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Anyone who has had a chance to fly the Air 3 understands it takes great images and extraordinary video.

More significantly to some, it flies terrific! Even if you have actually not flown one, YouTube has plenty of videos vouching for this.


As somebody who selects and owns to fly the Air 3 frequently, the control experience is a lot better with a wise controller.

The concern is, does the Air 3 deal with the robust, all-in-one, and costly, DJI RC Pro wise controller?

Currently, the DJI RC Pro does not deal with the DJI Air 3 or the more recent DJI Mini 4 Pro. In this post, we will talk about the factor for this along with the wise remote controller that deals with the brand-new Air 3 series.

Why the DJI RC Pro does not deal with the Air 3

Simply put, the DJI RC Pro does not presently deal with the Air 3 since the RC Pro is constructed to deal with one variation of DJI’s transmission system, OcuSync 3.0/ 3+, and the DJI Air 3 utilizes the latest variation, OcuSync 4.0.

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OcuSync is DJI’s exclusive video and signal transmission system utilized to interact in between their drones and remote controllers.

OcuSync has actually been utilized in a lot of DJI drones considering that its release with the initial Mavic Pro in 2016.

Before OcuSync, numerous DJI drones were utilizing a hybrid Wi-Fi transmission system that was not just weak however needed to fight disturbance from outdoors sources.

With this old system, flying even a couple of hundred feet far from you might be troublesome.

OcuSync has actually seen numerous technical upgrades and variations ever since, varying from OcuSync 1.0 all the method to the present OcuSync 4.0 (O4). All these upgrades methodically enhanced signal penetration and range.

The DJI RC Pro was constructed to deal with OcuSync 3.0/ 3+ which’s it.

There seems no backwards compatibility constructed into it, and at this moment, we do not understand if forward compatibility is a possibility either.

The present list of DJI drones that deal with the DJI RC Pro are:

The Air 3, in addition to the Mini 4 Pro, has the most recent and biggest variation of OcuSync, OcuSync 4.0.

This transmission system significantly enhances the variety, signal penetration, and disturbance resistance of the controllers and drones utilizing O4.

While it enhances in all of these locations, it all at once keeps the Air 3 from utilizing any OcuSync 3-based remote controllers, consisting of the DJI RC Pro.

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The Smart Controller that deals with the Air 3

Although the DJI RC Pro does not deal with OcuSync 4.0-based drones, like the Air 3, there is a feasible wise controller that does certainly deal with the Air 3.

This is the DJI RC 2.


The RC 2 is an upgraded variation of the much-loved DJI RC that was initially released along with the Mini 3 Pro.

For those who are uninformed of either remote controller, the DJI RC is a lower-cost option to the DJI RC Pro.

Likewise, the brand-new DJI RC 2 that deals with the Air 3 is likewise an affordable option to the RC Pro.

Like the RC Pro, the DJI RC 2 is an extensive gadget, having an integrated 5.5 ″ touchscreen on an Android platform.

Unlike the RC Pro, the RC 2 specifically runs theDJI Fly app only You can not set up 3rd celebration apps on it.

I own and utilize the DJI RC 2, with both the Mini 4 Pro and Air 3, and completely delight in every minute of utilizing it. Absolutely nothing presently beats flying the Air 3 than utilizing the DJI RC 2.

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Benefits of utilizing the DJI RC 2

As there are presently just 2 remote controller choices readily available for the Air 3, we extremely recommend getting the all-in-one DJI RC 2 over the RC-N2 for the factors we’ll be mentioning.

Integrated Screen

Like the DJI RC Pro, the RC 2 has an Android-based, 5.5 ″ incorporated screen. This screen is the precise very same size as the screen on the DJI RC Pro.

Although somewhat less intense than the DJI RC Pro’s screen (which is 1000 nits), the 700-nit screen on the DJI RC 2 is plenty intense, even throughout exceptionally intense summer season days.

If you include a matte screen protector to the RC 2, whatever needs to be viewable in practically all conditions.

I utilize my DJI RC 2 frequently at exceptionally intense Florida Gulf Coast beaches and never ever have an issue with presence.

Our Pick

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With the screen being incorporated into the remote controller and running the DJI Fly app, there is no longer a requirement for a connected mobile phone or wise gadget.

However, to get the location maps when flying, it is recommended to tether to your mobile phone hotspot briefly.

It just takes a couple of minutes to do so. This is, naturally, optional and absolutely approximately you.

Deploying or releasing the Air 3 takes less time than it would to take out a cellular phone, connect the cable televisions, switch on the RC, and open the DJI Fly app.

The procedure for getting in the air is as easy as switching on the RC 2 and the Air 3.

Because there are no connection cable televisions to be interested in, that’s one less thing to fret about either losing or breaking.

I have actually been on tasks before where the connection cable televisions either were or stopped working left home, bringing shooting to a stop.

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One of the greatest advantages of the RC 2 is that the RC 2 is a lot more economical than the DJI RC Pro.

Even though the RC Pro does not presently deal with the Air 3, it is terrific to see that DJI has actually supplied an all-in-one service for the Air 3 that does not cost north of $1,000+.

DJI has actually been offering the DJI RC 2 at less than half that cost. Due to its huge appeal, the remote controller is practically constantly out of stock.

If you have an Air 3 with DJI RC-N2 and are eagerly anticipating buying the DJI RC 2, there are main DJI ones on Amazon.

DJI RC 2 Features

Below is a present listing of what buttons and operates the RC 2 has.

The face of the DJI RC2

  • Return to Home button (RTH)
    • When pushed and held, the Air 3 will immediately go back to the area marked as home in the DJI Fly app. RTH choices can be changed.
  • Cine, Normal, and Sport mode switch
    • Cine— sluggish smooth flight with moistened controls, customized for getting cinematic shots
    • Normal — right out of package, basic control speed
    • Sport — enables the Air 3 to fly at accelerate to 46.9 miles per hour. This mode shuts off all obstacle-avoidance
    • Power button ( press then long-press-hold to switch on)
    • 4 LED indicator/status lights and a Power On LED
    • 4 green LED: 75%– 100% battery life
    • 3 green LED: 50%– 75% battery life
    • 2 green LED: 25%– 50% battery life
    • 1 green LED: 0%– 25% battery life
    • 2 Removable Control Sticks and Stick Holder

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The back of the DJI RC2

  • C1 and C2 buttons. Can be personalized as follows:
    • C1 Button
      • Recenter/Tilt Gimbal Down.
        • Follow/FPV
        • Auxilliary Lights
        • Cruise Control
        • AE Lock On/Off
        • Increase EV
        • Decrease EV
        • Camera Settings
        • Switch Cameras
        • Plan Waypoint Flight
    • C2 Button
      • Recenter/Tilt Gimbal Down
      • Follow/FPV
      • Auxilliary Lights
      • Cruise Control
      • AE Lock On/Off
      • Increase EV
      • Decrease EV
      • Camera Settings
      • Switch Cameras
      • Plan Waypoint Flight
  • 2 Slots to keep the detachable control sticks
  • 2 recessed installing holes
  • Vent

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The top of the DJI RC2


2 scroll wheels/dials

  • Left dial Not adjustable.
    • Gimbal up/down.
      • Right Wheel/Dial. Can be personalized as follows:
        • Zoom In/Out
        • Adjust Focal Length
        • Adjust EV
        • Adjust Shutter Speed
        • Adjust ISO
  • Video record button
  • Photo shutter button
  • 2 internal/integrated antennas
  • 2 bunny ear adjustable antennas

Button/Dial Modifiers

Additionally, there are modifiers or button and dial mixes that carry out specific functions too and can be altered:

  • C1 Button + Right Dial
    • Zoom In/Out
    • Adjust Focal Length
    • Adjust EV
    • Adjust Shutter Speed
    • Adjust ISO
  • C2 Button + Right Dial
    • Zoom In/Out
    • Adjust Focal Length
    • Adjust EV
    • Adjust Shutter Speed
    • Adjust ISO

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The bottom of the DJI RC2

  • SD Card Slot
    • Can accept SD cards approximately 256GB
  • USB-C Port
  • Mounting Holes— for lanyard clasps, and so on

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Comparison with the DJI RC Pro

DJI RC Pro – 1000-Nit display

High-bright display screen, effective efficiency, effective control, exceptional audio, and video efficiency.

Buy from Amazon

We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

11/15/2023 06:56 am GMT

Although the the DJI RC Pro is not readily available for the Air 3, the RC 2 is the outright finest, incorporated service for flying the Air 3.

The RC 2 is similar in numerous methods to the RC Pro because it has a 5.5 ″ incorporated Android-based touchscreen, running the DJI Fly app.

In regards to brightness, with the appropriate addon, like a matte screen protector, the RC 2 700-nit screen is extremely noticeable even in severe light conditions.

The RC 2 is more light-weight and smaller sized than the big, brick-solid RC Pro.

This size and weight distinction makes the RC 2 simpler and easier to bring, particularly when loading minimally for a day of shooting material.

Add to the mix the truth that the RC 2 is significantly more economical than the RC Pro and it is a lot more available to those brand-new to flying drones, as well as recreationists.

Right now, since this post’s writing, the DJI RC 2 is the very best all-in-one remote controller service for the Air 3.

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