evaluating, over the last summer season, everybody’s preferred subject, Remote ID, and with that, Remote ID modules.

You’re welcome to return and check out those short articles; it might simply assist you choose which among these modules matches your requirements and wallet best.

As a matter of reality, here are some links to them, simply to make it simpler.

For the many part, we’ve just truly covered the self-contained modules. Today however, we’ll be taking a look at a various kind of RID module.

The Dronetag Beacon BS, I understand? When they called this one, I believe the folks over at Dronetag were having a bit of enjoyable.

Despite what the majority of us believe when we hear the term BS, you understand Prairie Cakes, the Dronetag Beacon BS in fact describes Basic Solution.

As opposed to the self-contained modules that we took a look at quite completely, this is among the very first that we have actually gotten that is indicated to be set up into the airplane and is not a self-contained system.

This kind of module is meant for those within the RC leaflet neighborhood and the homebuilders and FPV leaflets.

There are a couple of methods this gadget can be set up and set up. Do not fret we’ll cover that and more listed below!

As with any item, drone or otherwise, there are some downsides and some positives that constantly occur with them.

Here we have a few of those benefits and drawbacks for the Dronetag Beacon BS.

  • ✅ Pros
  • The Dronetag BS is a easy to use and compact gadget that can be set up on any drone as a standalone Remote ID gadget.
  • The gadget is Bluetooth-powered and has a broadcast variety of 3 km, totally pleasing the FAA’s Remote ID requirements.drone hobbyists, The Dronetag Beacon BS is among the most economical options presently for FPV pilots alike aero-modelers, and
  • to satisfy the FAA’s brand-new Remote ID requirements.

The Dronetag Beacon BS works with the user friendly Dronetag App for handling your drones and RID gadgets, in addition to inspecting flight zones, and scanning for other active drones in your location.

  • ❌ Cons
  • Dronetag Beacon BS is not ideal for individuals searching for a plug & & play service. It does need a minimum of some standard electronic knowledge to get it set up and up and running.
  • The gadget is not suitable with DJI or any other top quality off-the-shelf drones with sealed-off hardware. For such drones, the much better alternative would be the far more expensive self-contained module, the Dronetag Beacon, presently priced at $199.

Although the gadget is not privacy-invasive, it does need some individual info to be shown the business. In our existing world, this isn’t truly a con per se, simply kind of par for the course. There are some who would see this as a con, which is why I have actually included it.” MORE: What is Remote ID (RID) and Why is it Needed? (Explained)

Quick decision

To sum it up, Dronetag is an excellent business to deal with. I have yet to have any problems with them or any of their items.

Even when I did have some concerns, the group over at Dronetag fasted to react and offered all the support they could.

As to the Beacon BS, it was relatively uncomplicated to set up. No! I didn’t install it myself. My soldering abilities are a bit, let’s state, unrefined.

Oh, heck, that’s putting it well. I’m your guy if you simply desire a huge blob of solder.

No, we had our tech guy Chris, or, much better called SkyFoxFPVulpine assist us because regard. He does all my repair work, and yes, he’s truly proficient at it.

He instantly understood simply what whatever ran out the bundle and, in about 20 minutes had the ability to finish the job, and we were excellent to go.

Upon the very first usage, it did take a minute or 2 to link, and it’s crucial that you make certain the firmware depends on date.

After that, however, we had the ability to discover ourselves on the app and track the module.

For the $89 and the reality that it is now compulsory, Dronetag has actually provided us with a great item that is simple to utilize and set up. So, although there might be a couple of, a couple, er, one other module that is less pricey, you can purchase with self-confidence that Dronetag is doing it. If it might take a little bit to get here, even.Best Remote ID Modules (So You Can Be in Compliance)


fixed-winged Who is it for?

That is an excellent concern, who is it for! Well, the homebuilders, the RC leaflets, those

fellas and gals out there.

In other words, anybody who is unable to attach among the self-contained modules, such as the ones we’ve currently examined, either due to the size or weight of those self-contained modules.

You can likewise take a look at it in this manner. Leaflets that fall under this group, hello, you’re conserving a bit, as the majority of the self-contained modules are running a bit greater than this one. T he prices of those starts at $130 and increases from there. How to Get Remote ID for Drones


20230922 092455 edited 1 scaled.jpg

Product Overview

The Dronetag Beacon BS is a 1-gram gadget which, when set up into your airplane of option, will bring your craft into Remote ID compliance, with the needed Bluetooth Direct/ Broadcast RID.

It has 2 external antennas, one for Bluetooth and one for GNSS placing.

It has a choice for a different source of power or can be wired straight into the airplane itself and its onboard power system.

The Dronetag Beacon BS is so versatile that you can utilize it on any drone you utilize.

Built into the Dronetag Beacon BS is a percentage of flash memory, which enables it to save a couple of hours of flight log information, which, if requirement be, can be exported for later usage.

It likewise has an integrated supercapacitor to preserve its GPS repair for approximately 7 minutes.

This is in fact a great function that is integrated as a lot of FPV airplane have brief battery runs, and you will not lose that GPS lock while switching batteries and after that needing to await it to lock once again.

With a Mobile App readily available, you can rapidly access the settings or upgrade the firmware. It likewise deals with Betaflight, with strategies in the future to work as a telemetry module for systems utilizing Futaba, Spektrum radio controllers, through the JST port. Remote ID – The Dark Side (And History of FAA Regulations)


  • Specifications
  • Remote ID types: Direct (EU)/ Broadcast (United States)
  • Short-range radio: Bluetooth 2.4 GHz
  • Average existing usage: 15 mA
  • Maximum existing usage: 50 mA
  • Mounting: Adhesive or velcro
  • Operating temperature level: -40 ° C to +85 ° C( -40 ° F to 185 ° F)
  • Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 5 mm( 0.66 x 0.55 x 0.19 in)
  • Weight: 1 gram (0.035 oz) excl. antennas and battery
  • Supported baud rates: Standard ones, configurable in the Dronetag app
  • Input voltage: 3.3 — 17V
  • Input voltage regulator: Low-noise dollar converter
  • Remote ID Standards: ASD-STAN EN 4709-002 & & ASTM F3411-22
  • Certifications: Uses FCC/CE-approved radio module.

Remote ID innovation: Bluetooth 4.0 Legacy + 5.0 Long RangeList of DJI Drones with Remote ID (2023)


20230922 092049 1 edited 1 scaled.jpg

Personal Opinion

In my individual viewpoint, this is a wonderful service for the FAA-required Remote ID. It is practical and economical.

One of the very best elements of it is if ever questioned about whether you are certified or not, you can state with self-confidence that you do undoubtedly have your BS connected.

After all, what’s life without a bit of humor?

The reality is, Dronetag has actually worked really tough and has actually committed itself to being the leader of the Remote ID module makers, and it has actually set a prime example of how it must be done.

As an outcome of this, it has actually produced a line of product of a few of the very best modules we’ve seen concerned market and has actually vigilantly worked to help pilots even after the purchase is made by establishing an app that offers an ease-of-use element. FAA requirement We’re simply not seeing that with all of the remainder of the modules coming out.

The Dronetag Beacon BS is, like all of their items, made from quality products and not just satisfies the for Remote ID however likewise surpasses that requirement. Does DJI Avata Have a Remote ID? (Explained for Beginners)


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Features Breakdown

Let’s check out the functions of the Beacon BS a bit. FPV quad As I pointed out above, among the absolute best functions discovered on the Dronetag Beacon BS is most likely the integrated supercapacitor, as this permits the pilot to perform a battery swap without needing to then await the module to reacquire the GPS connection.

Brilliant, considering that, usually with the restricted flight time of an

, you would not wish to await that reacquisition. LiPo battery Another of the functions that stick out with the Beacon BS is the optional power supply.

You can choose to either utilize the onboard VIN or an external single-cell

, as displayed in among the pictures above.

Although most of the times, circuitry into the onboard power supply is the optimum setup, having that alternative is great and enables you, the pilot, to disable the module if flying in an environment where Remote ID is not needed, such as inside.

Now, if you’ve ever flown FPV, you know what Betaflight is. Our buddies over at Dronetag considered that too!

With the addition of an M10 module from U-Blox, this little add-on permits GNSS combination to a Betaflight controller, with the prepared addition of including telemetry for Futaba and Spektrum. There is simply a lot going on on that small little circuit board.Registering Your Remote ID Module With the FAA


20230922 092312 edited 1 scaled.jpg

Remote ID thing Conclusion

Ultimately, what we are entrusted to is it a bargain for you. Well, yes! Hey, I understand there are a great deal of pilots out there who discover the entire

to be BS.

Well, here’s your BS, your Beacon BS, that is.

It does not matter what side of the aisle you are on with Remote ID. It’s here, and as a drone pilot, it’s completely approximately you to be in compliance with the guidelines; that does not equate to you needing to like stated guidelines.

If you’re a diligent pilot, you wish to be doing whatever you can to be within the guidelines as they have actually been presented.

The Dronetag Beacon BS provides us that alternative and at a rate point that will not always spend a lot.

For the rate of the Dronetag Beacon BS, you’re definitely getting your cash’s worth from the purchase rate, from a business that has excellent standing within our market.

They have actually offered quality items from the start with exceptional customer support included.

From a business perspective, they have actually offered us with all the tools we might request for to be within FAA-required compliance.

Although for much of you out there, myself consisted of, there are elements of Remote ID that I discover to be horrible and not well considered.

To be reasonable, we do require to acknowledge that the airspace that we when called our own will quickly– okay, possibly not as quickly as some believe– will end up being crowded at some time and such a tracking system will be required to keep those utilizing that airspace safe.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuXI7i5tW80 Fly Safe, Fly Always, Always Fly Safe!Are DJI Drones Equipped with Remote ID?

” MORE: (*) (*)


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