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Romania is a stunning nation to check out and fly drones, with outstanding landscapes and locations for distinct aerial shots, such as Transalpina, Transfagarasan, Cheile Bicazului, and more.

Drone Laws in Romania (Everything You Need to Know)

Or perhaps you wish to catch some aerial shots of Dracula Castle? It’s manageable here!

Like in any other nation, there are drone laws in Romania, and in this case, they are imposed by the RCAA. EASA likewise carries out drone laws at the European level.

Romania has actually embraced its requirements, limitation zones, and registration procedure under EASA.

For this factor, drone registration can be complicated. We’re here to assist.

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Summary of drone laws in Romania

Drones are allowed Romania for both industrial and individual usage.

However, depending upon your flight classification, you should have the needed certificates plus registration to fly a drone.

Here is a summary of Romania’s drone laws.

  • Drones can fly in Romania under EASA drone laws (European Union Aviation Safety Agency).
  • Romanian CAA carries out and monitors drone limitations in Romania.
  • Drones should be signed up in Romania just if the drone requires a certificate of airworthiness or limited certificate released by RCAA, entirely if the danger of the operation needs it. According to EASA, drones in the Open classification do not require to be signed up.
  • You should sign up as a drone operator in Romania to fly a drone. The drone Operator ID will apply in all EASA member states.
  • You should show a label with your Operator ID on any drone you fly.
  • If needed, you should carry out the proficiency A1/A3 test and, additionally, if required, A2. The Certificate A1/A3 will be necessary for drones above 250 grams and will be available for 5 years; for drones under 250 grams, you just require to sign up as a drone operator.
  • You should fly your drone under a maximum height of 120 meters (400 feet).
  • You should constantly fly with your drone in your visual line of vision.
  • Always inspect if you’re enabled to fly your drone in your location with UAS geographical zones and/or if you require additional approval to fly your drone.
  • You can not fly your drone over largely inhabited locations without unique authorization from the RCAA.
  • Don’t fly above uninvolved individuals; keep a safe range from others.
  • You might require approval from the Ministry of National Defense for aerial filming/photography activities or photogrammetry and from the entity if you wish to fly in the Open classification ONLY in some limited airspace, where the entity is the accountable celebration (e.g., control tower).
  • In the Open classification, the drone should have a mass of less than 25 kgs at departure.
  • Don’t utilize your drone for any type of hazardous transport.

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Where can I fly my drone in Romania?

flying drone romania
Photo by Gabriel Mihalcea

Drone flight is enabled throughout the nation. Some locations have limitations, from airports to jails, however the majority of are from military workout websites.

Since the war with Ukraine, Romania has actually frequently carried out basic training, consisting of aerial flights. In our case, as drone operators, all these locations are limited.

These limitations can be as long as numerous miles throughout the west to the east part of the nation. They are short-term.

That’s why the very best method is to utilize the UAS Geographical Zones map for drones, a distinct mapping program in Romania (part of the EASA similar mapping program) that will reveal all limited locations where you can not fly a drone, where the limitations end, proper celebrations to make an application for permission.

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Using UAS Geographical Zones (map)

Screenshot 2023 08 27 at 19.40.47 1024x487 1.png

Here is the link to the UAS Geographical Zones map for Romania If you prepare to fly your drone in the nation, you ought to conserve this link on your computer system and mobile phone.

As a note, DJI follows the very same geolocation limitations in Romania, however it is finest constantly to inspect the UAS Geographical Zones.

On the best corner of the map, you will discover the overlay with 2 zones: Current limitations released by NOTAM (orange) and Restricted zones for UAS (purple).

The yellow zones are active limitations in location by NOTAM throughout the nation, where you can not fly any drone without approval. In some locations, you might be able to.

To learn more about the location, simply click the orange limited zone, and you will discover all the contact info needed for authorization.

The purple zones are limited for UAS, however the majority of are non-active limitations that might be triggered at any time, normally for military workouts.

Clicking on any purple location, you will discover all the info needed if the zone is limited, consisting of telephone number, e-mail addresses, and the code for the location if you will be needed to make an application for authorization to fly a drone there.

The Romania map looks heavy with limitations (if you allow both layers), however the majority of are non-active, and as far as we understand, you can easily fly a drone without approval.

Moreover, if you are uncertain, e-mail or phone the needed celebration and demand info if the location you wish to fly the drone is limited.

Sometimes, DJI might limit you from removing with your drone. You should

if this occurs in an unlimited location or you have actually the needed approvals to fly a drone there.” MORE: What Happens if You Fly a Drone in Restricted Airspace? (Important)

What is EASA, and how does this impact drone laws in Romania?Norway EASA is accountable for drone laws throughout 27 European Union nations, plus 4 more (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and


From this point, every nation might have established limitations in location and have its registration procedure for EASA Operator ID and A1/A3 + A2 certificates, however the basic drone laws are extensively shared.

Be mindful that EASA does not release A1/A3 and A2 certificates nor Operator IDs. This falls on the state member where you wish to take the proficiency certificate and register.

If you sign up for an Operator ID in any European nation under EASA laws (consisting of Romania), it will be active and readily available throughout all states.

Screenshot 2023 08 27 at 20.03.29 1024x291 1.png
Screenshot 2023 08 27 at 20.03.15 1024x214 1.png

The very same chooses having an A1/A3 and A2 certificate of proficiency. If you take them in Romania, you can fly your drone under any EASA state member. ” MORE: Can You Bring a Drone to Europe?

  • Drone laws in Romania, in information Controversially, from what some drone blog writers state, you do not require authorization from the Ministry of National Defense
  • to movie or picture with a drone. This uses just to some limited airspace.
  • In exchange, if you wish to do photogrammetry, you might require to make an application for permission in numerous locations with possible limitations, even if you can fly the drone there.
  • Romanian CAA carries out and monitors drone policies in Romania, however EASA produces, modifications, updates, and carries out drone laws throughout all European state members and 4 more.
  • If you wish to fly a drone in Romania, the minimum you should do is sign up as a drone operator and get your Operator ID (it’s totally free). You can fly just with drones under 250 grams, categorized under the C0 & & A1 classification and subcategory. source If you wish to fly your drone in the Open classification above 250 grams however listed below 25 kgs, you should get the A1/A3 certificate of proficiency and A2 if needed. (
  • ) The certificates of proficiency and Operator ID can be obtained even in other nations and utilized in Romania, according to EASA, and the ones acquired in Romania can be utilized throughout EASA nations source 1(source 2,
  • ).keep the drone in a visual line of sight Always keep your drone in your visual line of vision. You can likewise utilize an observer or more and straight interact with them to
  • , specifically if you are flying FPV drones.
  • Indeed, if you fly FPV, by law, you should have a spotter– which keeps the drone in the VLOS and interacts with you.source Always fly under 120 meters. This is the optimum elevation at which you can fly your drone without unique authorization from RCAA. Above that limit, you will get in the nationwide airspace where airplanes normally fly. You can fly above 120 meters if you are more detailed than 50 meters to a taller things (e.g., tower, cliff, and so on) and do not go more than 15 meters up from the top. (
  • )groups or assembly of people Flying a drone over largely inhabited locations and
  • is prohibited even for drones under the C0 classification. You will require unique authorization from the RCAA to do that.over or close to uninvolved people Flying a drone source will depend upon the classification of your drone (see listed below subcategories area). In information, on the CE Class Mark 2 and subcategory A2, you need to follow the 1:1 guideline. If you fly at an X height (e.g., 50 meters), you ought to keep the range from uninvolved individuals at the very same range as Y (very same 50 meters) however a minimum range of 30 meters. For an 80-meter height flight, keep a range of 80 meters from individuals. (
  • )source You should show a label with your Operator ID on any drones you fly. When signing up as a drone operator, it’s the very same ID you got. The very same code and label can cross a lots drones, even custom-made FPV constructs. (
  • )remote identification Across the EASA site, there is frequently a reference of
  • (Remote ID), consisting of on Romanian CAA. Still, there are no laws and policies in location needing a pilot to have a Remote ID gadget or setup. source You do not require to sign up a drone in Romania, however I extremely suggest doing so. It is not necessary for the Open classification, however it takes 2 expenses and minutes absolutely nothing. (
  • )

The minimum age for remote pilots of drones in Open and Specific classifications is 16 years of ages.” MORE: How Much Do Drone Pilots Make (Drone Pilot Salary)

  • What are drone classes and subcategories in Romania? C0
  • — The weight of the drone is under 250 grams. C1
  • — Your drone weighs approximately 900 grams. C2
  • — This class covers drones weighing approximately 4 kgs. C3
  • — Drone weights approximately 25 kgs. C4

— Same as C3, the drone will weigh approximately 25 kgs. A1

— The A1 subcategory covers drones from the C0 and C1 classifications and customized drones. If you desire to fly close to or above uninvolved individuals, drones from the A1 classification are normally light-weight drones with couple of limitations. A2 source— This subcategory covers drones from the C2 classification. The drones from the A2 classification might need you to keep a minimum range of 50 meters from uninvolved individuals (and 30 meters for the C2 subcategory). (

) A3

— This covers drones from C3 and C4 classifications. Within the A3 subcategory are drones under 25 kgs. You ought to keep a minimum range of 150 meters from commercial, domestic, or industrial locations. Note:

Drones that are covered under A1 or A2 subcategories can be utilized under the A3 subcategory. external source Check the following

if you would like to know more about which subcategory you can fly under in the Open classification.” MORE: Can You Bring a Drone to Ireland?

Screenshot 2023 08 27 at 22.02.36 1024x532 1.png

How to get an Operator ID number in Romania Important Notes:

To sign up as a drone operator in Romania, you should have a Romanian ID and address for the application. You can utilize any other nation to sign up as a drone operator, which is readily available in Romania under EASA policies and laws.this article In

, we discussed in depth the very best method to sign up as an operator and get a proficiency A1/A3 certificate with EASA.

  • To sign up as a drone operator in Romania, follow these actions: Step 1: www.caa.ro Enter the Romania CAA site at
  • Step 2:
  • If needed, click the leading best side English flag (language). Otherwise, the site will remain in Romanian. Step 3:
  • Scroll down and click Professionalism: Drone Applications. Step 4:
  • Click the Register button near the login qualifications. Step 5:
  • Verify your e-mail address. Step 6:
  • Refresh the above page. You ought to be instantly checked in to your account. If not, return to step 4 and place your qualifications. Step 7 (optional):
  • Click Administrare Cont and Personal Info to see if your language is set to English. The site is not enhanced properly and will be a mix of English and Romanian. Step 8:
  • Following the procedure, click the highlighted box (” Completeaza toate datele din profile …”). The procedure from this point remains in Romanian, and you can not alter the language to English completely. Step 9:

Complete the individual information.” MORE: How to Register a Drone in Italy (Read This First)

Screenshot 2023 09 01 at 08.32.04.png

How to get A1/A3 certificates on CAA Romania

Once you have actually signed up as a drone operator in Romania, on the primary page, you ought to see the A1/A3 and A2 choices to take an examination and likewise paperwork on the best side.

During the A1/A3 test on Romanian CAA, you have 40 concerns and should react properly to a minimum of 30 concerns (75 percent pass mark).

Honestly, the didactic method we discover drone laws and policies in Romania is inadequate for the test.EASA website The concerns on the A1/A3 certificate vary from what we are taught. Many info you can discover on the

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Can you fly FPV drones in Romania?fly FPV drones Yes, you can

in Romania, and you ought to follow the very same EASA laws and policies enforced by the Romanian CAA similar to basic drones.

The only distinction is that with FPV drones, you can not see the drone since you will have safety glasses on your head.

For this factor, you should have an observer with you.

An observer keeps the drone in their visual sight while you fly it with the headset and interacts with you.safety features Also, understand the absence of

in an FPV drone and how you fly it. If they’ll see a disorderly FPV drone flight, the authorities will rapidly question you.” MORE: FPV Drones vs. Regular Drones (Explained for Beginners)

Can you take a trip to Romania with a drone?

Yes, you can take a trip to Romania from other nations with a drone by automobile, cruise, or airplane ship.

To board a drone on an aircraft will depend primarily on the nation where you board from and the airline company you fly with.bring a drone in a plane Most business will permit you to

  • You ought to: LiPo batteries Remove the battery from the drone, take it with you in a carry-on bag, and location it in the compartment in the airplane above your head. Since that zone is unrestrained by climatic pressure and temperature level, never ever put a drone battery in the freight hold travel luggage location. This includes your drone remote controller.three drone batteries Ensure you consult your airline company the optimum wattage of
  • you can take. Typically, even with

, you ought to be great.airlines from multiple countries and different drones Have your EASA drone operator certificate and the certificate of proficiency, if needed, for your drone.

I have actually personally flown from and to Romania with various with no concerns or problems asked.Bringing a Drone on a Plane – Ultimate Guide


  • Here are the contact information of EASA and the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority if you require more concerns or have a concern.Link Here
  • EASA Official WebsiteLink Here
  • EASA Drone SectionFollow this Link Contact Details:
  • ( currently in the Drone area) and scroll down. You require to submit the type.found here General EASA contact information:
  • This can be Link Here
  • Romanian CAA authorities site
  • Phone number: +
  • Fax: +40 21 208 15 72contact@caa.ro
  • Email:
  • Address: Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti, Nr. 38-40, sector 1, Bucuresti, România. Postcode: 013695be found here

More contact info: Can Can You Bring a Drone to Germany?” MORE:

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